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North Downs Way Ultra 50M - 7:27:50 - 2nd
JUL 22
Cotswold Way National Trail 102M - 20:36:48 - trail record
Malvern Hills Ultra 52M - 7:49:49 - 1st record
Green Man Ultra 46M - 7:08:45 - 1st record


NOV 19
Brecon Beacons Ultra 46M - 6:29:05 - 2nd
OCT 22-23
Caesar's Camp 100 Mile Ultra - 20:32:30 - 1st
JUN 26
Worcester Sprint Traithlon - 1:19:36 - 2nd

MAR 27
Malvern Hills Ultra 54M (4000ft) - 8:09:00 - 1st
MAR 27
London Marathon - 2:50:36
MAR 27
Kingston Breakfast Run - 1:36:42 - 7th
Sri Chimnoy 10M - 57:38 - 4th



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Offas Dyke Experiment
1-2 September
178-mile non-stop trail run in <44-Hours
(DNF injury - 80 miles completed)
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16-28 August
190-Mile Camping Hike in 12 days
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The Pennine Way
25 August - 6 September
270-Mile Camping Hike in 12 days
Report Here

9-21 June
Lands End to John O'Groats Island Hopper (via Outter Hebrides) Unassisted Bike Ride
Report Part I Here
Report Part II Here
Info on Calmac Network/Scottish Islands
Gavin Robertson Thread

19 June to 2 July
Lands End to John O'Groats (to Inverness) Unassisted Bike Ride
Lands End to John O'Groats 2005 Report
Pre-Lejog prep
1. SJR Thread
2. SJR Thread II (Probs)
3. Ray Thread (Arrival)

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Thu May 24, 2007 11:07 am Daz
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Time – 10:41 (1:08 / 5:54 / 3:29)
Position – 107th / 1000

The catalyst for doing this race originated from a chat with Hywel at IMUK last year. He reckoned an event like this would do me the world of good. It certainly was a tough course - I literally almost drowned in the swim, had a sore throat from the sea water, and picked up a urinary infection during the race (which I am now on antibiotics for). I’ve had better Saturdays.

In hindsight the urinary infection ‘could’ have been around before the race. I had a strange illness/weakness 10 days before the event that disappeared in the final week. But at least it forced me to taper properly.

Headed over to Lanza with Dan (Martidj – did well in his first IM). We didn’t give ourselves a lot of time to prepare but everything was sorted by race day.

I can honestly say I’ve never been so worried for my life. When the gun went I ran straight into the sea on the left next to the guide-rope, which in hindsight was a big mistake. I have only done one sea swim before and that was just a 30-man wave. I also had a tight wetsuit on and got wedged with everyone else against the guide ropes as those that were slower swimmers at the front dropped back. I had a panic attack, and gasped for air. Spent mins just treading water as the waves knocked us around. I drank/choked on sea-water which gave me a nasty sore throat for the rest of race. Almost went over to a boat to quit, but decided I would keep at it as it would get easier. Second lap I made sure I went wide of everyone. Meant I swam a little further but I could relax a bit more and prepare for the bike. The 1:08 time was better than I thought it would be, but still I was annoyed with myself for not preparing better. I should have done 1:00 but I was glad to finish… could only get better here on.

It was a bit hectic in T1 and had to do a fair bit of dodging to get out. Took a pedestrian 5mins. I was frustrated with the poor swim and wanted to catch-up with what would have been my position. So I went hard for the first 1-2 hours. I caught Dan at this point who’d done a 60swim so knew I’d made up the ground.
I really enjoyed the bike climbs and the scenery that came with it. The first mountain switch-back descents were a lot of fun and worth the effort. Dropped a bottle approaching the Mirador del Rio and my stomach started to feel empty, so I made sure I took on board a lot of nutrition at the top.
The final stretch into a head wind was a bit soul-destroying. I hadn’t taken a pee-stop yet and was going to wait until T2, but thought I could also take the opportunity with 25k to go to stretch my legs and free-up a large gel that I couldn’t open. It was here I knew something wasn’t right. I was peeing freely but it felt like I was passing razor blades. Once I’d finished though I felt great. With the gel taken I had renewed energy and stormed the last section. I was pleased with myself for having made that decision. Did 5:54.

T2 was obviously not quite as busy. The English lady applying my body cream didn’t seem to realise I was in a race, very chatty. I really looked forward to the IM marathon (bet not many people can say that!). After leaving T2 I stopped for my usual stretching routine. No back problems and straight into my planned 3:15 pace, perfect.

Felt very loose to lap 6/8 but then started getting the sensation I needed to pee all the time. This was annoying because nothing was really coming out and….it hurt! Got a bit lazy at this point walking through aid stations but on the last lap I speeded up again and passed a nice big group of people also on their last lap. Had a good sprint at the end. Noticed from the results sheet that Id overtaken half the people ahead of me after the bike, from around 200th to 100th. Pleased with that.

After I passed the finish line I was asked if I wanted a drip and massage. I was prepared for this bizarre offer and being of curious mind decided to go for the saline drip. Didn’t really do much for me though and the need to pee was intense. When I returned to the apartment I had to sit on the toilet for lot of the time and had bladder pains. Returned to see a race doctor in evening and he reckoned it could be toxins in the urine and that I should drink lots of water. I did this and it did ease the pain a little.

Met a few other TT-ers over the weekend, including Stengun, Iron Rose, ChrisM, Hoops and Mattie on race day, and then Fix, Mikethebike and Npdall for drinks on Sunday.

Overall I was a little disappointed with my result/position. I thought that my IMUK Top50s and the big fitness improvements, upgraded gear might now translate to a Lanza Top50. I would only have been 10mins quicker from a good Swim+T1 and another 10mins on the Run. Which means…….I need to sort the bike out. And I know that. My training consisted of long bike rides on Sunday (to 75miles) but nothing in the week apart from the odd 30-60min spin. That’s not good enough.

However, I have a lot of positives to take away. I can handle an Ironman, and just have to improve my bike strength and keep clear in the swim. Should make a difference. I’m expecting 9:45 at IMUK (did 10:05 last time), that’ll be a good target. But do I increase weekly training hours by supplementing a couple of bike sessions? Maybe it IS time to step up a new gear and get some 20-hour training weeks in.

Thanks for your comments, it's always really nice to read them.
Likeys 9Bar Bike Science Eladon

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Thu May 24, 2007 11:50 am wiganer
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Great report mate and another inspiration for me.....Fantastic effort and you shouldnt be disappointed with a result like that especially as you had an infection all the way round......

Well Done Son !!!

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Thu May 24, 2007 12:27 pm pip
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nice one Daz, i think you did really well Wink
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