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not good
Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:43 pm koalafish
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Well my bank isnt liking me as my bank is saying available balance 0.
so ebay is now out of the question Sad . last few things going back on tri trade and then should ny be successfull will try putting them back onto ebay and try and get some.
If anyone is doing Kona and wants a deal on a size small point zero 3 skinsuit let me know and i can hook you up.

Sad Sad Sad Sad
on the road for 2012
for goodness shakes

all becoming real
Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:47 pm koalafish
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i start sandhurst in less than 6 months. i start on the 6th sept this year and cannot wait. gotta bye quite alot of stuff but i may be able to sneak it in with mums shopping lol.
not looking forward to grey flannel trousers and dark/tan chinos (shudders) but it is all part of becoming an officer i suppose.
Lots of forms to fill in atm and lots of work to be doing aswell.
Ive made a start on all the courseworks i have got so far that are in for before easter or just after and then going to start the others when those are done probably over easter as well as a shed load of dissertation work.

I have to say if you are ever in loughbrough and need a massage see george at loughborough physio therapy and sports injury clinic. the mans hands are magic. the massage i had was oh so painful but very beneficial. I swear he was playing tunes on my adductor and ITB and what he did to my calf was so painful it bought a tear to my eye, however i have had no tightness in my legs since and since tuesday i have clocked up some good miles.

tues night went to the gym with my housemate phil who is a bit of a muscle man so did a bit of weights working chest and then legs. managed 8 reps on 320kg which i thought was quite cool may have to see if i can lift the old half ton at some point.

thats about it for now.
on the road for 2012
for goodness shakes

Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:03 pm koalafish
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well its a little bit longer since i said i would post on here, oops.

Ok to update, the final year project is taking up alot of time and i am still only on 2000/10000 so a long way to go yet.
training is going ok, finding form in the pool and starting to up my running again. biking is there but is improving slowly.

Marie and connor are both very well. got connors christening next weekend which i am going home for and then back here for 2 weeks before heading home for 3weeks of major work.

I recieve my joining instructions for sandhurst in the morning which makes the whole thing very very real. i am looking forward to going now. hard to believe in 18months i can be in afghanistan.

will be ordering my first pair of newton shoes in the next week or so courtesy of mother and will start smashing out the mileage again. really looking forward to racing in them. Should have a blueseventy suit coming this month aswell which i am looking forward to racing in.

thats about it for the moment.
oh and shameless plug still got apex2 jacket M, scott windproof jacket L, Nike Pursue sunglasses, Box of 2 high5 gels 10 high5 plus 10 normal, box of high5 4:1 powders unopened, box of high5 energy source + unopened, box of high5 xtreme energy source minus 1 sachet, black rearzipping trisuit size m. black giordanna windproof jacket size m.
PM me if your interested in any of the above.
on the road for 2012
for goodness shakes

Thu Feb 19, 2009 4:54 pm koalafish
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I have just signed on with Newton running as footwear sponsor. I get 6 pairs and a preferential US price (ideal) and 40% off clothing.
really looking forward to racing in them this year.

work wise i passed my semester 1 exams but not great although one mark is being changed due ot a slip up on the lecturers part giving me a 0 for a CW when i got 66 the barsteward.

more tomorrow
on the road for 2012
for goodness shakes

well its been a while.
Mon Feb 16, 2009 4:24 pm koalafish
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well it has been a long time since i last posted.

managed to sell some of the things i have and am going to ut the rest on ebay at the end of the week and see what happens. still not in a good place financially though but trying to get a job.

uni wise i get my results on weds so find out if i am going to have to spend another year in this hellhole or can go to sandhurst in september. (only a hell hole because of the work load)

on the note of workload i am cutting back on my training. i am now only going to do a max of 16 hours a week so i can concentrate on my academics as at the end of the day they affect my life from now on and i have to think about marie and connor aswell now rather than just me. If it were just me i would probably be training full time lol but need a job too so uni wins on that count.

we managed to finish the crazy group project even though we were a man down from our chinese course mate being stuck in china. got it done and learnt CAD in a day which was epic. i think in that week we got 4 hours sleep each so was glad to get it over and done with.

