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Nearly a month
Sun Feb 07, 2010 8:04 pm SloggingScotsman
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I really must get better at blogging again.

Had a good two weeks training followed by an easy fortnight, ready to ramp up again from tomorrow. I took ten days easy as I had a bit of a cold and because my old bones were feeling tired, mind you I did push myself. The good news is that with a couple of easy weeks I can really feel my leg muscles benefiting from my turbo work Very Happy

Off to bluntandys obese kids thingydo in a couple of days which should be fun. Quite looking forward to it.

Anyhow off to read some other blogs now.

Its been a while
Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:59 am SloggingScotsman
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Geepers March 2008 was my last blog.

Since then I nearly died through an infected cut in my ear and have suffered some sort of stress fracture in my leg that stopped me running, but not bad enough for nhs treatment.

Anyhow been building up again since being at deaths door last March and being subsequently drained of energy.

Swimming - typicly once/twice a week and up to about 50 lengths again.

Bike - regularly three times a week, at the moment all on turbo (aero base builder 1, hillacious, zoot challenge)

Running - scheduled to start again now that the snow has gone, but only on grass until the summer. Just in case.

Weights - when I come of the turbo. Not a huge amount but something is better than nothing.

First race this year Blenheim. Done it twice before so I can measure my "come back" easily. Then a week later Windsor to test myself.

I wonder if it will be over a year before I blog again? Shocked

Been Ages since I blogged
Mon Mar 03, 2008 8:47 am SloggingScotsman
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Wow it has been a long time since I blogged.

Anyhow this year so far:-

1. Tough Guy - I conquored my fear of heights, and got through my phobia of electric fences and had a great day. I helped a bloke finish the last mile or so and safely put him in the hands of St Johns at the finish. Cracker of an event that I look forward to returning to.

2. Reading Half Marathon

Over twenty minutes quicker than last year. Had to weave my way through the crowds almost all of the way, which was a new experience for me.

Slogging away champing at the bit
Sun Oct 14, 2007 8:40 am SloggingScotsman
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Current weight 20 stone 7 lbs.

Once I have done my run (after this post) I will have trained for 6.5 hrs this week, half fairly intensively, and the other half more than just easy.

Been reflecting on what you have all said in reply to my last topic, and thank you all for taking the time to comment and help me here, it is appreciated, and here are some reflections, based on me as an individual:-

1. IMUK - was it achieveable for me - I think that I had a chance, not a very big chance I give you, but a chance nonetheless. But tearing something in my shoulder 3 months out, sort of stuffed that. But this is not the point I entered imuk not to finish but to provide a focus for my training, to force me to get out and learn to swim and to learn to cycle. I also wanted to push myself physically and to see where my weaknesses were, so that I could work on filling the gaps and help myself become a better person. These I think that I achieved. In 2009 when I next try such a distance (most likely imuk if the route doesnt change) I will try to get a bit further, and for me that is enough. It is not about the medal or calling myself an Ironman, it is about me challenging myself and growing as a person.

2. Specific targets. I have difficulty with these as if you set them too easy (and hence achieveable) then you may not push yourself as much as you could, but if you set them a wee bit too high then you will get injured or fail. But what you consider to be a failure could achually be a big improvement over what you could previously do. So I prefer to have vague objectives like "get quicker", for how much quicker does not really matter. Though I am fairly disciplined about pushing myself and have learnt some injury lessons, so I feel that this is the best route for me as an individual.

3. Re the food counting, I am not sure about this, as I have tended to comfort eat, though during my IM training I was just plain hungry and when out on the bike did need to eat constantly to keep the energy levels up. My current triathlon training is helping me take steps in this regard but I remain unsure about food counting for me as an individual. Remember I have no problem with being 20 stone. I was once 7 stone heavier so I am actually a relative lightweight just now. The only reason that I am consciously loosing weight is so that I can achieve more in life - in terms of being more physically able to do things - like triathlons. While it causes me some turmoil to admit the fact it does seem that I do have some fairly rare skills that I have been able to use for the benefit of others (in terms of helping lost people find their way) that it would be a shame not to do more where I can. However I am wise enough to know (or inexperienced enough not to realise my error) that life is all about balance and you can be balanced while being obese, and arguably more so than some who strive for stick thinnness. That all said, I will give the food ideas a go if my weight does not slowly come off between now and the end of the year.

What else can I say - thank you all.

Crapping myself over Tough Guy Embarassed

Well it's October and the refreshed regime starts
Mon Oct 01, 2007 7:45 am SloggingScotsman
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I have been waiting for today, after a small off season. Been thinking a lot about my weight - lost loads when I only ran, but when I started IM training it just wouldn't shift. So here is my plan to IMUK 2009.

Oct - April

Main focus on getting faster running (though I have entered FLM so that may change things a bit if I get in), improving my swimming using Swimsmooth dvds/plans, and keep the bike ticking over - where possible being out on MB and when not on turbo.

May - Oct

Prepare for an October Marathon (Loch Ness would be nice if I get in or Abingdon if it runs), and do what tris I can afford, along with the two duathlons I did this year. While still working on swim technique, focus moved back to bike technique and miles.

Nov 08 - onwards

Prepare for IMUK. More focus on cold water swimming/bike bricks.

Aug 09 - IMUK - hopefully get a bit further. Aim to at least start the run (though finishing would be nice).

I am hoping that I will be able to loose weight once again over the next year so that when I restart my IM training I am a few stone less. To aid me I will be posting my weight here regularly.

Peak weight 27.5 stone (give or take)
Current weight 20 stone 8 lb.

Critical analysis of this plan appreciated.

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