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North Downs Way Ultra 50M - 7:27:50 - 2nd
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NOV 19
Brecon Beacons Ultra 46M - 6:29:05 - 2nd
OCT 22-23
Caesar's Camp 100 Mile Ultra - 20:32:30 - 1st
JUN 26
Worcester Sprint Traithlon - 1:19:36 - 2nd

MAR 27
Malvern Hills Ultra 54M (4000ft) - 8:09:00 - 1st
MAR 27
London Marathon - 2:50:36
MAR 27
Kingston Breakfast Run - 1:36:42 - 7th
Sri Chimnoy 10M - 57:38 - 4th



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Offas Dyke Experiment
1-2 September
178-mile non-stop trail run in <44-Hours
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16-28 August
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25 August - 6 September
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Lands End to John O'Groats (to Inverness) Unassisted Bike Ride
Lands End to John O'Groats 2005 Report
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Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:50 pm Daz
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Time for a blog update, which includes a run-down of the Offaís Dyke Challenge that unfortunately fell short (injury this time) but has had a big impact on my future planning.

I have a lot to think about over the coming months. Iím currently in talks with a company who provide a range of outdoor equipment. They also organise ultra-distance off-road races. Thatís all Iíll say for now. But with the inov-8 sponsorship (not a major confliction as they focus on shoes and lightweight bags) and potentially another one, I need to start morphing into a decent ultra off-road runner. Iím getting there slowly. Starting to acquire some decent gear including maps (love the Harvey XTs) and eventually, a good GPS device. Iíve been meeting Jo Kilkenny a few times for training runs, as sheís local. She has plenty of experience of competing in (and winning) ultra off-road races and multi-dayers. And most importantly, Iím developing a love for it.
So the coming winter will be spent developing my navigation skills and spec fitness. I wonít neglect my swimming and cycling though. Iíll need to keep the swimming and gym work ticking over to maintain the core and upper body. Iím already entered into Ironman Germany next year (where Iíd like to get 8:50). cssc have offered to cover a portion of the Triple Ironman world champs expenses, so thatís still an option.

On the business front, Target-fitness coaching has been going very well. I was hoping to switch to an online coaching resource like Training Peaks but after some trial runs by myself and clients, Iím not convinced. However, after a web-meeting with one of their reps itís clear they are still developing the site and transferring the best of the old/classical format to the new format including periodisation/calendar charts which are important. There are a few other minor issues.

My health. Not good. A week on the road in the NE and Scotland has added a few more kgs to my weight and a trapezius injury. This has now meant Iíve had more injuries this year than in all previous years combined! Iím starting to think I should pay my physio a wage. My average weekly training for 2009 has dropped to 12.5hrs/week (now 1.5hrs less than last year). God knows how I did a sub9 IM on that. Maybe I can use that to advertise my coaching Ė ďwant to do a sub9 IM on 12hrs/week!?.....blah blahĒ


As I said before, this was always going to be 50/50 and was as much an experiment as a challenge to see how far I could go non-stop on an off-road trail. Unfortunately a few wrong turns were taken in the dark which slowed my pace down, but gear and nutrition worked out fine. I was a little worried about wearing light off-road shoes but the inov-8 roclites were awesome, and the pro race backpack as light as a feather. Hereís a brief on how it panned out:

07:20 START Sedbury Cliffs
Spent the night and left the car on a campsite just one mile from the start. Didnít get the best nights sleep with the farmhouse dogs having a party. Also ,despite getting up nice and early, I made it to the start line a little later than planned. Not such an issue when doing an event on your own, but poses problems when you have crew waiting for you at agreed check-points. The first few hours were going really well and I enjoyed the scenery until I got lost near the Devils seat and took an E path rather then the N path. Luckily was running along the side of a hill and had the compass out so I was back on track after 20mins.

09:05 Brockweir (9 miles covered Ė 1hr45 Ė pace 11:45/mile)
Decided to take the low-level route along the river for a change of scenery and chance to make up some time, despite it adding another 0.5M to the distance. Itís amazing how the smallest things can slow your overall pace down; map/compass-checking, negotiation of turn-stiles, routes, puddles etc, running on uneven ground, eat/drinking, etc

11:25 Monmouth (19 miles Ė 4hr05 Ė 12:55/m)
The schedule had a 30min breakfast break, but since I was an hour behind schedule I decided to just stop at a shop to hydrate, eat. The break (inc a long queue) ended up using up 30mins anyway, which was frustrating. Walked for 30mins out of Monmouth after over-indulging on coke, water, buns and cakes! Didnít update my phone for some time, mainly from lack of reception. Passed through a beautiful apple orchard on the way to Hay and finally applied some oxide tape to hot-spots on the ankles and balls of feet. Weather very unpredictable and getting a little annoyed having to keep moving waterproofs to and from the backpack.

