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Yearly Totals
2004 Swim 134k Bike 4766k Run 1446k
2005 Swim 187k Bike 5507k Run 1604k
2006 Swim 236k Bike 6262k Run 1896k
2007 Swim 178k Bike 5659k Run 1542k
2008 Swim 134k Bike 4686k Run 1748k
A wee bit about me
Born 1966 in Dumfries, didn't do much sport as a kid, did like hiking, tootling about the local countryside on a bike and badminton.

Went to Glasgow University (1984) where I started running (ok hashing) and playing American Football (I got to run and hit people). I used to go swimming as a way to get clean - it was cheaper and quicker than heating water for a bath...

Moved down to London in 1988 and continued hashing - met Zoe, got married in 1991. Running was my main hobby, did some half marathons, 10mile and 10k's, started cycling again as a commuter.

Moved up to Stockport (1993) and then on to Warrington (1994), continued to run, but it wasn't as much fun.

Then I moved back down south to Harrow in 1996 where I have been since, slowly put on weight, ran less, continued to commute on the bike when the weather was fine.

Got Zoe into cycling and we started to explore the local countryside, she preferred MTB than road biking so I got a MTB and last year set my self a target of cycling the Ridgeway (80miles in 2 days).

I was getting fitter again and whilst out on a Sunday run around the local park's I spotted a bunch of folk on bikes with numbers on, a spot of Googling showed me it was the Hatch End Triathlon - that was the start of my tri-quest - I decided next year that would be me out there.

I started seriously training in Sept 2003, I knew I could run and cycle a bit, but my problem was the swimming - I had swam 1mile at primary school, but only really done occasional 400/600m at Uni. To my surprise the first swim I not only completed 400m of front crawl (what I need to do for Hatch End) - I had enought left in me to do 800m.

A couple of months later I decided that Hatch End was just going to be a stepping stone and I set my targets higher - initially the London Olympic (did in 02:24:50 !) distance followed by the Vitruvian HalfIM (05:16:15 in 2004, 4:55:21 in 2005) and the Stevenage Marathon (3:39) and then IronMan UK (11:46:27) - and in 2006 a foreign IronMan for my 40th Birthday Very Happy
Monthly totals
Oct 03 Swim 5.4k Bike 227k Run 115k
Nov 03 Swim 3.6k Bike 243k Run 50k
Dec 03 Swim 5.2k Bike 190k Run 22k
Jan 04 Swim 9.2k Bike 182k Run 70k
Feb 04 Swim 11.5k Bike 147k Run 96k
Mar 04 Swim 16.8k Bike 436k Run 50k
Apr 04 Swim 10.1k Bike 746k Run 65k
May 04 Swim 14.3k Bike 409k Run 102k
Jun 04 Swim 8.3k Bike 471k Run 152k
Jul 04 Swim 11.3k Bike 627k Run 179k
Aug 04 Swim 17.8k Bike 615k Run 160k
Sep 04 Swim 8.1k Bike 243k Run 159k
Oct 04 Swim 7.0k Bike 217k Run 197k
Nov 04 Swim 11.2k Bike 231k Run 128k
Dec 04 Swim 8.6k Bike 442k Run 88k
Jan 05 Swim 22.3k Bike 223k Run 118k
Feb 05 Swim 14.2k Bike 229k Run 128k
Mar 05 Swim 20.1k Bike 281k Run 112k
Apr 05 Swim 19.1k Bike 421k Run 141k
May 05 Swim 25.8k Bike 627k Run 133k
Jun 05 Swim 21.7k Bike 1054k Run 135k
Jul 05 Swim 12.1k Bike 644k Run 147k
Aug 05 Swim 13.6k Bike 733k Run 145k
Sep 05 Swim 7.0k Bike 351k Run 132k
Oct 05 Swim 12.7k Bike 335k Run 135k
Nov 05 Swim 10.1k Bike 374k Run 138k
Dec 05 Swim 9.2k Bike 235k Run 140k
Jan 06 Swim 18.5k Bike 292k Run 223k
Feb 06 Swim 23.2k Bike 377k Run 73k
Mar 06 Swim 29.8k Bike 598k Run 175k
Apr 06 Swim 19.6k Bike 536k Run 130k
May 06 Swim 23.0k Bike 815k Run 143k
Jun 06 Swim 17.1k Bike 699k Run 133k
Jul 06 Swim 21.5k Bike 860k Run 200k
Aug 06 Swim 20.5k Bike 726k Run 169k
Sep 06 Swim 13.7k Bike 505k Run 104k
Oct 06 Swim 18.4k Bike 332k Run 215k
Nov 06 Swim 15.1k Bike 268k Run 218k
Dec 06 Swim 15.3k Bike 254k Run 113k
Jan 07 Swim 14.4k Bike 310k Run 179k
Feb 07 Swim 7.2k Bike 228k Run 154k
Mar 07 Swim 15.2k Bike 666k Run 155k
Apr 07 Swim 17.0k Bike 679k Run 148k
May 07 Swim 25.6k Bike 581k Run 95k
Jun 07 Swim 20.5k Bike 503k Run 147k
Jul 07 Swim 14.4k Bike 706k Run 170k
Aug 07 Swim 24.8k Bike 804k Run 203k
Sep 07 Swim 18.6k Bike 395k Run 42k
Oct 07 Swim 11.8k Bike 378k Run 60k
Nov 07 Swim 5.4k Bike 239k Run 97k
Dec 07 Swim 3.7k Bike 170k Run 92k
Jan 08 Swim 9.0k Bike 464k Run 180k
 Nominative Determinism 
Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:31 pm doug
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Forgive me TT for i have sinned - it has been 11 months since my last confession....

