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All about Foggy

Joined: 11 Aug 2004
Location: East Molesey
Occupation: Photographer

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Fitness Testing & PB's
13th March 2008
Max Fat Heart Rate: 8k/min @ 144bpm
Lactate Threshold: 158bpm @ 220.56 Watts
VO2 Max: 60.4 @ 171bpm / 300 watts

2nd April 2008 - Bike CP30
30 min results: 19.5km, 164bpm@269 Watts
Last 20: 167bpm@270 Watts

4th April 2008 - Run TT30
30 min results: 6.24km@4:42/km, 176bpm
Last 20: 4.29km@4:40/km, 178bpm

8th May 2008 - Swim 1km TT
1km: 19:59

1500m* 0:29:04
1900m 0:36:49
3800m 1:26:33

5km 0:21:49 - 30/7/2011
10km 0:44:12 - 6/5/2011
21.1km 1:42:50 - 22/7/2011
About me
I am 32, live near Hampton Court in London, have a fantastic wife Nicky and a 4 1/2 year old daughter Isabelle and now a 6 week old baby boy called Alex.

Got into Triathlon through a sports mad father in law. Did IM Switzerland in June 2007 and had a great time, had a rough time doing Quelle Challenge Roth in 2008, now having a year with a couple of halfs before back to full distance in 2010.
Fri Sep 16, 2011 4:40 pm Foggy
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Challenge Henley this Sunday - oh #@?#.
Foggys Bloggy!

What happened to June
Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:51 am Foggy
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This year seems to be flying by.

For those interested, Nicky did her first 5km in 32:37, coming in 34/79 and 3rd in her age group on a baking hot day on a relatively hilly course. Very very proud of her.

She's got the right mentality too - she has now signed up for the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October!!! I will run it with her which I am very excited about. It is a couple of weeks after Henley so will be a good chance to stretch the legs out.

June wasn't the best training month ever for me. The first week as half term and we went away to North Devon. I had been working a lot coming up to it so left my training kit at home and just spent time with the family without the pressure of having to try and fit training in. Had a really fantastic time, the kids loved the beaches and I now want to move there.

The following week was tricky timings wise and ended up only running once and doing 3 turbo sessions. 2 runs the following week and then another single run week have had quite a negative effect on my running, and the effortlessness that was there before the break have gone. Managed a couple of decent rides out, and am absolutely loving the Garmin. I think it will really come into its own when I am doing my long point to point efforts, but even in the Surrey Downs which I know quite well I am now trying out roads I have not been down before as I can easily find a route back.

Overall in June I only did 21:32 of training. 14 1/2 hours on the bike, 5 1/2 running and 1 1/2 swimming. Hopefully will rectify that this month, am starting to get a little close to Henley for my training to still be this inconsistent.

May has at least got off to a decent start. Ran 18km in a smidge under 1hr 30 on Friday, swam a couple of km open water on Saturday and then out in the beautiful sunshine on Sunday for 83km. Will now start pushing up the Sunday bike mileage, really need to be covering at least 100km and then adding to that.

Sue - Instructions? Pfft!!
Tabtri - Isabelle was 2 1/2 before she slept through, I am sure it will happen at some point. Looking forward to it!
Carlito - Thanks Smile She did awesome (speaking of which - bloody AWESOME result at Austria fella!)
KP Nut - Cheers - I should really have spent the money sorting my bike out but hey ho Very Happy
Foggys Bloggy!

Decent weeks training
Fri May 20, 2011 4:52 pm Foggy
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It's been a pretty good week this week. Started up running speed work sessions again, which I had forgotten how much I disliked, but other than that it's been good and culminated in an 'easy' 15km run today. I love it when 15km feels pretty easy, although I ran it faster than I meant to (4:57/km, I was meant to be at about 5:15).

I bought myself a pressie yesterday, a Garmin Edge 800!! Work has been mad recently and I have won a pretty decent contract so figured I deserved a reward. Am really looking forward to taking it out for a test ride on Sunday morning. Now I just need a power meter to go with it....

Before that, Nicky has her race tomorrow. Can't wait to go along and cheer her over the line, she's done it enough for me in the past! I'm just really proud of her as she has always been adamant she wouldn't ever run. She's now talking about entering a half marathon Very Happy

Other than that, all is good and we're about to hit the weekend! Woohoo!!