15:10 Pandy Inn (36 miles Ė 7hr50 Ė 13:00/m)
Met Hanneke on the fields two miles from the Pandy Inn, where she gave me a great 30min massage. Worked on calfs and hamstrings which really helped with the climb up the Mountains. Despite the gradual climb to 700m+ I was able to do most of it running. Weather got worse the higher we went and after Hanneke turned off the hill I got the mislite trousers out and gritted my teeth through some strong hail and gales. Unfortunately it was around this point that my camera died/drowned. Took a slight wrong turn one mile out of Hay following a path that was not on the Harvey map (recently built), but finally reached the car park at 7pm to find my Dad and brother waiting for me with supplies.

19:10 Hay on Wye (54 miles Ė 11hr50 Ė 13:10/m)
In hindsight this break was far too long. After the Black Mountain and no stopping to rest, eat I was keen to take a good long rest at Hay and chat with my Dad and brother. I was now fully kitted to get through the night. It wasnít until 8pm that I finally left the car park, and headed straight to the supermarket, followed by the chip-shop. This was another small error Ė I ended up drinking 2ltrs of water, followed by half a bag of chips (I tied the remaining bag outside my backpack for later) which expanded the stomach. At the other side of the bridge over the Wye, I turned off on to a rough path through the trees. It was now approaching 9pm and it was time to get the head torch out. A merry walk along the river munching chips under a full moon. Iíd planned to do the run on a full moon to aid navigation and even though it was no use at close range, it was quite handy in open areas to spot tree-lines and hills. I must apologise to the farm owners on the Offas Dyke path near Bronydd for the present I left in their field.

I struggled to find the route around this farm site, and this became a regular problem for me during the night. This was also one of two occasions Iíd wander around someones private property during the night with a head torch on. These were the only worrying times for me, as I didnít want to alert Elma Fudd...chasing me with his dogs, shot gun in hand.

The next four hours from Bronydd (via Newchurch) to Kington were a bit of a mess, and I couldnít keep 100% to the route. On some sections Iíd take a slightly longer option along one of the roads. Although the increase in speed balanced out against the extra distance, I didnít realise at the time just how much damage I was doing to the legs and feet. The inov-8 roclites are very good shoes. They fit snugly, have great grip and are very lightweight. They are perfect for off-road running.....not road running. I had the option of taking my mizuno elexir road shoes with me from Hay but my legs felt fine at that point and I didnít want the extra weight over the hills. The road sections on the way to Kington took a lot out of my legs and this was probably the reason for my injury on the approach to the town.

Some good off-road sections on the way to Newchurch. When I finally reached the village I headed straight for the church. I didnít realise some churches not only remain open 24hrs but also provide refreshments and shelter to walkers. Another lengthy break of at least 30mins. Iíd been joined by one of the locals and we had a nice chat throughout. Despite the warm coffee I was not getting any warmer and adrenalin was in fall-out, so moved on.

Stopped briefly at Hill House (after Disgwyffa Hill) on midnight to fill up from the tap, marked on the map. It was deadly quiet at this point Ė no wildlife, no distant traffic. Just me, the wind, and the full moon. At any other time I may have felt a bit uneasy at the Scooby doo atmosphere as light clouds glided past the moon. Iíve felt this way on local runs around Richmond Park at night. But I was really enjoying this. Perhaps Iíd become accustomed to the sensation of running alone in the countryside at night, and the hours were flying by. Dare I say it, I was ďat one with natureĒ.

Hergest Ridge was fantastic, a great moonlit view of the rolling hills and villages. While walking down the short road into Kington I felt a sharp pain in the right knee. I hoped it was just a niggle that would work itself out, but it progressed over the following hours and the run/walk had now become a hike.

01:40 Kington (68 miles Ė 18hr20 Ė 16:10/m)
Enjoyed the lights of the town. Couldnít spot the path up the side of a farm house and spent 15mins wandering around the house and field. The following mile was quite enjoyable walking up Bradnor Hill, alongside the golf course and towards Rushock Hill. At this point I took the wrong bearing down the hill and ended up in Knill Garraway Forest. The first track I took in the forest ended abruptly at what looked like a thick plastic/silver wire stretching across the path in front of me. I was shocked, but I wanted to get to the gravel path beyond so tentatively stepped over it (it was inches from my groin). I realised shortly after that Iíd passed a much better route straight down/through the woods, but it meant doubling back 800m over the wire.

The Ďpathí downhill through the woods was very overgrown and I had to wonder at the situation. It was around 2-3am and here I was trudging through woods in the middle of nowhere. With the head torch on it provided a nice Blair Witch atmosphere all the way. Finally found myself on a path that corresponded with the map and despite stepping into Hindwell Brook as it passed over the dark, sunken road (didnít spot the bridge), I was back on track.

