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Joined: 11 Oct 2005
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Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:01 am Davem
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Better write this before I set off to Wales to pick my Son up and then drive up to Derby. Looks like a 6-7 hour drive in total.

Had a pretty good week overall. Pretty pleased with the running done this week in particular.

Saturday. Early doors swim in the EP with the wettie on.Then ended up shopping and sorting some bank stuff out before heading out on the bike. Just had time to squeeze a 50 miler in before it dropped too icy to be safe on the roads.

Sunday. Had a bit of a lie in. Got up to see the roads are iced over. Switched the planned bike to an off road run. Ended up doing 15 miles all off road. Enjoyed all of it.

Monday. Early start again and another long drive to work. Felt a bit washed out so had a rest day. Also went to the local to catch up with Tony (uncletone on TT) as he was working in the area. 3 pints of Doombar later he's toying with doing the single at AT next year!

Tuesday. 2.5K swim done in 5 * 500mtr sets on 8:20 pace. Started to cycle from work in the evening - the flat is only 2 miles away, but added another 48 to make it another 50 miler in the bank. Averaged 19.1mph which at this stage of the season I have to be really happy with. Felt really strong on the bike.

Wednesday. Tried the Salomon trail shoes out for the first time down the Thames path. Was quite muddy in parts but the shoes held up brilliantly. Not much slipping or sliding. 5 miles done at 08:30 pace overall. Did a 2K swim set after work - 5 * 400 reps on 6:35 pace.
Ended up going into Reading after the swim to see a friend of mine who has offered to come down to help Jacqui out crewing on Day 3 & 4 of the Deca. Was good to catch up with him (we have done 3 IM's together)

Thursday. Ended up being a run/bike day. Another 5 mile run at lunch followed by another 50 mile bike after work. Not as quick as Tuesdays ride (same route) but there again it was a bit more windy. Ended up getting a Large Dominos and garlic bread. Ate all of it bar one small slice. After a bit of goading from Big Ted that I was a quitter and PSF would have finished it I polished off the last bit off!!

Got up a bit early and packed up the car. Headed to the pool first thing for a 2K swim.
Just waiting for the green light to leave work. Not much getting done to be honest!
Will do a 5 mile run when I get to Bridgend to pick the kids up - just to break the journey up.

This week
Swim - 8500K (4 sessions)

Bike - 150 miles (3 * 50 milers)

Run - 30 miles (4 sessions including 3 consecutive 5 milers)

One Rest day.

hammerer - The AT course will take care of T_C. Especially if he goes off as fast on the run as he did this year. Wink

pip - have been lucky with the weather so far. seem to have dodged the worst of the weather!

sue/Ted- its Deca or nothing in 2012. :O)

Will be having a quieter week this week. Mainly swim focused to make the most of the Endless Pool at home.

Merry Christmas to everyone.
...................._.-\ <,_.........</\_

Average. Distinctly Average
Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:40 pm Davem
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It's been an average sort of week on all fronts. Think with it being so close to Christmas and getting some well earned R&R off work it's just marking time till then.

Being self employed I don't take that many days off. No work, No pay.
I've taken 14 working days off this year. 9 of those were for the Quin or the training session out in Lanzo at Easter. On the flip side of that I've also done 9 days overtime. So if you take those off I've had a total of 5 days off this year.

It's been a long year.

Monday. Another early (5:40) commute start. 4 hours to get into work. Joy.
Did manage to run back to the flat after work and hit the pool for a 3K session. Just going through the motions of 6 * 500 mtr reps off 8:15.

In at work for 7:30
5 mile steady run up the Thames path at lunchtime followed by a 40 mile bike in the evening. Didn't really enjoy the bike. It was very cold, very windy. Highlight was stopping at a chippy 25 miles out for fish and chips.

Day off. It was the works do at lunchtime and had to go back into work afterwards. Evening was taken up by going into Reading in the evening to do some Xmas shopping. The normal 15 minute free bus ride into town took an 1hour and a half. I did have my trunks and goggles with me for a swim after, but was too late by the time I'd finished the shopping.