I let my blog lapse a bit too much this year, partly due to having a new job and trying not to sepnd too much time at work here on TriTalk. Anyway I've settled in to the job now so things are a bit more relaxed. The job has changed my training though, cycling to work is a bit more difficult, swimming is more awkward, but manage to get a fair bit of running in at lunchtimes.

So what did I get up to this year ?

The totals tell one story:
Swim 134k
Bike 4686k
Run 1748k

Swimming well down on previous years, cycling down too, but running up...

This year did have a few DNSs - due to illness or cancelled flights...

Races I entered but didn't start were:
- Serpentine New Years Day 10k (tummy bug)
- Wokingham Half marathon (cold)
- Merchant Taylor's Tri (cancelled flight)
- Luton marathon (tummy bug)

However I did manage to do:
Beaulieu Middle Distance
Windsor Oly
Almere ITU Long Distance Champs
Hastings marathon - this was a last minute add-on once I decded to no show at Luton.

Next year my plans are (commited events in bold)
- Regents Pk 10ks (Jan/Feb/Mar)
- Wokingham half marathon
- Jurassic Coast Challenge (3 off road marathons in 3 days)

- Beaulieu Swashbuclker Middle
- Cowman
- Forestman
- ETU Prague Long distance
- Vitruvian
- IM Arizona

Better do some training in 2009 !
A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise. ~A.A. Milne

Things can only get better !
Fri Feb 01, 2008 12:32 pm doug
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A much better month for me after the last 4 miserable ones. Didn't start too great with a tummy bug leading to my first DNS of the year at the Serpie New Years Day 10k. Was finally laid off on the 18th so have been doing some bits and pieces around the house before I start a new job on 18th Feb. This did mean I had some time to do some training once I got over my tummy bug:

Jan 08 Swim 9.0k Bike 464k Run 180k

Thats almost as much as Nov and Dec combined ! Would have been more but I have been taking it easier over the last couple of days due to a cold.

Still I've got a week to recover before the Wokingham half marathon (the day after TCR). Next week will see me decorating the kitchen and tapering a little...

The new job will mean a bit of a lifestyle change as I will be commuting into London mainly on the tube rather than heading out on a mixture of car/bike/run. Hopefully once I'm settled in and the lighter mornings/evenings are here I will cycle it or do a part run/part tube commute. Looks like there is at least one reasonable pool nearby at the Thomas Guy Club. I'll probably have to manage my time a bit more carefully to fit in some decent training.