Training is going ok though just ticking over, got my next programme through but i think it will change now i have told bridget about the time constraints and everything so hopefully chris can tailor it to that. someone who read this blog and sent me a couple of messages mentioned that some guys dont put in massive hours just train consistently. the problem i have is i run myself into the ground which means i then take a long time to recover and dont get the most out of what i am doing.

I am now sleeping well which is good and getting into the routine of bed at 1030 and then up at 7 or earlier. swimming will now be from 7.30 am rather than stupid o clock and hopefully it will help me that way as i will have had more sleep etcetc.

marie and connor are both well and was awesome to see them both this weekend. connor is crawling now and is a lil terror getting everywhere, he almost beat me in a race accross the room, may have cheated so a 10month old didnt beat me Rolling Eyes Shocked lol. staying up her until the 19th march and will then go home for connors christening and then back up here for 2 weeks more work on the dissertation.

Dissertation is going ok but had a bombshell dropped today in that the test i want to do arent really going to show anything as they wont degrade for quite some time but we shall see. Also was told that the 2 most importnat tests cant really be done due to the sling not being a flat surface which was a kick in the teeth but i am going to talk to my supervisor tomorrow and see what he advises.

so thats about it from me really. going to be back ontop of this now that i ahve a lil bit more time on my hands.
on the road for 2012
for goodness shakes

OH F***!!!!!!
Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:52 pm koalafish
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previous landlord came up to me in tesco and told me he hasnt got the last rent from previous tenancy, 6months late and demanding it by next week as the cheque number i gave him wasnt cashed. if he doesnt get it next week legal action and i have to pay all costs. i dont know what i am going to do. i dont even have that ammount left in my overdraft.

could my life get any worse at the momment.
on the road for 2012
for goodness shakes

2down 2 to go
Thu Jan 22, 2009 4:54 pm koalafish
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ok so had another exam yesterday and it went cr@p. but i think i have done enough to pass it. answered everything to the best of my ability so see how i do.

Next exam is on tues and then thurs so working hard for them now and have the coursework marks back for them aswell so it means i go in with more of a heads up then the previous 2.

swim today was technique and pull, 1500m straight swim concentrating on 7.5-10m turns and breathing every 3 or 4. then 1500 pull broken down as a 5,4,3,2,1 set as before. felt rubbish but still not sleeping.
turbo aswell and did 3x10mins on 10mins off. 10mins on was hitting 280-300W and off was just spinning. i was in a world of pain mind and the person who gave me that session used to hold 800W for 10mins!!!! i want his legs so i can turn em into a bit of a runner aswell and boom ill be there.

still no news from french team so thinking thats a no go, which is annoying as they said they wanted me and were sending a contract. grrrrrr so looks like it is just going to be domestics this year.
on the road for 2012
for goodness shakes

1 down 3 to go
Tue Jan 20, 2009 6:42 pm koalafish
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well had my first exam yesterday and it went ok. answered all the bits of the q's i did and didnt leave any blanks. hopefully smashed it cus it is 80% exam. next ones tomorrow.

not sleeping again which is annoying but started training again. so far i have done:
turbo: 15mins warmup then 2x(4x 2mins 50rpm overgear 2mins recovery spin) then 6x40sec seated sprints then 15mins warm down. overgear hurt but was holding 280W so shud come up a bit soon.

swim: session 1: 400free 200bk 200kick 200pull, 4x200 pull 200recovery 6x100 hard, 400 swim down.

session 2:500 as 200swim, 200dril, 100 swim
8x50 kick 15secs rest
500-400-300-200-100 pull 40-30-20-10 rest
8x50 swim alternate 50 HARD 50 easy
100-200-300-400-500 pull 10-20-30-40 rest
200 as 100swim 50 kick 50 pull

felt ok and was getting quicker. so tomorrow am i am going for 45mins run and again in the eve. and from then on its running every day.

also doing corework in the evenings before starting another revision session so 15mins of planks bridges etc and then 15mins of stretching to loosen me off so im not like a guitar string.

thats about it for now i think. other than i'll be putting quite a bit of stuff into tritalk classifieds soon, heads up for those reading: nike sunnies never worn, addidas sunnies with orange and grey lenses and case, scott windproof cape (M) giordana windproof jacket with pocket (M),blueseventy pointzero3 (S), pullbuoy in packet, and possibly an orca apex 2 cycling/casual jacket.
on the road for 2012
for goodness shakes

stress levels plateaued
Tue Jan 13, 2009 11:57 pm koalafish
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ok, thanks for the messages guys.

