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Slacko's Fat File
01-MAY-06: 14st 5lbs
01-MAY-07: 12st 12lbs
09-MAY-07: 12st 12lbs
15-MAY-07: 12st 10lbs
22-MAY-07: 12st 11lbs
29-MAY-07: 12st 12lbs
05-JUN-07: 12st 10lbs
12-JUN-07: 12st 10lbs
01-JUL-07: 12st 5lbs
06-AUG-07: 12st 8lbs
25-SEP-07: 12st 13lbs
03-OCT-07: 13st 02lbs
09-OCT-07: 12st 13lbs
23-OCT-07: 13st 01lbs
31-OCT-07: 13st 0lbs
02-JAN-08: 13st 6lbs
07-JAN-08: 13st 3lbs
14-JAN-08: 13st 3lbs
21-JAN-08: 13st 2lbs
28-JAN-08: 13st 1lbs
04-FEB-08: 13st 1lbs
11-FEB-08: 13st 3lbs
18-FEB-08: 12st 13lbs
25-FEB-08: 12st 12lbs
03-MAR-08: 13st 00lbs
10-MAR-08: 12st 13lbs
17-MAR-08: 12st 11lbs
31-MAR-08: 12st 9lbs
07-APR-08: 12st 7lbs 14.2%
14-APR-08: 12st 9lbs 14.2%
21-APR-08: 12st 6lbs 13.2%
28-APR-08: 12st 6lbs 12.7%
05-MAY-08: 12st 6lbs 12.7%
19-MAY-08: 12st 7lbs 14.2%
26-MAY-08: 12st 3lbs 13.7%
09-JUN-08: 12st 6lbs 13.2%
23-JUN-08: 12st 7lbs 13.2%
01-JUL-08: 12st 8lbs 17.0% Rolling Eyes
04-AUG-08: 12st 11lbs Mad
11-AUG-08: 12st 7lbs
18-AUG-08: 12st 10lbs
30-SEP-08: 12st 9lbs
23-NOV-08: 13st 0lbs
10-DEC-08: 12st 13lbs
23-DEC-08: 13st 0lbs
06-JAN-09: 13st 0lbs
12-JAN-09: 12st 11lbs
21-JAN-09: 12st 9lbs
27-JAN-09: 12st 10lbs
04-FEB-09: 12st 7lbs
11-FEB-09: 12st 6lbs
20-FEB-09: 12st 5lbs
26-FEB-09: 12st 3lbs
05-MAR-09: 12st 4lbs
18-MAR-09: 12st 0lbs
03-APR-09: 12st 0lbs
17-APR-09: 11st 13lbs Very Happy
01-MAY-09: 12st 1lbs
07-MAY-09: 12st 0lbs
04-JUN-09: 12st 4lbs
11-JUN-09: 12st 2lbs
16-JUL-09: 12st 1lbs
09-OCT-09: 12st 0lbs
08-JAN-10: 12st 8lbs Mad
14-JAN-10: 12st 5lbs
29-JAN-10: 12st 2lbs
05-FEB-10: 12st 1lbs
12-FEB-10: 12st 2lbs
19-FEB-10: 11st 13lbs
26-FEB-10: 11st 12lbs
05-MAR-10: 12st 0lbs
12-MAR-10: 11st 13lbs
19-MAR-10: 11st 12lbs
09-APR-10: 11st 9lbs
All about Slacko

Name: Steve
Age Group: 45-49
Married: To Rach aka Mrs. Slacko
Kids: 6!! April(21), Sam(19), Kayleigh(16), James(14), Daniel(13), Mikey(9)
Occupation: IT Consultant
Footy Team: Being from Manchester it has to be City!
The story so far:
I've always been into health and fitness. From a young age I played football to a high standard. After retiring from serious football about a decade ago, I kept up my fitness by going to the gym (where I met Rach!) and running. Triathlon always held a fascination, but I always thought it a sport for elite athletes only. Once I found out that ordinary folk did it, I had a word with Rach and we decided we'd both like to give it a go. We did our first event in Oct 2006 - the Bedford Autumn Sprint, got hooked and decided to jump in with both feet and tackle IMUK in 2007 which I completed in 12:30! Cool I followed this in 2008 with 11:46 at IM Austria. The next big target is sub-11hrs at Challenge Barcelona!
Calendar 10 - 2018
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Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:49 am Slacko
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I am sooooo sore! The muscles in my legs hurt so much that it wakes me up at night. Still, I wouldn't trade that hurt for anything given what I achieved in the process. Smile

I'll start at the beginning (as good a place as any!). I left work a bit early and quickly packed the car up when I got home and off we set. We arrived at the Dorking Travelodge spot on my 20:00 ETA, we booked in and went over to the restaurant next door for some pasta. CarlJ was staying at the same hotel and joined us for dinner, so we had a good natter over some grub. We got to bed for 10pm and slept pretty well.