Thought I'd add my planned events for the year:

01 Jan - Serpentine 10k DNS Crying or Very sad
10 Feb - Wokingham half marathon
18 May - Merchant Taylors Tri (Oly)
1 Jun - Beaulieu Half IM
18 Jun - Windsor Oly
6 Jul - Cowman Half
31 Aug - Almere ITU Long Course World Champs (I hope)

bold - commited event
italic - completed event

Poet - Hopefully it all works out for you, redundancy isn't nice, but at least its definite (and you get some pocket money)
zlMy mojo has been beaten by the cold for the moment, but its time will return shortly
A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise. ~A.A. Milne

May the Mojo be with you !
Wed Jan 23, 2008 11:14 am doug
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After a fairly crap start to the year, things are beginning to pick up. I'm now "resting" as the luvvies would say or to you and me thats "unemployed". However I do have one interesting job offer and another hopefully in the pipeline. By the end of the week I should be able to make an informed choice of where to go. And at some point my coffers will be swollen when my redundancy money comes through Very Happy

With a bit of time on my hands I've been doing some odd jobs around the house and getting back into training. My injuries and brief illness seem to be behind me know, so after a slow start my mojo is returning. I've already done more in the 3 weeks of this month than either Nov or Dec and might just be able to bash out more training than both combined Twisted Evil

Managed a nice 10 mile run this morning, lately I've been struggling to get anywhere near my usual pace and ended up plodding around at 8-8:30min/mile pace. Today however I was feeling good and was hitting 7:15min/mile pace for much of the run after a bit of a warmup. Still a little short of the 7:00min/mile pace I want for a half marathon pb at Wokingham, but getting there...

Got my name down for them TeamGB squad for Almere ITU Long Distance - should hear soon if I make the first cut (I'm hopeful as I hit a couple of the criteria they ask for - a sub 5hr double Oly and a top 5 ag placing in a long distance race)

Thanks for all the good thoughts folks !

zl - yes things are getting better !
IHS - the vibes seem to be doing the trick - can I keep them ?
Sue - thanks for the crossed fingers - you can relax now
PaulL - 2008 is beginning to shape up
Lizze - 2007 was a bit rubbish, but hopefully I can recycle some and make 2008 better
A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise. ~A.A. Milne

Wed Jan 02, 2008 11:06 am doug
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Yearly totals
Swim 178.4k
Bike 5659k
Run 1542k

Well down on last year, less swimming and running than 2005 - only just a bit more than 2004...

Not a great year for me, started off under the weather with a bad cold that took most of Jan to shake off. Managed to do ok in T2T2 in Feb - mainly due to using my head as I was not well trained - very well rested though...

Spent much of the spring struggling with a sore shoulder which curtailed long swims and bike rides somewhat, got some physio which fixed the problem. SwimTrek Malta/Gozo was fun though

Had a couple of slowish races at Eton and Windsor, Lorient was fun even with a small mechanical problem on the bike, just managed to sneak in under my 5hour target.

IMUK didn't go to plan, swim was ok, had to fix a tyre in T1, I really felt the wind on the bike but pulled a decent run out of the bag. Overall not too bad though.

Lead up to the Vit was not good, hurt my calf in the week before and heard my dad was in hospital with. Did and ok swim and bike then the calf went towards the end of the first lap - limped home just outside the 5hour mark. Headed up to visit my dad afterwards.

Then it was out to Club La Santa for a week, did a fair bit of cycling and swimming as I couldn't run with my calf still sore, just before the end of the week I heard my dad had passed away, too late to get an early flight home so it was straight up to Dumfries after I got back.

Rest of the year never really came together, with calf problems, cold, infected bursitis of the elbow, stomach problems, then being told they were closing the office and laying half of us off. Spent much of December looking for a new job (still looking) and drowning my sorrows in the pub.

This year hasn't really got off on the right foot, had planned to do the Serpentine New Yars Day 10k, but had stomach problems in the run up to it so decided to support Zoe instead. Last day at work will be the 11th at least I will get a decent pay out. Have a had a couple of nibbles on the old CV so things may pick up soon...