Sue - it just feels like such a waste when I effectively had a Sunday free (very very rare) and spent most of it flaked out on the sofa
Carlito - Looks awesome eh! Looking forward to smashing some of my local hills this weekend, see if I can boost some of my slightly cacky ratings.
Foggys Bloggy!

Forgot how much I enjoyed recovery weeks!
Wed May 11, 2011 9:36 pm Foggy
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As part of my training I have once again turned all but teetotal. Generally speaking that means I don't drink at home other than maybe 1 beer on a Friday night to celebrate the end of the working week. A second can be consumed whilst backing up cards if I shoot a wedding at the weekend (12-14 hours on my feet I figure I earn it).

The positive side of this is I have started to drop those extra pounds that have snuck back on over the slack training period. The downside is that if I do drink (as I did at a friends 40th birthday on Saturday) it doesn't take much for me to get completely trashed. Fortunately I had the foresight to get my weekends bike ride out of the way before we went out and the kids were at the in-laws overnight so Sunday was spent trying to recover. Unfortunately recovery took even longer, Monday too was a writeoff. Managed a 35 minute recovery session on the turbo, but that was about all I was capable of.

Tuesday was a 1750m swim and then a 1:20 turbo session. Solid session, steady heart rate and decentish average power.

Today was a nice easy smidge over 11km run, keeping it steady just under 5min/km.

Irritatingly have a conference call tomorrow right through the middle of when I go swimming so may have to can that. Will turbo in the evening then got a venue shoot near Basingstoke followed by an engagement shoot down in Dorset on Friday which means will have to try and get my run in on Saturday.

I also came across today, its yet another place for me to upload training (although specifically bike rides), but the awesome thing is you can segment your ride, although if it recognises any pre-configured segments it will automatically do so, and it will compare segments against previous times as well as other rides who have done that 'segment'. It's flippin brilliant and I can see it giving me some real motivation and goals for my long rides.

The kids are growing up so fast it scares me. Even had Isabelle cycle along with me for a short 5 mile run which was great.

Am really proud with Nicky for her running, can't wait to have the chance to support her a week Saturday.

I know the swimming etc will all come back, just takes a while!
Foggys Bloggy!

My blogging is soooo slack
Fri May 06, 2011 1:22 pm Foggy
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Have really struggled training wise over the last 2 years, without any real racing going on it has been very easy to skip the odd training session, which turns into the odd week, then the odd month etc etc. 2009 had some ok training in but 2010 was, generally speaking, pretty pathetic, especially once to decision to pull out of IM France had been taken. May and July saw an acceptable amount of running, but other than that, it really was dribs and drabs, running a total of 65 times through the entire year, covering 693km in 61 hours.

This year, the decision was made to enter Challenge Henley. Without having a race to aim for I just knew the training was not going to happen. I would have loved to be doing a European IM but financially it was not an option this year. Henley is only 45 mins up the road, so other than entry, the costs are minimal. I hadn't realised when signing up quite how harsh the bike course is going to be, I was hoping to lay to rest the demons of Roth and get the IM time I know I am capable of. I still should get a PB if training goes well, but I think I might struggle to break the 12 hour mark.

Training started at the end of January, albeit slightly sporadically. It is always depressing to return to training and reading the stats back. I guess 2008, just before Roth was my fittest and even in 2009 I was comfortably running most runs at sub 5min/km. Setting out on a Friday in January this year I run 9.5km at an average of 5:43/km with an average heart rate of 177! It was, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst run I have ever experienced. My legs hurt, I couldn't get anywhere near enough oxygen in my body and my heart felt as though it was going to explode for the whole excruciating 54 minutes. Thankfully, over the years, I think your body gets used to regaining fitness faster each year. I have always, frustratingly, been a slack trainer over the winter months. I honestly think if I was able to motivate myself to keep going and put in lots of base miles over the winter I would be able to achieve some reasonable results. By the end of Feb I was seeing some 5:15-5:16/km runs sneaking in there, March, with the reintroduction of some decent Turbo sessions on the bike, would see another 5 or 6 seconds per km drop off, then at the end of April I finally started ducking back under 5:00/km.

