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North Downs Way Ultra 50M - 7:27:50 - 2nd
JUL 22
Cotswold Way National Trail 102M - 20:36:48 - trail record
Malvern Hills Ultra 52M - 7:49:49 - 1st record
Green Man Ultra 46M - 7:08:45 - 1st record


NOV 19
Brecon Beacons Ultra 46M - 6:29:05 - 2nd
OCT 22-23
Caesar's Camp 100 Mile Ultra - 20:32:30 - 1st
JUN 26
Worcester Sprint Traithlon - 1:19:36 - 2nd

MAR 27
Malvern Hills Ultra 54M (4000ft) - 8:09:00 - 1st
MAR 27
London Marathon - 2:50:36
MAR 27
Kingston Breakfast Run - 1:36:42 - 7th
Sri Chimnoy 10M - 57:38 - 4th



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Offas Dyke Experiment
1-2 September
178-mile non-stop trail run in <44-Hours
(DNF injury - 80 miles completed)
Report Here

16-28 August
190-Mile Camping Hike in 12 days
Report Here

The Pennine Way
25 August - 6 September
270-Mile Camping Hike in 12 days
Report Here

9-21 June
Lands End to John O'Groats Island Hopper (via Outter Hebrides) Unassisted Bike Ride
Report Part I Here
Report Part II Here
Info on Calmac Network/Scottish Islands
Gavin Robertson Thread

19 June to 2 July
Lands End to John O'Groats (to Inverness) Unassisted Bike Ride
Lands End to John O'Groats 2005 Report
Pre-Lejog prep
1. SJR Thread
2. SJR Thread II (Probs)
3. Ray Thread (Arrival)

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Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:06 am Daz
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At last! Iíve been given the go ahead by the GP to start training again, so long as my temperature stays in check. Iíve spent a whole week of inactively in the flat - with blood-shot eyes, headache and feeling dizzy when walking. The verdict is I have a virus (possibly the swines, who knows), and with the DIUK on top of it the body shut-down. What an experience itís been!

One of the reasons I took up long distance triathlons was the desire to challenge myself, and to find out what my physical limitations were. Over the years Iíve experienced all sorts of demanding events from Ironmans to multi-day cycle rides (lejogs) and camping hikes. Through these events I experienced new levels of discomfort from glycogen depletion and muscle soreness. I relished it and wanted to push myself further. But just over a week ago I experienced a new kind of discomfort, ending up with my first DNF. Unfortunately this was more from bad luck than anything else.

The Double Iron UK on 1-2 August and the week following have been a big low point. My plan coming in to the year was to take away a sub9 Ironman and possibly a Double Ironman win. Iíd already achieved the sub9 and I felt on terrific form for the Double and ready to knock off a good time. With the perfect race plan and the help of a top crew (ScottG and Putt Putt), I was all set to get a decent time. Or so I thought. The plan for the race was to pace to a 21:30 time, comprising a 2:00 swim, 11:30-12:00 bike and a 7:30-8:00 run. I was confident of hitting these targets.

I started getting ill around Wed/Thurs, two days before the race. The usual - sore throat, tired and slightly blocked nose. So I passed it off as a mild cold. I was confident in my fitness but worried about what the weather might bring with cold temperatures being forecast for Saturday night.


Scott and I stayed over at the Hotel the night before the race. I enjoyed my breakfast this year, making sure I had several rounds of toast to keep myself topped up. I wasnít going to start racing hungry like I did last year. ScottGís presence (and Putt Putt later) was a pleasure all weekend. After racking the bike we spent some time chilling-out with the Slackos, downed a few bacon sannis, and then were off to the pool.

7600M SWIM Ė 1:57-1:58

The water temp was thankfully a little lower than last year. Weíd made a couple of iced energy drinks, and a water bottle to tip over myself during the breaks to keep cool. In the end it wasnít necessary. The two other guys in my lane (Paul Capper and Denzil Hunt) were both of a similar swimming standard and we swam really well around each other.

I have to say I really enjoyed the swim and could have done more. The plan was to take a 1min break after every 1000m. But I felt so good so that I decided to take the break after 100/200 lengths instead. At 100 lengths (38:00), having time checked every 20 lengths to keep pace, I asked the lap counter what Iíd done and he said 98 lengths. ďWacha talkiní bout Willis!?Ē. Bit annoyed that theyíd missed a couple of lengths, but it spurred me on. The rest of the swim was comfortable, so much so that I got fed up of tapping feet and just overtook instead. Finished in around 1:57-1:58 and headed out to T1. Had a big shock with the weather. It was clear before the swim but the rain was coming down on exit. Felt strong and even managed a smile.....a contrast to last year.

224 MILE BIKE Ė 13:04

The plan was to start off with 41min laps, then let fatigue takes it cause and drop to 42mins by halfway, and then 43-45mins when it got dark. The main problems last year were nutrition and lighting. So this year Iíd borrowed a couple of decent lights from Cougie, and Scott and Putt Putt were prepared to spoon-feed me pasta and noodles if need be! Breaks were every 2-3 laps lasting 1-2mins generally, with a couple of longer ones to allow for the change of gear and decent food.

First lap in 40:30. Just like the swim I was very comfortable with the pace and even had to hold myself back. The Slackos were doing a great job at the t-junction and I had a couple of Mrs Mash's cakes on board. Unfortunately the weather was still miserable and lakes were forming in the road. At one point a car sped down the middle of the road and completely coated me in a disgusting mixture of water, dirt and something nasty from the farm roadside. As long as I kept on the move Iíd just feel damp, but any breaks at the athleteís village and the cold would start to bite.

