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Joined: 16 Mar 2005
Location: Distant planet Zokk...
Occupation: Spaceman Spiff

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My name is Scott I'm happily married to Sarah with three kids Ethan 9, Evie 8 and Alysia 4 who are the centre of my world
I have been doing triathlon for a few years, I started with local sprints and then moved up to middle distance and in 07 and 08 I slowly completed IMUK.
Cotswold Sprint


14:12/40:11/23:49 - 1:18:13

Malmesbury Sprint
400/20/5 - 2005

06:26/33:09/29:40 - 1:09:15

400/20/5 - 2006

06:17/32:56/29:27 Mad - 1:08:40

IMUK 70*3
2006 - 08:09:42
2007 - 07:19:35

Eastnor Middle Distance 2006 - 06:09:20

IMUK - 2007
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Learning to fly
I'm back baby !!!
Fairly big catch up
Week 12
Week 11

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Learning to fly
Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:36 am scottg
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January has been pretty much about slowly rebuilding my fitness back up after my enforced lay off during December due to having a operation Sad

so sunday was Slaghterford 9miles ( actually 8.4miles by my Garmin ) of off road mud, hills and even a stream to run in. the race went Ok considering the lack of fitness I started at the back ( pretty much last over the start line ) the first mile is down hill as tried to take it easy but this didn't last long as I started catching and passing people pretty quickly, and continud passing people for the whole race my lack of fitness started to show at around 7 miles in which is just in time for a plod up a bloody freezing stream then some mincing as I got some feeling back in my feet then its pretty much all uphill to the finish.
Overall I enjoyed the race and a pb'ed by 6 mins, finished with a avg hr of 173

Next up is a 10 mile road race in 2 weeks time this will give me an idea of what time I will be going for at MK marathon.


Slacko - Cheers mate

soooooooz - its good to be back

tririch - see you there Smile
Pain is to be embraced, not feared

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I'm back baby !!!
Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:55 am scottg
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Good grief long ago !!!!!

And on page 5

Will update and start blogging again as I make my way slowly to the startline of the Outlaw 2012.....

Back soon
Pain is to be embraced, not feared

blog here

Fairly big catch up
Sat May 08, 2010 8:24 pm scottg
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Week 13

Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - Run 30 mins approx 3 miles
Turbo 55 mins avg hr 133

Wednesday - Swim 1hr main was 12 x 100m target 1.29 with 30 secs recovery
Turbo/Run brick 1hr turbo avg hr 129 then run 30 mins approx 3 miles

Thursday - Swim 30 mins mainly drills
Run 33 mins just over 3 miles avg hr 148

Friday - Turbo 3hrs avg hr 138 followed by a 24 min run. This should have been 45 mins but I picked up an injury so cut it short

Saturday - Cancelled as the injury picked up had floored me Sad

Sunday - see above couldn't even cycle without pain this was meant to be a big bike weekend

Week 14

Monday - Bike 3.30hrs covered 85km avg hr 143 ( should have been more had ankle and leg strapped 3.30hrs was all I could do Crying or Very sad )

Tuesday - Rest day

Wednesday - Rest day

Thursday - Swim 40 mins all easy with drills

Friday - Swim 1hr
Turbo 30 mins avg hr 146 followed by a 15 min run covered 1.5 miles with an avg hr 160

Saturday - Swim 45 just swam

Sunday - Run 3hrs covered 16.5 miles avg hr 145 ( followed the 20:2 run/walk )

Week 15

Monday - swim 40mins all easy with drills

Tuesday - Swim 1hr
Run 20 mins avg hr 143
Turbo 45 mins avg hr 144

Wednesday - Double run day
Run 1 - 1hr 26 covered 7.7 miles avg hr 142
run 2 - 1hr 29 covered 8.7 miles avg hr 143

Thursday - rest day

Friday - Run 30 mins covered 3 miles+ avg hr 153

Saturday - Bike 1hr 12mins 20 miles avg hr 146
Swimathon 5k 1hr 23 mins 35secs a new pb a bit disappointed due to traffic in the lane really felt I had a sub 1:15 in me

Sunday - Run 2:30 hrs covered 13.5 miles avg hr 143 again run walk

Week 16

Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - Swim 1hr
Turbo 1hr 10 avg hr 136

Wednesday - Swim 1hr 10
Run 45 mins covered 4.1 miles avg hr 142

Thursday - rest day

Friday - Run 45 mins covered 4.5 miles avg hr 148

Saturday - Swim 45mins
Bike 1hr 10 covered 20 miles avg hr 147

Sunday - Run 1hr covered 5.5 miles avg hr 142

Week 17

Monday - Swim 1hr
Run 48 mins 4.3miles avg hr 142

Tuesday - Run 40mins 4 miles avghr 148

Wednesday - Rest day

Thursday - Swim 40 mins easy

Friday - Rest day

Saturday - Run 15 mins easy

Sunday - Neolithic Marathon 5hr 15mins this race is a trail run from Avebury to Stonehenge it is very scenic run but also very hilly to start with and then the second half is rolling the weather was rubbish which made it cold,wet and muddy but over all I enjoyed it even if I was a bit disapointed with my finish time