With the increase in pace, I have started to work back up the mileage, pushing on from the 10-11km runs slowly adding a km or 2 a week. This week started off with a 13.2km run at 4:52/km, followed by a 14.8km run at 4:57/km all the way into a headwind. Feeling pretty pleased, I decided today would be a short run back from Kingston and to see roughly where my pace over 10km was. The conditions weren't ideal, it was really blustery and predominantly coming from SSW which meant a headwind for most of the run. I started off too quick, knocking out the first km in 4:24, then eased off a little. I ran pretty much the entire thing of feel, pushing as hard as I felt I could. Pace was relatively consistent for the next 7km, sitting at around 4:40-4:45/km, heart rate rising steadily. The last 2km I really started to push, heart rate went up to 184 which is not far off maximum these days. Pace picked up with a 4:35 and then a 4:29 for the last km. I was completely stuffed at the end and not sure I could have pushed much harder. The result? 10km in 0:46:29. A new PB! Smashed my previous best from 2008 by 30 seconds! I was really really chuffed, it certainly puts me on track training wise, especially I haven't started any speedwork yet and have purely been working on getting some miles in the legs.

It also gives me plenty of confidence I will smash the 45 min mark this year and hopefully start the long painful journey towards the hallowed sub 40min 10km I have always dreamt about!!

Bike power is slowly returning, although I still can't justify the cost of a proper power meter. At least the imagic is relatively consistent. I need to spend more hours out on the bike though, will be making more of an effort going forwards (am half tempted to get a Garmin 800 to encourage me out of the door).

My swimming sucks. I have barely swum over the last couple of years at all (swam 15km in 2009, 0km in 2010...). It's another frustrating process, but I'll get there. It's the hardest of the sessions for me to fit in training wise so it gets missed more than I would like.

Outside of training, life is hectic as always. Alex was 2 in January and still doesn't consistently sleep through the night which can make life hard work, but he is completely and utterly awesome and soooo funny. Isabelle is coming up to 7 in a couple of months and is a wonderful little girl (who is also incredibly excited I am going to be doing IM again as she loves watching and cheering). Work is busy, getting lots of weddings booked in for 2012 which is great, especially this early on, and have got some great ones coming up this year. Nicky has also started running now. She has knee issues since she was in a coach crash as a kid, but this year, with knee braces, decided to finally give it a go. She is doing her first 5km run at the end of this month and I am incredibly proud of her.

All in all, life is pretty good. I'll make an effort to blog a little more often going forwards!
Foggys Bloggy!

Great weekend, now to pack
Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:17 pm Foggy
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Had a really great weekend this weekend. Took Friday off work to go and have a look at a house. It would have been perfect from a work and training point of view, massive lower ground floor with room for a studio, office, client meeting and presentation area and a home gym! Also close to a massive great area of heathland perfect for hilly running. Unfortunately the rest of the house was very 'meh' - certainly not the 'Wow' we require to make the effort to move. Took the kids to Alice Holt Forest afterwards for a few hours then sneaked in a run when we got him. Was meant to be a long steady run but got 10km in and realised I was the closest I have been to a sub 5min/km average pace all year so upped the pace for the last 5km. Covered 15.3km in 1:16:06 (avg of 4:58/km) so very pleased with that.

Saturday we went to Regents Park for the 'Boomerang Pet Party' as Nicky got VIP tickets through work, the kids had a great day and then I got dropped off at the tube to meet up with a lovely couple for an engagement shoot on Southbank. The evening went really and can't wait to shoot their wedding in October.

Sunday I had to clear out of the house so Nicky could start sorting everything for our holiday so I chucked the kids in the car and headed off to Marwell Zoo. They were good as gold all and we had a fab but exhausting time, called in to my see my Mum on the way home (and she cooked us a roast dinner! bargain!)

Today I decided, after Fridays successful run, that I am not getting fit enough again to start structured training. Pulled out my old Furman Institute of Running plans as they have a great structure to them, put in Fridays time to work out the intervals and that meant todays run was a 15 min warmup, then 12 sets of 400m @ 4:17/km with 90 seconds rest intervals, 10 min cooldown. Boy oh boy did my legs feel that! It has been a long time since I have run that hard. Got through it OK though and ran a 48:50 10km during it as well. Overall covered 13.22km in 1:05:25 so averaged 4:57/km, heart rate avg of 164. Definitely pleased with that!