By the end of lap7 (8pm) Iíd been hitting a 41:30/lap average, with a couple of 3min stops to get decent food on board. We were bang on track. But then it got dark, and cold, and the problems started. We had a few problems with the bike lights first of all. The led intensity settings were sensitive to any bumps on the road and some of the batteries were duds. I was starting to get physically stressed and light-headed from the cold weather and on top of that I was stressing out over inadequate lighting. As the chart shows Scott and I spent a lot of time playing around with the lights and feeding; thinking I was glycogen-depleted rather than just plain ill. Iíd been wearing a few layers, but everything was damp. In hindsight, a waterproof may have been useful.

The bike time eventually came out at 13hrs, with 1hr8mins of that spent on breaks. But to be honest I was suffering towards the end and the opportunity to get off the bike just for a few mins would help me around each lap. The mist didnít help over the last few laps and I was starting to get dizzy and a little worried I might come off the bike.

After completing the bike, I headed to the tent to with Scott and Peter to get changed. Quite a decent transition of 7-8mins in which time Iíd had the chance to eat some more food and get some 2XU leggings on. I didnít feel any muscular pains and my injuries hadnít flared up. But what I did feel was a strange all-over body ache Iíd never experienced before and a fear of dread for the run.


From the first seven splits of the run youíd think I was fine. Three laps of 11-12mins, followed by four laps peaking at 10:15. I was eating and drinking like a mad-man but it wasnít having any effect on my condition. Peter also spotted something wasnít quite right but did a good job of pushing me on. Mentally I had to really concentrate on my running and felt awful.

On Lap 8 and 9 (despite another pasta feeding) I had to resort to a run/walk strategy, something Iíve never done before. On Lap 10 I couldnít run one step and I was finding it hard to concentrate on just walking and felt like I was going to pass out. So at around 6:30am, and after completing lap10, I scrambled into the crew tent. I didnít realise Scott had only just climbed in to grab a kip, so the poor fella was kicked out before heíd even had time to settle.

The next four hours are vague. I thought I was awake all the way through, wrapped up in several layers of clothes and sleeping bag, staring up at the warm end of the tent shaking like a lunatic. Steve said heíd popped in a few times but I was out like a light. I remember seeing Eddie, Scott and the medic (taking my temp) but that was it. I also vaguely remember hearing the record lap time being called out (10:12) and thinking dam, I was only just off that. Rehydration was taking some time. I tried it a few times but ended up vomiting in the portaloos. By 10am my body was finally excepting some electrolytes. The GF and parents were down at 11am. Pity it was just to cart me back to their house. My mum was also down with a strange virus, and now possibly my GF.


As I said Iíve done nothing over the last week except put on weight. The whole experience has been quite a downer after all the effort that had gone into it. I know I was ill but itís a shot to the confidence as I was hoping to head further down the ultra-triathlon route. The Triple World Ironman Champs are in Germany next year, 4 weeks after Ironman Germany. I will have a good hard think about this. Iíll hopefully be down to crew the Slackos and Carlito (if he enters) DIUK next year.

Thanks for all the comments over the last week from good friends. Thank to Spiuk for providing me with a pair of their Ventix photocromatic sunglasses, and Cougie for the bike lights. Also to the tt-ers and runnersworld peeps on the course, Steve and Eddie. Biggest thanks of course go to ScottG and Putt Putt for crewing me. A great couple of guys who did everything they could to keep me on the move. There should be a feature in Triathletes World (Nov issue).


Itís great to have the opportunity of another challenge before the season is over, and Iím excited (if a little apprehensive) by the Offaís Dyke run. My legs are fine, they have been since the race, but I need to completely rid myself of the virus and build up the immune system. Iíve knocked the window back a little, to 2-4 September.

Iíve recently become sponsored by inov-8 for all future off-road adventures and races. Iím really pleased and excited by this opportunity, and will be completely kitted out with their gear. I couldnít have completed the run without a decent pair of off-road shoes, backpack, socks etc so Iím now confident this is covered. I will do some walks over the next few weeks while Iíll recover, then some longer runs to break the shoes in.

Iím still pacing to a (loose) 1mile run/1mile walk strategy, with a few hrs rest/sleep. Originally I hoped to take a bivy bag, but I might now do it with a survival blanket and find a spot during daylight to rest. I plan to start around 6-7am and hopefully be done the same time two days later. I will probably leave my car at Chepstow with Steve R, picking it up after the event. Martidj (Dan) may be joining me towards the end, which will be welcome company.


Thanks Angelina, Hammerer, Pookey, Savaloy, Poet, Pip, Slacko, Mtriton, Iron Monkey, Cenzo, Sue, tivmeister, Slacko, Paul L, Cobbie, patriciamille, Maddy, Wheezy, ianm
Pookey, Savaloy Ė Not sure yet, I'll have a look off season
Likeys 9Bar Bike Science Eladon

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Tue Aug 11, 2009 12:05 pm Poet
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Great report and good news on the new sponsors!
Tue Aug 11, 2009 12:21 pm steve_r
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It is never nice to hear about or read about a dnf, but they can't always be avoided. It is how you deal with them that matters. Hope for a speedy and full recovery.
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