had a meeting with my head of department regards this project and he has said that we shouldnt worry ourselves too much and that our mark will be boosted due to the fact the other guy is in hong kong so it is all done by email and there is a time diference meaning phone calls arent really an option.

half way through this second piece of coursework and finding it is going ok just hope i get a better mark. even with this stress i have managed to pull out 3 70% essays so far which is grat for my degree score, i could make a 2.1 yet.

i spoke with my mum today and she has said she will pay for some races but not many but some is a help. been given an idea via message aswell regards races (thanks by the way, you know who you are if you're reading this).

tomorrow i am going to try and start training again, this week it hasnt happened with stress levels being so high and generally feeling crud. HR is up in the 60's first thing in the morning when it is normally in the 40's.

hoping to get out on the bike and just do a nice long steady ride in teh country side and chill for a bit. and then put some hill reps in so i know i have worked and get some strength back in these legs.

on the money front, any tips on getting stuff to sell on ebaylol, never seem to get anything sold on there just seems to sit there with no bids.

with regards training and work. i think after these exams it will be a bit easier, at the momment it just seems everything is stacking against us with being given courseworks on areas we havent studied and them being worth very little of the module compared to the work put in. but it is good preperation for army life where even in the worst of times extra things will be thrown your way as my mates in afghan are finding out.

i think until these exams are over i will tick along on 8-10 hours a week training so i can still concentrate on work. this will be things like double runs of 30mins or even an hour in the am and 30mins pm etc. not over the top but doable. i managed it through my gcse's no drama.

find that i am missing marie and connor alot more now aswell, which is very weird how it is only kicking in now when i have been with her for 6months now. seems so much longer. connor is going for his first swim tomorrow aswell which will be cool.

well it is late and for once i am feeling tired. so time for bed. ill write a report of my ride tomorrow and update on the situation.

auf viedersehn
on the road for 2012
for goodness shakes

Mon Jan 12, 2009 5:23 pm koalafish
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well apologies for not updating when i said i would.
just found out one of my coursework group members has been banned from the country as his visa expired so up a certain creek with that atm. just had saucony cut my sponsorship aswell due to not enough results.

holiday in canada was really good had loads of fun on the slopes and took myself to some new levels of fear lol. Also broke the hotel treadmil which didnt like being taken up to 17kph for long periods of time and they tried to charge me for the repair. then got told i can use the gym down the road and went along and was treated like a VIP.
then on returning to the UK ended up being delayed in torronto airport for 33hours due to being disconnected. and ended up flying back via warsaw.

now back in the UK and things just go frim bad to worse. work load cranked up again even with 4 exams next week which sucks as these exams account for half my degree so have no time really.

saucony have pulled their sponsorship which is a massive blow and i am still not sure about blueseventy and if they are still sponsoring me or not. seems this year may well be my worst yet as it is looking like for another season i may not be able to race through not being able to afford entries, seems like its all sliping away now.

back in loughborough now and i am not sleeping again which really isnt helping. i have tried everything i can think of to get me to go to sleep but nothing is working and it is driving me nuts. i need to do well this year in training racing and academics and it just seems like none of it is going to happen. i dread to think ho i can pay to race, struggle for food as it is lol. thankfully my mum gave me some food to bring back with me but we shall see how long it lasts.

so feeling rather poo atm and cant really see any sunshine coming through any time soon.

auf viedersehn.
on the road for 2012
for goodness shakes

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about me
Where to start?
I am an 18 year old studying A-levels at welbeck defence sixth form college loughborough. basically a sixth form college for potential armed forces officers.
Been doing tri since june, never thought it would be as much fun as it is. did 2 races this year mansfield sprint (400-18-5) and TVT concorde sprint (400-20-5). mansfield 55.17, fith in age group 72nd overall. TVT 2nd novice and 28th overall.
i'm a competitive swimmer and have bee nfor 8 years. got district times and almost national times.
got accpeted onto wcpp in november 05 (over the moon).

the future

looking to go to loughborough uni doing systems engineering and then join the royal electrical mechanical engineers. hopefully at some point in my life take up tri full time.

until then who knows what will happen hopefully some good stuff but lets see.
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