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North Downs Way Ultra 50M - 7:27:50 - 2nd
JUL 22
Cotswold Way National Trail 102M - 20:36:48 - trail record
Malvern Hills Ultra 52M - 7:49:49 - 1st record
Green Man Ultra 46M - 7:08:45 - 1st record


NOV 19
Brecon Beacons Ultra 46M - 6:29:05 - 2nd
OCT 22-23
Caesar's Camp 100 Mile Ultra - 20:32:30 - 1st
JUN 26
Worcester Sprint Traithlon - 1:19:36 - 2nd

MAR 27
Malvern Hills Ultra 54M (4000ft) - 8:09:00 - 1st
MAR 27
London Marathon - 2:50:36
MAR 27
Kingston Breakfast Run - 1:36:42 - 7th
Sri Chimnoy 10M - 57:38 - 4th



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Offas Dyke Experiment
1-2 September
178-mile non-stop trail run in <44-Hours
(DNF injury - 80 miles completed)
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16-28 August
190-Mile Camping Hike in 12 days
Report Here

The Pennine Way
25 August - 6 September
270-Mile Camping Hike in 12 days
Report Here

9-21 June
Lands End to John O'Groats Island Hopper (via Outter Hebrides) Unassisted Bike Ride
Report Part I Here
Report Part II Here
Info on Calmac Network/Scottish Islands
Gavin Robertson Thread

19 June to 2 July
Lands End to John O'Groats (to Inverness) Unassisted Bike Ride
Lands End to John O'Groats 2005 Report
Pre-Lejog prep
1. SJR Thread
2. SJR Thread II (Probs)
3. Ray Thread (Arrival)

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Tue Jul 21, 2009 12:55 pm Daz
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          CHALLENGE ROTH IRONMAN Ė 12.07.09
          TIME : 8:58:29
          POSITION : 65TH

I really had to focus during this race! Physically it felt easier than Austria and I even sped up towards the end of the marathon. But it was a test of mental strength. This is my first sub9 and itís given me the confidence to work even harder and take it to the next level. Considering the injuries and reduced training this year (13-14hrs/week,) with any luck there will be improvements over the winter.


Travelled to Nurenburg with martidj (Dan) by car and ferry. Quite an early departure from Dover at 5am on Thurs, so had to phase in the early mornings. The next couple of days were spent registering, racking and generally preparing for the race. Unfortunately my left shoulder impingement had come back during the drive and I couldnít sleep Friday night. Forced myself to have an hour on Saturday afternoon and then managed about 4hrs Saturday night. Not the best preparation but I felt fine on race morning. It was quite windy with showers leading up to race day but by the Sunday morning we were lucky to hit the wake of it. Perfect racing conditions. On race day morning Dan and I had a look for Slacker, then had a chat with GraemeS and Towel before the off.

SWIM = 58:04 (PRED 56-58MINS)

The top50 from last year, elite, vets and women all went off at 6:20am. The main waves (fastest first) then started from 6:55am on 5min intervals. I was a little worried about having to dodge people at the end of the swim and bike, but it wasnít too bad. So at 6:50 I waded in and warmed-up for my wave start.

Hereís where it could have all gone wrong...
Iíve only ever had one panic attack in a mass start (Lanzarote 2007), and it happened again here. I tried to follow the same tactics as Weymouth Middle and Worcester Sprint with a hard 30secs to get clear, and drafting of good feet. It didnít quite work. The standard was too high with too many people. After pushing it for 60secs I still found myself amongst the bash, and thatís when my breathing became labored and I wanted out. Switching from fight to flight I decided to swim laterally, clambering over several swimmers backs. Reached the left-hand side, relaxed and stretched the stroke out with some breast-stroke breaks. Took a few mins before I could start bringing the pace up again.

I was really angry with myself at this point and thought Iíd ruined any chances of a sub9, but proceeded to fight back and draft/overtake my way through. By the turnaround at 1500m I was back into my rhythm and there was more space. On the second turnaround at around 3400m it started to get congested again. I was quite fatigued climbing out of the swim and very sluggish into T1. Iíd managed to get a small PB on 58mins but I knew Id have been good for 55mins without the issues at the beginning.

Transition (3:20) really awful. I sat down and wasted time putting on calf guards. Rules stated we couldnt have them on under the suit during the swim (should have ignored that). So out of transition on 1:01-1:02, thinking Iíd need a miracle.

