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Karl, you are, quite litterally, the single most actively extreme person I have ever met in my life.


- A former colleague after I did a 2 hours training session the day after The Mighty Deerstalker 2009
Training Totals - 2011
Bike - 472 km
Run - 155 km
Swim - 13.3 km

Bike - 566 km
Run - 212 km
Swim - 21.7 km

Bike - 458 km
Run - 183 km
Swim - 15.0 km

Bike - 428 km
Run - 116 km
Swim - 17.5 km









Bike - 1924 km
Run 665 km
Swim - 67.5 km
Training Totals - historic
Bike - 7827 km (154 % of 2008)
Run - 849 km (60 % of 2008)
Swim - 185 (143 % of 2008)

Bike - 5097 km
Run - 1423 km
Swim - 129.45 km

Bike - 4357 km
Run - 1240 km
Swim - 142.45 km
2008 Races
Lets start with a list:

I will add the details later:

Strathpuffer 24

Grangemouth 10k - 17 February - Time: 39min 20secs PB - 104th (684)overall, 64th (212) in category

Mighty Deerstalker - 1 March - Time: 1 hour 54 min 23 secs - 80th of 525 finishers (no category placing)

Clumber Park Duathlon - 8 March - Time: 2 hours 6 min 17 secs - 140th overall (273), 26th in category (36)

Milton Keynes Duathlon - 13 April - Time: 2 hours 15 min 55 secs - 148th overall (279), 29th in category (40)

Selkirk Sprint

Edinburgh Marathon

Nineteen Durty Offroad Triathlon

Southern Uplands Sportive

Polaris Challenge

Lochore Meadows Sprint

Aberfeldy Middle Distance

Helvellyn Triathlon

Lochaber Half Marathon
 Building the 100 miles 
Transvulcania Race Report
Tue May 20, 2014 9:06 am Carlito
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I raced the Transvulcania Ultra on La Palma in the Canary Islands 10 days ago. Awesome race on a beautiful islands.

Loved it.

Race report here: Transvulcania 2014.

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Ring O Fire 2013
Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:53 am Carlito
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Hello all,

As usual it has been a while. Main event in the last month has been the Ring O Fire Ultra marathon, a 3 day event covering the entire 135 mile Anglesey coastal. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and finished 16th of 54 finishers.
Race report is here: Ring O Fire Ultra Marathon Race Report.

Before the event we had a fantastic 10 day holiday camping in North Wales. We did 2 hill walking days doing the Glyders and Tryffan and 2 cycling days with lots of coffee and cake.
Our anniversary was in the middle of the trip and we spent 2 nights in a fantastic B&B (a converted mill) and took a steam train ride on the Welsh Highland Line.
The weather was fantastic for the whole time that we were in Wales and we had all but a couple of minutes of rain in 12 days. Very Happy

A couple of pictures for you guys to enjoy:

KP Nut and theprawn: Thanks ... Ring O Fire it totally brilliant
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West Highland Way Race
Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:24 pm Carlito
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June 22 I completed the West Highland Way Race. Really chuffed with how that went. Full Race report is here.

Two weeks after I was support runner for GeordieM at the Celtman on a hot day for the UK and a very wet and windy day in Torridon. My original plan was to run the mountain section with G., but just before G. finished the bike leg I asked if he wanted to me to run the whole thing with him. He did.
I think it was helpful although due to the weather conditions we didn't make the cut off for the mountain which had been shut anyway. G. finished the Celtman in just under 15 hours and I got a 37k run in 2 weeks after finishing the West Highland Way Race.

After that I took it easy for a bit but towards the end of July I started ramping up the run mileage again with a triple back to back run last week covering 20, 32 and 47 km. To my surprise the legs felt fine the day after the 47 k run. 2 days later I knocked out another 20k trail run. followed by 33km this Wednesday and 22km yesterday.
Am planning a long run tomorrow but my move it to Sunday as legs are quite tired at the moment.

My next event is the Ring O Fire which is a 3 day event running the entire Anglesey coastal path (135 miles). First day is around 34 miles, 2nd day 66 and 3rd day 35 miles.
This will all be about pacing the first two days right.