Our alarm went off at 5am and we had our coffee & toast and relaxed for a while before getting ready. We met CarlJ in the car park and drove the 10 minutes to the start line, registered, racked and got ready for the race. The jackets they gave us were very cool. Cool

There were loads of TTers about either in the race or spectating, I'll try and list all the ones I spoke to but just know I'll forget someone so apologies in advance: ed_m, carlj, Veggieboy, Cleo, Mountaingirl, Woody32, Slacker, bikerdude, the Mashes, bigron, justins, norwegian wood, TomW, HelenT, robquantrell ... damn, I missing people I just know it!! There were other TTers I didn't get chance to speak to but got great shouts from, Wheezy inparticular who was sat at the bottom of the hill and there were others right at the top who I didn't recognise but appreciated the shouts very much. The Ballbuster is becoming one of the TriTalk must-do events. Smile

The Race
Lots of nervous chatter at the start line in perfect race conditions, a quick race briefing, a quick good luck kiss for Mrs S and we were off.

My race brief from Daz was simply 'go by feel'. I forgot to set my GPS properly Rolling Eyes so I had no visibility of my pace, so HR was the only guage available. In hindsight it worked to my advantage as my pace would have scared me if I'd known! Very Happy About a mile into the race my HR was already up around 85% and I really didn't feel that comfortable and thought I was going to have an off day. My niggles were on my mind and my running action didn't feel fluid at all.

I settled a bit when we were over the initial uphill section and I noticed I was running next to CarlJ, I knew from his blog that he's a decent runner so I decided to try and stay with him. I did this for about a mile before my HR hit 90% and I told myself to race my own race so I let Carl go and settled back in between 80-85%.

I felt comfortable at this pace and was moving through the field quite nicely. I ran up Zig Zag Hill conservatively keeping the HR below 90%. The first time past the TTers was great and I high-5'd my way down the line. Smile I ended the first 8 mile run in 55:20, a full 3 minutes quicker than November and a sub 7min mile average pace! Shocked This is why I was glad my GPS wasn't set!! Very Happy

CarlJ was just leaving T1 as I racked my bike, I gave him a shout and did a very smooth and quick transition and was off on my Cervelo P2C. I felt superb straight away, I love that bike and the speed it gives me. I was soon whizzing by the skinny whippets who were obviously more runners than cyclists. Because I was overtaking a lot I had a good excuse to ride in the middle of the road and avoid the potholes on the first descent. It wasn't long before I started to mentally thank Rach for the little exercise she did with me on Friday.

Loving the bike!

I've mentioned before on this blog that since my plethora of crashes last season, I've been very skittish on my bike especially on cornering. Rach used the mind skills she's been studying and gave me an exercise to do. It worked perfectly and I was fearlessly taking corners at speed and leaning in like I used to. It was exhillarating and I was loving every moment of the speed and control.

Up the hill!

I went past CarlJ on the first loop and he looked like he was having a bit of trouble with his stunningly lovely new bike. I span up the hill and conserved energy, 2 or 3 blokes came past the first time up but I got them again over the top and I never saw them again. Top support from Wheezy at the bottom of the hill and the TT massif on the way up, plus even more at the top - great stuff! Loops 2 & 3 were even quicker I think and the hill didn't cause any problems at all, I really noticed the drop in weight I was carrying. Bike time (incl. T1) was 1:19:01, more the 8 minutes quicker than November! Cool

Another good transition, a swig of coke and off onto Run 2. My legs felt terrible and I really had a hard time getting going. I concentrated on just keeping a decent cadence up and hoped my legs would come to me. They finally kicked in around 2 miles and I started to run pretty well. It was still hard going but I was running with decent form and cadence and my legs were still strong enough to keep my HR around 85%. I've described the 2nd run up the hill as my toughest experience ever in multisport and nothing on Saturday changed that view. It's a pure exercise in keeping going despite the pain and fatigue you're feeling. The supporters really help more than they probably realise on that last run up. Smile

Viking Salute - so last year as usual!