Another 7:30 start. 5 mile run at lunch.
Struggled round a 22 mile bike in the evening. Was working late and started out late. Lack of food probably.

Plan was to go for a swim before work. Nope. Got up too late as I like to get into work for 7 on a Friday so I can shoot off early and beat the traffic.
Gym opens at 6, but just couldn't be ar$ed to get up.
Did manage a splash at lunch (2k), but had an emergency change to do Friday PM so left work 3 hours late. They did want me to work the weekend, but declined! took 3 hours to get back to Derby.
As we were heading out for dinner Friday night no time for anything else. I got the restaurant with 5 minutes to spare!

Felt tired getting up but did a 2K swim in the EP followed by a very chilly 50 miler on the bike. Didn't get out till after lunch as the roads were too icy to risk it sooner. Sat AM was also spent doing household stuff and a lovely trip to Tescos'!
The planned run afterwards to make it a HIM didn't happen. Just ran out of time!

Didn't fancy the bike today. Just too dangerous to go out on the roads. Cars were frosted over and the roads were still very icy.
Did manage a 15 mile off road run - the ground was still frozen under foot but enjoyed all 2 hours 10 minutes of it.
Put some big hills in as well as half a dozen loops around the local park which is similar to AT.
Afternoon and evening was spent delivering Xmas cards and catching up with family.

That, for me is an average week. Some good sessions. Some missed sessions. But on the whole have to be happy with where I am at compared to this time last year.

Looking forward to breaking up on Friday - Although a 7+ hour drive beckons to pick my son up in who lives in South Wales and then drive up to Derby.

There was a conversation Sunday with Jacqui about dropping to the Quin.
In some ways it makes a lot of sense. I know I can "do it". Maybe do it faster. Suggestion was then to do AT Deca in 2013.

I'm not getting any younger so my take on it is its Deca in 2012 or never. I just cant seem me wanting to do another winter of "base" training.

Sue - Endurance all the way. Speed just isn't me!
Ted/Riri - can't compete with this weeks Blog entries!
...................._.-\ <,_.........</\_

Right then. Gauntlet is down
Mon Dec 12, 2011 4:28 pm Davem
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So the Blogmaster himself, Big_Ted has laid the gauntlet to see who can willy wave with the biggest blog every week.

I'm a firm believer of quality over quantity, but will give it a bash! Razz

I should really post up on a Friday after the weeks training. Historically I've always started my training week on a Saturday.

Had a pretty good week last week only one skipped session - which was a planned swim on the Friday after driving home from Reading.

By the time I'd got home it was pretty much time to head to the Chinese for an all you can eat buffet.

Totals on the doors though...

Swim - 10K (4 sessions)

Bike - 152 miles (3 rides)

Run - 30.1 miles (5 runs)

Happy with the two rides at the weekend - a 62 and a 50 miler making it up to an IM distance at the weekend, both with runs off (5 and 10 miles) respectively.

Also managed a 50 miler after work on the Tuesday.

Swim times are coming down. Although I haven't got a swim flow meter on the EP, I go on time and 2 * 35 minute sessions equate to approx 2K.

Two pool session in the week saw my 500 meter times pepper the 08min10 mark so puts me roughly at 1:02 for the Deca IM's.

Good news and bad news on the work front.
Contract been extended until Xmas 2012 - BUT only till May 31st in Reading. My job role then moves to Erskine near Glasgow, so after the Deca I'll be working in Jockland.
Luckily? BMI fly up from East Midlands to Glasgow and works out cheaper than driving to Reading.

Right - time to get my kit on and run it back to the flat (Only a few miles, but good to loosen the legs up)

Monday is long swim night. So tea, chill for an hour then back to the gym pool for a 3.5K set. (7 * 500mtr reps)

After 7 I usually have the whole pool to myself Cool
...................._.-\ <,_.........</\_

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Sat - 1.9K swim, 50 mile bike

Sun - 15 mile off road run

Mon - Rest. Beer!

Tue - 2.5K swim, 50 mile bike

Wed - 2K swim, 5 mile run

Thurs - 5 mile run, 50 mile bike

Friday - 2K swim, 5 mile run
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