I take pictures on all my runs. Here are some of the recent ones:

andy mac: I think I am going to miss out on doing a tri this year Sad
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WHW race nearly here
Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:44 pm Carlito
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So its 10 days and 2.5 hours until the start of the 2013 West Highland Way race. I have written a quick preview of what I expect of this years race on my blog.
Should be a good race this year.
My only real test event was the Cateran 55 which I did in 10:14 hrs and finished in 8th place. Report here.
I have also done recce runs for the Ring O Fire Ultra and Celtman for which I am support runner. If you click this link there is a joint report on both.

I have recently been cycling a bit more which I am really enjoying and the weather has been great for it as you can see in the pictures.

tririch: I need to get more swimming done but would like to do a tri again. Likely to be next year though as I seem to have too much planned this year.
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Long runs
Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:31 am Carlito
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It's been a while since I blogged.

My run 365 challenge ended a couple of weeks ago. I am due to write up a blog post on my page with my experiences from the challenge.

I have over the past few weeks (with the challenge still going) done some back to back runs on the West Highland Way and the Cateran Trail.

Both of those have been documented here (WHW) and here (Cateran).

Veggieboy: I think the running every day challenge has helped in making the body stronger by running very regularly. This consistency has actually helped in training for the long stuff without going particularly long. It also helped in managing the legs and body with making sure that I did the right recovery work when needed.

pip and iainm: Thank you
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New Year
Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:52 pm Carlito
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Not really much to report.
I have had 2 good races in the Borders XC series finishing in 30th out of 220 in Peebles and 36th out of 180 at Paxton House.
Peebles was great on snow and ice and I really excelled there compared to the previous year finishing 20 places higher in a field of 50 more runners. Paxton House was tough as it was extremely muddy but this considered I was very pleased with the result there too.

I finished 2012 in 3503 km of running. My last kms of the year were done as part of the Innsbruck Silvesterlauf in which I clocked 23:45 min for 5.6km. Not bad considering I had run 11km to get there and was sitting on the toilet 2 min before the start and therefore had over 500 runners start ahead of me.

I am currently spending a few days in Aberdeenshire and enjoying some running in some rather deep snow. Some pictures here.

pip: Thank you Smile
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Beacons Ultra report
Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:03 am Carlito
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Finally got round to finishing my Beacons Ultra race report which capped of a stunning 10 weeks of racing. Report is here.

Since then I have gone into off season mode and just done my usually daily running. As I am doing the daily run challenge anyway I have also joined in with the Marcothon which is a run challenge started by Scottish Ultra runner Marco Consani. The challenge is to run every day in December for either 3 miles or 25 min, whichever comes first.

Last weekend I did the 3rd of the Borders XC series races in Peebles (my first as I couldn't do the first 2) and came a surprising 30th out of 220 races. I knew I am good and long stuff but being only 4 min off the winner and just over 2 min off 3rd place really did baffle me. I have done no speed work all year. Conditions were pretty good - snow and ice. Rolling Eyes Mostly grippy though. It was a 7k course with approx 180m of ascent thrown and I finished in just over 30 min.

Next I am likely to do the Silvesterlauf in Innsbruck town centre on New Years eve to round out the year.
Then more XC stuff in Jan and Feb.

For the long distance stuff in 2013 I so far have the Highland Fling on April 27, Cateran Trail 3 weeks later and should have the West Highland Way Race at the end of June. I am also going to be support runner for GeordieM at the Celtman 2 weeks after WHW.

p00key: Interesting point. 35-45 miles do seem to work well for me but to say I have a preferred distance is difficult as I haven't really done much longer stuff. As with anything a bit of trial and error is possibly needed. Next year will be interesting.
Sue: Thanks Sue. It has been a stunning autumn.
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Jedburgh and Glen Ogle
Fri Nov 09, 2012 5:30 pm Carlito
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Well that was interesting. Sunday October 28 I did Jedburgh 3 Peaks Ultra. A 38 miler and finished 5th. Then I had a 5 day break after which I did Glen Ogle 33 Ultra - a 33 miler. I finished 13th there. Quite a few runners did both.
I now have one more ultra - Brecon Beacons Ultra to finish off an already very successful autumn.
Here are the race reports of the last 2 races.
Jedburgh and Glen Ogle.
Happy reading everyone. Smile
With all the racing going on there isn't much except for work to fill the gaps.