Sorry to depress you all

Things are beginning to look brighter though
A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise. ~A.A. Milne

Thu Jul 19, 2007 6:55 pm doug
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Well this was my first time in Team GB kit Very Happy

Zoe and I arrived latish on the Friday meaning we missed the opening ceremony and the pasta party

Up early on the Saturday as the Team Manager Howard had organised a drive round the bike course - the first surprise was - it isn't as flat as I'd heard ! Whilst not flat it was still very gently rolling apart from the hill to the turnaround so should be a fast course. There are also a fair number of speed humps.

The we went to register and then built the bikes - there were some pretty expensive bikes in the hotel meeting room that served as our bike storage, after a quick spin around the square to test the bikes we went for a wander around the town, came across the Bastille Day parade and then had a wander around the market and bought some baguettes and pate for lunch. had a bit of a snooze after lunch and then cycled down to rack the bikes - transition is a couple of miles from the hotel. Transition is also pretty much linear and therefore very long. Had a wander through the race village and bumped into Brian of Bozeat.

Evening was the team briefing and then on for some pasta ! We seemed to choose a restuarant with about half of Team GB in it...

Race Day
As far as race days goes it was a fairly late start ! Had breakfast at the hotel and had a good healthy dump unlike at Windsor*. The coach picked us up at 7.30am

After sorting out my gear I watched the elites start, we were kicked out of transition at 9am - a bit of a wait before the off - glad we took some water to sip.

We didn't get to dive in like the elites did, instead it was a deep water start holding onto the pontoon. The swim went fairly to plan, managed to get a decent draft to the 2nd turn buoy before promptly loosing everyone as they seemed to swing far off left, I was wondering if I was veering off course, but no there was the next buoy in a straight line ahead of me. I passed close to it the main pack of swimmers was about 100m off to my left and I was still heading straight for the next buoy. To finish the 1st lap you ascend a ramp back onto the pontoon and jump/dive off. 2nd lap was pretty much the same, came out of the water in 58:02

Transition was now looking pretty empty...

Out onto the bike and was feeling good (I always do at the start of the bike leg) overtook a fair few folk and played tag with a Kiwi for a fair bit of the outward leg. The bike course is nicely rolling meaning you can keep up a fair speed and give it some welly in the big ring. I approached the first speed hump with caution, but it wasn't too bad. My gears were jumping a little, but I solved that with a little on the fly adjustment. Up the hill to the turnaround and I remembered why I got a compact. I was able to sit and spin easily whilst overtaking folk grinding it out Very Happy

Once down the hill I started to wonder if I was now heading into the wind as my speed had dropped a little, but my power was still on track. Over the next 20mins or so it just seemed to get more and more difficult to pedal, folk I had overtaken easily were now coming past me, then up one small rise (I can't call it a hill) I really struggled - there was either something wrong with me or the bike.
Knowing there wasn't much I could do to fix me, I thought I'd better stop and have a look at the bike - and yes the back wheel wouldn't spin as it was jammed hard against a brake block. Seems I hadn't done my skewer up tighly enough as a quick tighten seemd to solve the trick and I could now get back into overtaking mode again. I think I probably lost around 5 minutes.

The second lap was fairly uneventful, but I did see a bit more drafting going on, on the way back to transition I was overtaken by a small pack of around 10 that seemed to be working together. I had to ease off to avoid being sucked along by them - then when they hid the next hill they seemd to slow right down so I gunned it and went past. Overall drafting wasn't as bad as I had expected, I did hear the marshals whistle a couple of times and saw someone given a warning. Saw Zoe going out on her 2nd lap as I was heading for home, then just as I approched T2 down a sweeping left hander the guy in front who was busy trying to get his feet out of his shoes went over at about 20mph - I had to swerve sharply to avoid him, it looked like he would have a nasty case of road rash, but the marshals were already running to assist so I thought I'd get on withmy race. Bike time was a bit disappointing at 2:21:49.

