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All about Cyanide Sabre

Cyanide Sabre
Joined: 08 Jan 2007
Location: Tywardreath, Nr. St. Austell
Occupation: IT Consultant
Interests: Footy & beer!

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Cyanide Sabre
I'm a 44 year old IT consultant living in the small cornish village of Tywadreath near St. Austell.

Goals for 2011:
i) VLM - 17th April
ii) IMUK - 31st July
iii) Lose weight (as ever)
iv) Sub 1 hour Tywardreath Trotter
 The Flashing Blade... 
IMUK70.3 Race Report
Mon Jun 15, 2009 9:46 am Cyanide Sabre
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A couple of years ago when I started this Tri thing as a means to loose some of my lard I never thought I'd be writing a blog entry with this title.

I was 39 years oold, 144kg, could hardly walk up stairs without getting a bit out of breath, played a bit of footy at work once a week which nearly killed me every time.

Yesterday I got round one of the toughest 70.3 courses in the world in 7:23:25. Soooo pleased with myself Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy and in one piece too!

Got up to Exmoor on Friday to camp and be in time for the 9am swim practice. The setting is just awesome - British countryside at it's best.

Saturday did all the things I wanted to do:
i) Swim practice. Plan was not to do a full lap but just to get in and see what the temp was like and get my sightings to for the first leg. Did a gentle swim out to the first bouy and stopped. Had a good chat with the crowd of people there doing the same thing! Water was a bit chilly when I got in but soon got used to it.

ii) Little spin on the bike. There was a little bit of the bike course that I hadn't ridden as we'd gone the wrong way back at my recce in December. Ended up riding the first section of the course and doubling-back via the chapel to HQ.

iii) Registered, racked and all that stuff with no hassles at all.

iv) Had a little walk to the run route - didn't really understand it until I was racing it!

Saturday evening it was a drive back to Exeter to pick up Mrs Cs. Had fish and chips at the services and then headed back to the campsite and an early night.

Sunday morning and up at 3:30 to get some breakfast in. Nerves had truely kicked in and I was definately a bit anxious as we headed up to transition. Quick kiss and a cudle from Hilary and into transition. Where we waited....and waited....and waited...

Unfortunately, the lake was shrouded in mist and the 6am start was eventually delayed until 7am. QUite a bit of hanging around (with a trip to the loo) and, surprisingly, my nerves eased. Eventually we were lead, gladiator style down to the lake. The sun was out and the setting was just fantastic - the crowd were making a lot of noise.

Due to the delay there really wasn't too much hanging around in the water. The hooter went and we were off. I'd placed myself too the right and a little way back. Had a good swim but just couldn't seem to find any clear water to swim and relax. First turn came up and I pretty much had to stop dead as I got cut up by loads of people. ANyway just got on with it. Eventually made it out in 39mins. I was after sub 40 so right on target.

T2 was a slow affair. Stuck to my race plan and walked up the hill into transition. Just took my time, made sure I got everything I wanted and most importantly for me, kept my HR under control.

Big cheer from the crowds as we left, Mrs CS there waving her Cornish flag so I could see her!

Had a really good bike leg. Felt comfortable on the flats and downs and just took my time on the ups. Got onto the tri-bars as much as possible. It is funny watching the faces on the guys with the bling bikes, carbon wheels and pointy helmets pedaling like mad going down hill when I pas them not even turning the cranks over! Very Happy Gravity is wonderful on the sections. There was eve one place just after the big drop where 2 guys were taking up the road having a chat but going a a good lick. Had to say "excuse me" and went through the middle of them.

The hill were tough but just stuck to the plan - keeping the HR down as much as possibly. The slog from Upton semed to be not as bad as I remembered it and the turn back to the lake came up quicker than I remembered. I knew it was 10miles from the turn just before Morebath to the lake junction. I had it my head that I could just take my time, even up to 1hr, for this section and I would make the cut off.

Eventually twigged that I was having a really good ride (for me!) and started having a good time - with a big grin on my face for most of the last 5 miles. Bike split 3:50. A whole 10mins under by most opptimistic target! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Again took my time through T2 and try to get a good covering of sun cream - it was very warm by this time.

The run was what it was - a long slog Crying or Very sad The 3 laps were probably the right sort of length to cope with mentally. Got slower and slower. Started off with a plan of walking the hills and running the rest and evetually ended up just running what I could. Hilary was there to give me a big cheer on every lap which was a real boost. As I got onto the third lap alo tof the support from the course had gone home and it was quite quiet. All the competitors were encouraging each other as much as possible. A good vibe.

I had an hour to get around the third lap to be in under 7:30. I was feeling really tired and walking a bit too much. Tagged onto a guy who was shuffling along at my sort of pace Rolling Eyes and we helped each other through the last 4 miles.

Eventually got to the finishing shute. I couldn't believe it. The crowd was great, I picked up my pace a little - I felt wonderful. Onto the red carpet and looked up and the clock - 7:23:15. Bloody Hell - I've done it I thought!!!!!

... then I scufed the bottom of my right foot on the carpet - as I had proably been doing for the past hour on the gravel. However, this time the carpet didn't give way - unlike the gravel.

I tripped up and fell flat on my face on the red carpet.


Picked myself up and got over the line in 7:23:25.

Down the shoot to pick up my medal and get a big hug form Hilary.

So, so, so pleased that I've done this.

I got round in under my most opptimistic target (of 7:30) and beat all my goals in the process.

Met a few TT'ers while I was there either before or on the course:

Jamous, Hermit, morgan26, Yellow, Mark D, Big Ted.

There were at least 2 others in TT kit which was nice to see.

This was a great day out and I thouroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone. 175 is a lot of money for a race but you can tell where it all goes.

If there are any of the volunteers on Tritalk I would just like to thank you - they all did a fantastic job.

Got a day off today. Feel pretty good and only a little stiff. Going to have a couple of days off before getting into some light training. Fowey on Sept 9th is my next planned race and I need to change some of the endurance into speed!!

Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:10 am Slacko
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Brilliant stuff Malc, hilarious finishing chute photo too! Laughing Congratualtions mate, a seriously significant achievement that! Cool

So, now that you've tackled the hardest 70.3 in the world you should sign up for Lanza next year and do the hardest IM !! Wink
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Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:17 am good4age
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very well are a star Very Happy
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w/c 28th Jan 2011
Neck 43 <>
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