andy mac: haha, well spotted. It was rather unintentional indeed. Laughing
KP Nut: thank you and looking forward to working together. Smile
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I am back
Sat Oct 27, 2012 5:57 pm Carlito
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Nearly 4 months since I posted last. Will make these more regular again.
I am not going to run through the last 4 months.
In Sept. I did my first race since the WHW, the River Ayr Challenge. A race report is here.
Mid October I then ran the Pentland Skyline. Race report here.
I am still doing the Run 365 days in a year challenge, although struggling with this a bit as I have an issue with my left foot but am trying to find ways of sorting it out. I am currently in day 198.
Last weekend we were up in the Cairngorms with the Mountaineering club and I did a 32k run on the Saturday which included a run up to the summit of the South Plateau of Breariach at 1265m. Pictures.
On the Sunday we did a hill walk in stunning sun shine - more pictures. A great autumn weekend.
Tomorrow I have the Jedburgh Ultra, a 38 miler and in the evening I'm off to see Skyfall.

Will be back with more soon.
K. Smile

andy mac: my return didn't last long, hopefully will post more regularly again now.
Willo46: Not sure that it has killed the run mojo but it is a strangely unsatisfying experience so far.

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Running and the Olympics
Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:07 pm Carlito
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Well it has been a while since I have blogged so more than time for an update. It doesn't feel like there is that much to report. The main event of the last couple of months have been the Olympics and Fiona's 40th birthday.

I am roughly up to day 130 of my run365 challenge and all is going well. My left knee is still niggly sometimes. Since the WHW race I seem to have done lots of really short runs. I am trying to move away from this as it is causing a dent in my run mojo. Doing a quick 3k isn't that much fun I prefer to go a bit longer and have an interesting route to do. I have also become better at scheduling my work freeing up time to go for longer runs or other sport activities. My total run distance for the year is now nearing 2400km.
Swimming and Cycling remain virtually inexistent.

Fiona's 40th birthday:
On the weekend of July 21 we headed up to the Mountaineering club hut for a weekend away to celebrate Fiona's 40th birthday and even though the weather was a bit mixed we were able to climb Bhein Eighe a munro Fiona had always fancied but never done before. And a stunning mountain it is too.

Nice party at the hut that evening too. Fiona's sister joined us too and it was her first ever munro. Beinn Eighe is also part of the Celtman run course. It looks like I will be supporting GeordieM in the Celtman in 2013 (two weeks after the WHW race)

I really enjoyed the two weeks of the Olympics and the buzz that the whole country was getting. Fiona and I spent 5 days in London taking in some of the experience. We got to see the cycling time trials, the women's triathlon and marathon and had tickets for swimming finals. We spent most of that day in the Olympic Park soaking in the atmosphere and watching stuff on the big screen at Park Live. The atmosphere everywhere was absolutely fantastic and the crowds unbelievable.
I have a picture set here.

Over the summer I did some kids summer camps for athletics and triathlon which were great fun but exhausting at the same time. These helped bridge the gap between my term time coaching commitments I have. I am due to start my Level 2 triathlon coaching course towards the end of September too. Sadly this should have started at the end of July but was postponed. At least it wasn't cancelled.

KP Nut: 100 milers are definitely a different breed. 40-60 is relatively easy I think.
andy mac: Definitely see you at Beacons. Well done on the Devil!
P00key: There is no doubt I will enter.
barnetrose: both really good theories. Especially, starting at midnight didn't help me (in terms I just wasn't used to that and should have prepared for that more). the run challenge could be an issue but I have a theory that it could be a change of shoe issue too (although not a shoe I used in the WHW but for training in the few weeks before the WHW).
All good thoughts to add to the list though.
willo46: about 130. Going well. Has it improved? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It seems difficult to tell to be honest. It helps in terms of thinking about things such as form and ways of staying injury free.
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Races 2011
January 15/16
Strathpuffer 24