Then out onto the run - I reckoned if I could do around 30mins a lap I might still be in with a slim chance of a sub 5hr race. So the gauntlet was down all I had to do was run like the wind Very Happy

Got into my stride pretty quickly, but found my trusty Lidl bottle belt that has server me so well over the past couple of years kept slipping, it was getting annoying and I contemplated getting rid of it, but I thought I'd try tieing the starp - that stopped the slippage and it was game on again. The support out on the run course was superb - the number of "Go GB" shouts was amazing. The laps ticked off at just around the 31min mark - this was going to be tight. I was overtaking a lot of folk but still felt good so was able to pick up the pace a bit at the end of the 2nd lap to grab a Union Jack and to finish the 20k run in 1:33:37 - just sneaking in under the 5 hours with 4:59:28 - that makes me 285th in the World Clap

After getting changed and grabbing some food I saw Zoe run past and gave her a shout. Bumped into Muiris and Brian of Bozeat again and they seemed happy with their times. Went to cheer Zoe over the finish line then back to the hotel for a nice soak in the bath.

So would I race for Team GB again ?
You betcha (if the will have me) - see you in Almere next year ?

*PaulL - I didn't have any green tea, just made sure I had plenty of fibre before and lots of coffee
A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise. ~A.A. Milne

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All about doug

Joined: 07 Jan 2004
Location: Harrow (Doonhamer in exile)
Website: Visit poster's website
Occupation: Kernel Software Engineer (currently working on SymbianOS)
Interests: cycling (road + mtb), running (especially off road), triathlon, good food, good wine, good beer

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2008 events
01 Jan - Serpentine 10k DNS Crying or Very sad
10 Feb - Wokingham half marathon
18 May - Merchant Taylors Tri (Oly)
1 Jun - Beaulieu Half IM
18 Jun - Windsor Oly
6 Jul - Cowman Half
31 Aug - Almere ITU Long Course World Champs (I hope)

bold - commited event
italic - completed event
2007 Events
01 Jan - Serpentine 10k
10 Feb - Tring2Town2
01 Apr - Kingston Breakfast Run (16mile)
29 April - White Horse Challenge 150km
19 or 20May - Eton Sprint Tri
May 26/27/28 Tour of Wessex (325mile/3days)
17 Jun - Windsor Oly
15 Jul - Lorient LD World Champs
19 Aug - IMUK
8 Sep - Vitruvian

bold - commited event
italic - completed event
2006 Events
28 Jan - Tring2Town - 45mile run
14 Apr - Maidenhead Easter 10
13 May - Eton Sprint (400m/20/5)
11 Jun - Windsor Oly (1.5/40/10)
18 Jun - UK 70.3 (1.9/90/21)
23 Jul - The Longest Day (3.8/180/42)
16 Sep - The Grand Columbian (3.8/180/42)
3 Dec - Luton marathon 42.2k

bold - commited event
italic - completed event
2005 Events
6 Feb - Watford half marathon
6 Mar - Reading half marathon

13 Mar - Finchley 20 run
3 Apr - Thames Towpath Ten
15 May - Eton Sprint (400/20/5)
22 May - Hillingdon sprint (500/6/25)
12 Jun - Norwich 100mile charity ride
19 Jun - Windsor Oly (1500/40/10)
24 Jul - MK Oly (1500/40/10)
21 Aug - IronMan UK (3800/180/42)
10 Sep - Vitruvian (1900/84/21)
24 Sep - XTT off road Triathlon (1500/26/13)
16 Oct - Abingdon Marathon

bold - commited event
italic - completed event
orange - dns
2004 Events
27 Mar - Hillingdon Du (2mile/12mile/1mile)
02 May - WDMBC 100km mtb challenge
16 May - Hatch End Sprint Tri (400/17/3.5)
30 May - Hillingdon Sprint Tri (600/6/22)
27 Jun - Eton Sprint Tri (400/19/5)
04 Jul - London to Oxford ride 58 mile
01 Aug - London Olympic Tri (1500/40/10)
15 Aug - Cambridge Oly Tri (1500/38/10)
22 Aug - MK Sprint Tri (750/20/5)
11 Sep - The Vitruvian HIM Tri (1900/84/21)
19 Sep - Dumfries Half-marathon
03 Oct - Oxford to Cambridge ride 85mile
07 Nov - Stevenage Marathon

bold - commited event
italic - completed event
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