The utter relief when you see the car park on the hill flattens out a bit gave me a big surge from somewhere and I pushed all the way to the line to stop the clock at 3:15:17.

Finishing push!

My second run (incl. T2) was 1:00:54, over 6 mins better than November and my overall time was a whopping 18 minutes quicker!! I was completely exhausted but so, so happy at the same time. Smile I was gobsmacked later in the day when I realised I finished 55th overall and it wasn't until I got home that I found out that I finished 4th in my AG!! I never finish the higly placed and to do it in an event as tough as the Ballbuster is very pleasing! Very Happy

After recovering I chatted to JustinS & Norwegian Wood and also Tom & Helen who both had great races. I headed down the hill a little to wait for Rach. I knew she had set herself a sub-4hr target and I knew she'd be very disappointed if she didn't get it so I was getting a little worried as the clock ticked down and there was no sight of her. Just as I was starting to fear for her she came around the corner for the last bit of the climb, somehow still smiling! I tried to run along side her yelling encouragement but my legs had packed in for the day by then and both my calfs cramped up! Laughing She made it comfortably in the end - top gal!! Very Happy I eventually hobbled up to meet her and we had big hugs.

Slacker came in soon after Rach looking very happy. We chatted to all and sundry before going over to watch the prize giving. We usually make the effort to attend prize givings despite not belonging to the echelon of atheletes that win the prizes, but this time it was different as Rach won the 4th place prize for women in the 40-49 groups! I thought we were in for a repeat of Kate Winslett at the Golden Globes but she held herself together and milked the crowd - it was great to watch. Then we all had to listen to her describe to us just how famous she is. Rolling Eyes She was even telling the marshals at bike check-out that she was famous. Very Happy I was a very prouod hubby to say the least! Very Happy

We said goodbye to all the wonderful TTers and headed home. We detoured into North London to run an errand on the way back and finally made it home around 3pm. We decided against DIY and opted for R&R instead, good call! We were in bed by 9pm very tired but very happy. Smile

Sunday morning we had an optional 1hr spin on the bikes on the plan. We altered slightly to a 1 hour walk in the park with Slumdog. Very Happy We were both very sore and stairs were a hard enough obstacle. The walk did us good though and loosened us up sufficiently to get on with the DIY task of grouting the dining room. Looks great! Cool

A bit later on all the kids came around for a Mother's Day roast dinner and we had a few drinkies too. Not too late a night as again we were completed wiped.

Great weekend all in all!! Very Happy

Thanks very much to GrahamO for the photos, plus some borrowed ones. Smile


Thanks to Vics, PaulL, CS, Mojon, Cobbie & Sue for the 'Good Luck' messages!! They certainly paid off!! Very Happy
Poet: ALL of me hurts!! Evil or Very Mad
CarlJ: Hope you get that lovely bike sorted soon! Smile
Dre: Very Happy
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Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:02 pm Mrs Slacko
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Winner What a Star! xx Hug (nearly as famous as me)
I smile a lot!

Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:04 pm vickich
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I finished 4th in my AG!! I never finish the higly placed

you do now oh ye of so little faith... Very Happy

Fantastic result Steve, both you and Rach's - Mr Carter is certainly doing great things for the pair of you!

Huge well done - hope your legs come back to you at some point this week Twisted Evil
I'm Cenzo's pool fool
Mojon ruined my Christm(ar$e)
The more miles I run the fatter I become

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11/03 MK Half Marathon DNS (achilles) Sad
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07/05 Tonbridge Sprint (750m/20k/5k) DNS
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03/06 Big Cow Sprint (750m/20k/5.3k) - 15.57/2.22/34.59/0.41/23.28 - 1:17:30

17/06 UKIM70.3 Wimbleball - 38:11/3:26:21/1:58:10 - 6:13:51

08/07 The Cowman (1.9km/92k/21k)
42:30/2:17/2:51:38/1:57:40 - 5:34:05 PB!!!
22/07 Big Cow MK Oly (1.5k/40k/10k)
29/07 VOTWO 3.8km OW Swim DNS
19/08 UKIM Sherborne
1:23:44/0:06:33/6:11:14/0:03:35/4:45:46 - 12:30:58 Cool
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