We are off on the family hols next week to centreparc so this is a flying visit work is manic at the moment as there are 4 in our team and one girl has just hand her notice in so we are trying to cover her work as well currently

I hope to resume normal service after my week off when I will try to catch up with everyone elses blogs

Will do replies a bit later .......
Pain is to be embraced, not feared

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Week 12
Wed Mar 31, 2010 12:05 pm scottg
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Monday - Swim 1hr easy drills etc

Tuesday - Rest day

Wednesday - Swim 1hr 30mins main set 4 x 1000m with 2 min recovery total 4600m

Thursday - Run 40 mins covered 4 miles avg hr 151
Core 20mins

Friday - Swim 1hr main set 4 x 500m off 8mins
Run 44 mins covered 4.3miles avg hr 145

Saturday - Bike 6hrs 50mins 101 miles avg hr 146

Sunday - Bike 6hrs 85 miles avg hr 131 then quick change for a brick 30 min run covered 2.95 miles avg hr 148

The week started with a couple of missed sessions as I had to work late Mad Also moved my rest day to Tuesday due to parents evening which went very well with both Ethan and Evie getting glowing reports Cool

Saturdays ride was fun I rode with putt putt from Chippenham to Cheltenham and then turned around and rode back on my own while putt putt did some family stuff in Cheltenham, it was a good ride I seem to keep up with Putt putt when I used to struggle to stay with him, also seem to have got my nutrition alot better than last year.

Sundays ride was a lapped affair round a local route the first 3hrs went Ok but started to struggle towards the end of the first 3 hrs, so I went back home to refil the bottles and food and grab a bowl full of noodles and a cup of tea before going back out, went back out after the break and the wind had gotten up a bit and my speed dropped right off as I just seemed to grind out the last 3hrs, the worst part was my very sore undercarriage and I have never been so glad almost joyful to pull on my running shoes and head out for a run Shocked which was interesting but seemed to settle after 10mins and maintained a nice easy 10min/miling pace Cool
The legs took a couple days to recover from the weekend, it will be interesting to see how they hold up to doing another monster bike weekend this weekend


Poet - Should know better really ' if it ain't broke don't fix it' Rolling Eyes Very Happy
Pain is to be embraced, not feared

blog here

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so far
Jan - Slaghterford 9 - 1:38:55 pb by 6 mins

Feb - Bramley 10mile road race

April - Milton Keynes Marathon

July - Outlaw

August - Hell on the Humber

October - Ceasers camp 50 ( unfinished business )

31st - Slaughterford 9 mile multi terrain - DNS due to illness Sad


17th - Swimathon 5k - 1:23:35 new pb

25th - White Horse Challenge - DNS


2nd -Neolithic Marathon - 5:15:21 pb by default

29th - Crewing for Putt putt at GUCR


27th - Forestman


7-9th - DoubleIronman UK Stupid Me

Ones in red are confirmed and entered
Plans and hopes for 2009
So far just a rough plan

April - 18th Swimathon 5k- 1:25:12

26th White horse Challenge 150km - DNS ill Sad

May - 4th -Springfield sprint tri - 1:30:27 Mad

23rd - Tour of Wessexs Day 1 ( 102miles )

June - 7th Cricklade sprint tri
14th Dragon ride 125km

July - 24/25/26 Crewing for putt putt at the Triple IM

Aug - 2/3 At the DIM crewing for Daz

Sept - 5 Westonbirt 10k - 59:59

13 Chippenham half marathon - 2:20

Nov - 15 Avebury 8 - 1:31

29 Downton half marathon - 2:18:20 PB Cool

Dec - 6 Bromham 10k - 56:12 PB Cool
2008 - Plans so far

6th - winter trail run 2 (15.4km) - 1:44:28 ouch Shocked

27th - Slaughterford 9m multi terrain - 1:44:57




27th - White horse challenge (150km) - DNF about half way Sad


3rd - TT man 70.3 - 6:30hrs ( approx but prop closer to 7hrs with trans 1 &2 )

11th - Lydney sprint - 1:23:47

24th - Tour of Wessesx ( day 1 - 148km ) - 7.27hrs


1st - Beaulieu Middle distance - 6:31

15th - Dragon ride (120km) - 5:18:46

29th - Eastnor middle distance - DNS


12th - Beaver Middle - 6:41:03



2/3 DIMUK - putt putt's support crew - wow Shocked


7th - IMUK - 15:34:40



9th - Sodbury Slog

Events in orange - entered

28th Jan - Slaughterford 9 off road - DNS Evil or Very Mad

22nd March - 5k swimathon - 1:35:25

25th March - Forest of Dean trails half mara - DNS Evil or Very Mad

7th May - Springfield sprint triathlon - 06:11/50:00/31:30 - 1:27:41

13th May - New Forest Triathlon - 25:34/ 1:15:14 / 1:07:56 - 2:48:44

26th May - The tour of wessex ( 1 day only 100miles) - 8:39:27

9th June - The long swim ( 3.8mk) - 66.18mins

18th June - IMUK 70*3 - 7:19:35

1st July - Eastnor Middle distance - DNF Evil or Very Mad

19th August - IMUK - 15:25:21 Cool Cool

TT End of season sprint - 6.29/ 49.51/ 28.48 - 1:25:08
Calendar 03 - 2019
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