I canít remember a lot of the next 2 hours. Kept to the route but uneventful, and painful. On the approach to Dolley Green the head torch was failing, and the GPS and mobile phone both low on power. I had spare batteries for two head torches, but the GPS and phone could not have been recharged....hence the reluctance to tweet too much on the webpage.

04:00 Dolley Green (76 miles Ė 20hr40 Ė 16:20/m)
This was the only spot Iíd recced in advance. The Baptist Church at Dolley Green not only has a tap outside but also a clean 24/hr toilet. So at 4am I limped into the toilet and crashed on the matt, drank, ate and started work on the legs and knee. After 30-60mins I stepped outside and immediately realised the injury was there to stay. It was cold and wet, so I decided to go back into the toilet. I didnít emerge until 6am, just as it was starting to get light. By this point the adrenalin had dropped again, so I felt run-down, tired and in no mood to continue on the knee. I knew my Dad was only a 40min drive from this point and on call should there be any serious problems. So I decided to hike slowly to Knighton and call on the way.

On Hawthorn Hill at 7am I called both my Dad and rest of my support Ė Dan (martidj), Sue and LynneE who were going to meet me later in the day should I have continued. One of the most depressing moments in any race is the moment you officially pull-out. On top of that, itís even more difficult to to have to let your crew/support down - friends who have given up their time, energy, money to help you out. At least I made it clear from the start it was never going to be a cert. But at the end of the day itís the second time in a row Iíve had to DNF. So at around 8am (82-83 miles) in Knighton I was driven away. Navigation was an issue but with a better head torch and a GPS device I would not have got lost, cut down on the leg damage from road impact and speeded up average pace. Iím confident I could have kept up a good 12 mins/mile pace for the majority of this run if Iíd kept rests to a minimum and spread out the nutrition. Food for thought. This was one of the best experiences of my life. I will be developing my training and experiences over the next 12 months hopefully alongside Ironman training. Itís time I did something different and I love a new challenge.


Just returned from a holiday and 1500mile drive around England and Scotland with Yve. Really enjoyed it, although what was supposed to be a rehabilitation period ended up leaving me more injured and tired.

5KM Ė Silver (AG35), 5th Overall
JAVELIN Ė Silver (AG35), 5th Overall

My first masters event Ė just as competitive and a decent standard. Carrying the start of a cold and a little overweight so not the best performances. Stayed at a hotel nr Leyburn, NE Dales

18-19 SEPT
Camping in Patterdale, Lakes. Cold and wet. Unfortunately pulled the trapezius on 19th climbing over Striding Edge on Helvellyn. Really enjoyed the hike up though and looking at trying out some of the nasty ridges in Snowdonia (Bwlch y Saethau, Y Lliwedd and the popular Crib Goch). Yve is scared of heights but really enjoyed it. Pics from High Spying How are the best Ė note the number of other climbers. Mountain rescue were out later, but we couldnít quite see what happened.

20-21 SEPT
Loch Lomond (west side). Two more days of camping in cold and rain, so we decided to call it a day on the camping for the rest of the trip. We were 5metres from the Loch edge and had dinner there on the first evening. Had a good look at the eastern side across the Loch, as I knew Iíd be hiking/wild-camping it with my brother next year on the West Highland Way.

22-25 SEPT
Driving around Scotland and NE England (Kinlochleven, Fort William, Loch Ness, Edinburgh, Wooler). We knocked-off four castles and a few distilleries on the way! Popped in to a minor injuries at a hospital on 24rd (and again on 26th) as the neck was stiffening up. Thankfully confirmed damaged trapezius, needing rest. As I type this itís a lot better and I have started a little running to work off the weight.


Thanks Pookey, Carlito, Pip, Windmonkey, FaST, savaloy, steve, Bluepoolshark, iainm, patrciamille, Carlito
Sue, Lynne Ė Shame I didnít get to meet you both. If I do it again in the near future, maybe we can meet-up?
Carlito Ė I really enjoyed it. A bit gutted about the knee, but in a strange way it might have done me a favour. Awful weather the next day, and I reckon I need a good season of development in off-road running and navigation before I can knock off a decent pace over 2 days non-stop. Always good to jump in at the deep end though, good for mental strength.
Putt putt Ė Good luck to you too with the x10. 50/50 on the x3 now. I want to focus on the ultra running with IM level swimming, cycling.
FaST Ė Yes, I will need to upgrade the petzl slightly for serious night running challenges. Itíll do me for training though.
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Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:25 pm Carlito
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Good to hear the postives at the end of Offa's Dyke. There is a whole new world out there for off road ultra distance.

West Highland Way next year. With the Offa's Dyke test done you should be doing the West Highland Way Race not the walk. Wink

And ... erm ... that was some whirlwind tour round Britain.
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Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:18 pm Loopmusic
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Like Carlito said, it sounds like you've got loads to take away from Offa, even if it wasn't quite what you'd hoped for. And I have awesome respect for Ironman and beyond - inspirational stuff for newbies like me. Good luck with it all Smile

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