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"If your boss is getting you down, look at him through the prongs of a fork and imagine him in jail"
Very Happy Very Happy

WEIGHT Apr 2007: 82.5 KILO

You gotta love this Yo Yo weight thing Very Happy

To finish in Crystal Palace Stadium.Empty I grant you but in the general euphoria you can ignore these things Very Happy Very Happy
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Hang on it's not all doom and gloom...
Oh Arse, Arse and Thrice Arse !!!!!!!!!
Well Hurrah !!!
Let it snow,Let it snow,Let it snow
Another day another Dollar !!
Report from the Frontline...

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 The Resurrection of:A Momentary Lapse of Reason 
Hang on it's not all doom and gloom...
Mon Apr 09, 2007 4:07 pm Nelson PK
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Well blow me down with a blowy thing Very Happy Very Happy .
Despite having the worlds largest workload, a home life thats got to be seen to be believed and thinking that the training was going round in circles up pops the first Thames Turbo race and a time of 1.15.24 which was 2.5 mins quicker than last year Confused Shocked

Unreal Very Happy

OK so maybe world domination is still a distant dream but a warm swimming pool in Hampton is a great place to start.
Suspended until further notice

Oh Arse, Arse and Thrice Arse !!!!!!!!!
Tue Feb 20, 2007 7:04 pm Nelson PK
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Well after the euphoria of last week it was back down to earth with a bump and a half Sad Sad

Saturday saw a speedy 106 km bike ride out to Windsor and back with an average speed of about 30ishk/hour. Probably the fastest long distance ride I have done

Sunday was due to be a short 30 min run which I managed a paltry 23 mins before I collapsed in a crumpled heap crying like a 2 year old in a Supermarket Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad ( Not really but sounds impressive Exclamation ). Same crap knee scenario

Monday when hope springs eternal and head off for a slightly longer run (I really am a glutton for punishment Exclamation ) Same thing occurs after about 20mins but this time I am at Vauxhall sodding Bridge and have to walk back to the city...ARSE ARSE ARSE.

So I have decided to give the running a miss for a while (How hard was that decision Very Happy ) and become quicker than Richard Stannard,faster than Alejandro Valverde and more flexible than Darcy Bussell.
World Dominiation is mine and you can stick the running up y.....
Suspended until further notice

Well Hurrah !!!
Tue Feb 13, 2007 5:55 am Nelson PK
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Well half an hour of pain free running is nothing to be scoffed at Very Happy Very Happy

First run in a week and half after much agony due to my tight quads,hamstrings and ITB. Only ran for 30 mins covering just over 6 km. Took it nice and easy and it seemed to go all very well.

The problem has built up over the past few month due to a) My lack of flexibility and b) My lack of stretching particuarly post exercise.

Even though I hate running with a passion it is good to be back in the fray especially with all this lovely weather to cope with Sad

Anyway off for some swimming today and some core work oh and some stretching Very Happy Very Happy
Suspended until further notice

Let it snow,Let it snow,Let it snow
Thu Feb 08, 2007 8:36 pm Nelson PK
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Well 3 cm's of the white stuff and the country comes to a crashing halt. I've seen more backstage at a Babyshambles gig Very Happy

So no bike today but back in the pool after some far too busy days at work.
Freezing at Crystal Palace pool as the heating had broken so just had to swim harder. Smile
200 x w/u
600 mtr drills
20 x 50 mtrs at 80% with 15 secs recovery
200 w/d
Nice and easy. Then did a fairly heavy arm weights session and some core stability stuff for an hour or so
Back in the pool again for more of the same Friday.
Still no running stuff. Had some sessions with RichG which have been great and also had some acupuncture which I really enjoy but mainly stretching. Anyway I hate running.....
It's the Devils work I tell you Very Happy Very Happy

Suspended until further notice

Another day another Dollar !!
Mon Jan 29, 2007 8:46 pm Nelson PK
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Saddest news :RIP Dave Aitchison

Well the start of another week and looking back on things last week turned out not too bad Very Happy Very Happy

Mid week swim set was 5 x 200mtrs under 3.45 with 2 mins recovery.Times were 3.33 / 3.38 / 3.42 / 3.38 and 3.42. Very pleasing indeed.
Saturday was up at the Wimbledon Common 5k TT.Absolutely great fun and ran in 22.04 which considering my knee was playing up really bad I was quite pleased with Smile Smile
Finally got round to putting up my bike shed in the garden much to the happiness of Mrs Nelson PK. A 10 x 3 shed with two metal posts cemented into the ground to lock all 5 bikes we have into. Just got to buy the locks !!
Another visit to RichG for a good stretch out

Thanks for all the replies.More knee related reports on Friday after a physio visit Confused
Suspended until further notice

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April 9th- Thames Turbo 1 (1.15.24 faster by 2.5 mins)
May 7th-Thames Turbo 2
May 20th-Eton Supersprint
May 27th- Crystal Palace Sprint
June 2nd-Blenheim Super sprint
June 17th- Windsor Oly
July 22nd-Milton Keynes Oly
Sept 8th-The Vitruvian

4226 mtrs


38 km

Jan totals Swim=9910 Bike=197.7 Run=46
Feb/Mar totals Abandoned due to injury
Completed 2006 Races
Kingston Breakfast Run:16 ish miles(Apr 2nd) Just to see if I can do it.God I hate running Mad Mad Mad (Excellent 2.09.51)

Thames Turbo (2):Mid Sprint(1st May)First Tri of the year and in a nice heated swimming pool ! My coach Helen is a marshall so I better do good and look good !! (1.17.59)

Blenheim:Super Sprint (21st May) Last years time was 1.03.34 so aiming to come in well under 1 hour (Brilliant 54.47)

Crystal Palace:Sprint (28th May) My local Tri and will be my first pool based event.Must learn to do tumble turns Question (Tumble Turn Heaven 1.20.20)

Windsor:Olympic (11th June) Looking forward to this the most.Day before my birthday and so the blurb says:For the sixth time, Windsor has won the BTA's "Race of the Year" award.Does that mean it's really hard ?
(2.43.12 v hot)

St Albans Sprint (2nd July) Going to be v interesting this as I am at Simon Levy leaving do the night before.But its a pool based swim of 400 mtrs so shouldn't be too tough (1.20.28 not good)

Milton Keynes:Olympic (23rd July).Oly no2.Depending on what happens at Windsor will make me love or hate this race.Emberton Lake has got to be better than the Thames though(Crap did not run DNF)

London:Sprint (5th Aug) Was going to do Olympic here as well but it's the day before a friends 40th so sanity prevails. (Survived just 1.24)

Lon Duathlon:Challenge Dist (Sept 17th) Racing against Phil the Dentist so got to beat him.Don't know what to think is going to happen.Just hope it isn't too cold (Bliss 1.53 beat Phil's time)
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