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The day after Milton Keynes
Mon Jul 26, 2004 4:35 pm martidj
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After 1 year of triathlon, time to take stock. First the good side :

1. I have control of my sporting life back.
2. I'm in better physical shape than I've ever been.
3. I have a whole new social circle I'm much happier with.
4. There have been some great race results - just not in high profile races.

And on the reverse side :
1. I'm not making the progress I had hoped for.

My lack of progress is a perception. Clearly, I have much more speed than a year ago in all 3 disciplines. I remember going on 50 mile rides 12 months ago and wondering if I would get to the end of them. No longer. 10k run time is down to 40' from 45'.

Cycling is another matter, despite lots of winter and spring work times are poor and deteriorating (1:10 at Milton Keynes, 1:12 Windsor). How do I get these times in races into respectable territory ? There's been no shortage of turbo sessions over the winter - it just hasn't worked for Olympic distance - but it has for sprints ! This is one of the many puzzles I need to solve.

I need to gain 6 minutes on the cycle and 4 minutes on the run. How I answer these questions will determine the success or failure of next year's plan.

This blog will document the training, the highs and the lows of my GB age group campaign. It could be a long haul - getting anywhere in rowing took 4 years and so did swimming, hopefully triathlon will be less intractable but it may very well not be.
What are these machines for ?
- Sir, I know not what these machines will be used for, but I do know you will tax them !

(Inventor of the electric motor Sir Michael Faraday to Chancellor Gladstone)

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Martidj has returned after a very long break. Now a business owner and much older than before !
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