BIKE = 4:46:58 (PRED 4:50)

As it turned out it was the bike that set me up for the day! The plan was to keep within 22.4-23.2mph. 23.2mph would have given me a <4:50 and the chance to break sub9 off a good run. So I put the hammer down. The first 10km were quick and the bike held 24.0mph. This average speed went down throughout the lap and after Hilpoltstein, and the Solarer Berg (see vid) the pace had really dropped. But I managed to raise the effort a little during the second lap to compensate for any fatigue/laziness and with the fast final section into T2 I was pleased to get 4:46.

Two things Iíd really noticed during this bike. The first was the aero position. Just like Austria I was passing those around me on the flat and downhill with ease. It felt very comfortable. But the difference this year was I contained my effort a lot more, and rather than dying over the last 20-30km, I cruised into T2. I was worried about my shoulder and bad back in a tight, compact aero position but the risk paid off. Cycled with the same 6-8 guys during the bike but we were all very well behaved and kept our distances, although I had the odd chat with Nick Finch and Phil Gray(?) while passing each other. So, the Argon18 has now seen three sub9s with me and James Parker (2 x 8:53) Ė Im only saying that because I may be selling the frame soon ;O)

RUN = 3:08:27 (PRED 3:05-3:10)

T2 (1:43) was much better. No messing about this time. I felt pretty good heading out but with the thought of the Ironman Austria run back-ache in my mind, I decided to take a 1-2min time-out 1km in to the run.

As well as the swimming Iíve been working on a more efficient running technique. Iíve been decreasing my stride length a little and speeding up turnover. The aim was to pace around 4:20-4:25/km (3:00-3:05 mara) to start with and see how it went. Felt very good with myself for the first 5km, nice and loose. The first third of the marathon was just about on target, but the middle section was a bit more of a struggle and my splits were starting to drop to 4:30/km+. I tried not to stop at aid stations but I was running on empty so had to make a concerted effort to get food on board whenever I could.

The last third of the marathon was much better. I started to really get into my rythm and was getting a kick from passing people. Enjoyed time-checking each km split. Iíd work out in my head the average pace I needed for each remaining km. It kept me amused. I was on my own along the canal with 10km left. A cyclist had decided to draw up behind me and give me encouragement which was good. After leaving the canal and passing the crowds I was joined by a Spanish guy. We worked together really well for a couple of km before he sped off. He seemed worried that we wouldnít make sub9 but Iíd calculated 10mins for the last 2.1km, and I felt very strong, if a bit low on glycogen.

Heard a shout at some point (from Slacker) but was focusing on my running so much I wasnít paying much attention. With the last sharp hill and 1.5km to go I started to pick up the pace and closed down on the Spanish guy. With 200m to go one of the quads cramped so half limped my way to the finish line with a big smile on my face. Was really pleased to go sub9. If it had been Ironman Austria again Id like to think it would have been the same outcome. The swim would have been quicker, and even on a slower bike Iíd have had an easier run course to pace myself on.

Hung around for a few finish line Beers, and then chatted with JamieP, Chrissie, Towel and GraemeS. Chrissie was in her usual good spirits, especially after smashing the world best time. Iím sure GraemeS will be fighting Stephen Bayliss for top Brit before long and Towel taking the Welsh record off Richard Jones.

Have to say thanks to Xavier, Rich Merry and Epic Cycles for helping me make a few bike tweaks leading up to the race, and Declan Doyle for lending me the sub9 disc (a good omen). Also Body-Logic for keeping the injuries contained. One thing Iíll be working on over the winter is rehabilitation and and upgrading the bike. Been bang on both IM predictions in 2008 (9:20) and 2009 (<9:00), so I've entered Ironman Germnay next year as an AGer and will work towards the low 8:40s. If I can build up my training and have a race involving a strong swim and bike, then I reckon its possible to pace a <3:00 marathon. Iím also thinking about entering my first long distance race as a Pro (I may as well make us of it before it runs out) which will also force me to train harder. Game on!


Will blog again before the event. Putt Putt is off to hammer the Triple with ScottG crewing. Looking forward to getting down to business with them in Lichfield, so will start making preparations now. Enduroman interview:


Thanks Hammerer, Ray, Cobbie, Martidj, Sue, Poet
Slacko, Windonkey, Putt Putt, Savaloy, Iainm, Carlito

Likeys 9Bar Bike Science Eladon

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Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:13 pm Angelina
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Daz, I've said it already, well done mate, you are my inspiration. Having seen that youtube video I must race that race. Thanks for posting.
Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:15 pm hammerer
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Well done Daz,great performance! That climb in the video looks awesome, like doing one of the cimbs in the tour with that support!

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