It will be a busy week this week. Need to finish sorting stuff for France as we are away for 3 weeks and have Nickys Auntie and Uncle looking after the house so need to both pack AND clean thoroughly! Fun.

KP Nut - I certainly need something to focus on or I just dont seem to be able to get myself out the door.
Foggys Bloggy!

Nice to at least have a long term aim
Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:10 pm Foggy
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Amazing how much easier training is when, even though it is so far away, you at least know there is some point to it.

Running is slowly coming back, although I am frustratingly slow - around 30sec a km down on where I want to be atm. Cycling isn't too bad but I can feel the lack of time in the saddle.

I haven't been in a swimming pool since last year! Got 3 weeks coming up in Lake Annecy so will soon sort that out. I've got 2 weeks to get in shape for the cross lake swim, should be fine!!

Got a wedding booked for the first weekend of the holiday so got to fly back for that, but other than that I can't wait for 3 weeks of chilling with the kids!

Sue - Aye, tis all good for the master plan
Pip - Certainly is, nice to feel like I am getting to where I want to be in life
Bluepoolshark - Cheers mate
Steve_r - One of those things, I would have loved to have done Nice but racing has to take a back seat. I'll be there one year! I feel like I have unfinished business there now.
Foggys Bloggy!

Blimey - how the time flies!!
Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:37 pm Foggy
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I had no idea it had been that long since I blogged on here!

What a year it has been!! Unfortunately IM France 2010 had to be canned. My photography business has taken priority this year and has required substantial investment (Chris Legg Photography) which meant that I was struggling to justify the cost of IM France. Add into that the fact Alex, whilst being completely awesome, has been a nightmare traveller and sleeper was enough for me to pull the plug. It was gutting and my training since, with no target, has been pretty inconsistent at best, none existent at worst.

After looking at everything for next year and reading all the race reports, along with the fact there should be quite a few people I know doing it, The Forestman is the target for next year. It should hopefully work out well, it means that Isabelle doesn't need time off school, my family can come and watch easily, Richard and the team always put on fantastic races and it also shouldn't bankrupt me.

Training is going to be interesting. With a lot of Saturdays tied up shooting weddings, I will struggle to get out for too many long Sunday rides as it would mean I was out almost the whole weekend. As such I am planning a really solid winter of training, working hard on the bike fitness on the turbo and then look at slotting the long rides in on the weekends I am not working and beyond that try and really get my running sorted. Should be a fun year! Will try and update this blog on slightly more regularly (that shouldn't be hard....)
Foggys Bloggy!

Tour de France
Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:39 pm Foggy
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Had a decent tempo run yesterday, 10km in around 48 mins. Didn't have my HRM on (thankfully) and it was sodding hot - 32 degrees or so, was sweating buckets.

Today was a rest day - and what a rest day - the Tour de France went through the village we are staying in today. Frikkin awesome! Had a great day! Chatted to loads of Brits that are following the tour from town to town. Would love to do that one day.

Grabbed a couple of shots whilst there, was gutted thought as didn't quite nail the focus on Lance Armstrong:

Got a much better shot of Carlos Sastre, how much do I want his bike?!?

Slacko - don't sound too surprised mate! This isn't like you posting that you went out on a bike ride and didn't fall off Wink
Carlito - cheers Very Happy
Foggys Bloggy!

Out in France and loving it
Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:08 pm Foggy
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As said, loving it out here (as always). Gotten a few runs in so far, although we aren't particularly high here it still makes a difference which takes a couple of days to get used to when running hard. Ran a 47:30 10km on Sunday then ran an intervals set yesterday pushing the baby jogger - that was bloody hard work although priceless when I overtook a none too happy looking french chappy who tried to pick up the pace but failed Very Happy

Trying to spend some time with the camera as well, getting some fodder for my photo blog (

The lake is beautiful, these shots are about 3-400m or so from where we are staying:

Slacko - I have always wanted to be a fastish runner - I WILL get there one day
Steve_r - Got a few running races planned for October or so just to get an idea before IM training starts again
Carlito - If it wasn't a 4-5 hour drive from here I would certainly check out the Nice course
Sue - Seems ages since the Cabbage Patch 10 eh!
Pip - Already missing my baby Cervelo - especially seeing all the tour stuff getting sorted!
Foggys Bloggy!

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