February 26
Edinburgh Park Run
Time 18:42 min PB

March 6
Lasswade 10M RR
finished 32nd (of 377 finishers) overall and 21st (of 112) in my category in a time 1:02:05 hrs PB

March 19:
Deerstalker and Mighty Deerstalker
Deerstalker 9.6km fell race: finished 2nd (of 574 finishers) overall and 2nd (of 187) in my category in a time 49:53 min
Mighty Deerstalker 14.2km fell race: finished 56th (of 1673 finishers) overall and 54th (of 1093) in my category in a time of 1:33:51 hrs

March 27:
Northumberland Half Marathon
finished 15th (of 333 finishers) overall and 6th (of 48 ) in my category in a time 1:24:54 hrs PB

April 7:
Dunbar 10k
finished 18th (of 269 finishers) overall and 12th (of 78 ) in my category in a time of 38:56 mins PB

April 17:
Galashiels Sprint
finished 11th overall and 7th in my category in a time of 1:18:24 hrs (Swim 12:58; Bike 34:19; Run 18:23)

April 23:
Kinross Sportive
finished 63rd (of 209 finishers) overall in a ride time of 5:15 hrs and 5:26 hrs including stops

April 30-May 7:
Mallorca Training Camp

May 7:
Mallorca Standard

June 12:
Bala Middle Distance

July 3:
Ironman Austria
2010 Races
completed - entered - planned

March 6
Glasgow to Edinburgh Double Marathon
90km/56mile run (finished 19th overall (72 finishers) - Time 8 hours 27 min 50 secs)

May 1
Edinburgh to North Berwick 20 mile road race
run (finished 32nd overall (217 finishers) and 16th in category (of 6Cool - Time 2 hours 22 min 33 secs)

May 8: Penicuik 10k
DNS - due to back problems

May 15
Loch Leven Half Marathon
(finished 31st overall (479 finishers) and 19th in category (of 113) - Time 1:25:19 hrs)
- missed PB by 6 seconds.

May 29: Skye Sportive

June 27
A Day in the Lakes
Half Iron Distance
(Swim 34:51 (OA 107th of 265;Cat 58th of 117); Bike 3:03:08 (OA 48th; Cat 26th); Run 1:51:24 (OA 25th; Cat 12th); Finish: 5:33:07 (OA 33rd; Cat 16th)).

July 3
Corrieyarrick Challenge
17 mile hill run and 26 mile bike
(finished 8th overall (218 finishers) and 5th in category (of 53) - Time 3hrs 44min (Run 2:30/Bike 1:12))

August 7-8
Double Iron UK
4.8 mile swim, 224 mile bike, 52 mile run
(finished 5th overall (30 finishers) - Time 28hrs 20min 51secs)

October 10
Pentland Skyline
16 mile fell run with 6200 feet of ascent
(finished 51st overall (166 finishers) and 24th (of 51) in category - Time 3hrs 15min 18secs

October 31
Jedburgh Half Marathon
(finished 34th overall (521 finishers) and 22nd (148) in category - Time 1:26:40

December 31
5.3km run around Innsbruck city centre
(finished 59th overall (650 finishers) and 20th in category - Time 21 min
Races / Events I would like to do:
A list or events I would like to do one day:
West Highland Way Race
Norseman Extreme Triathlon
Alpe D'Huez Triathlon
Ironman Lanzarote
Helvellyn Triathlon
Big Ben Nevis Triathlon

Raid Pyrennaen
Marathon des Sables
Trans Alp (Run)
Trans Alp (MTB)
O till O
5k: 18:42min - Edinburgh park run 2011 (Feb 26)
10k: 38:54min - Dunbar 2011 (Apr 2)
10M: 1:02:05hrs - Lasswade 2011 (Mar 6)
HM: 1:24:54hrs - Northumberland 2011 (Mar 27)
Mara: 3:16:14hrs - Edinburgh 2008

Ironman: 11 hrs 25min (and a few secs) - Germany 2007

100m - 1:33min
200m - 3:13min (4/11/09)
250m - 4:09min (12/02/10)
400m - 6:34min (27/01/10)
500m - 8:26min (16/03/11)
1000m - 17:31min (01/02/10) Very Happy
1500m - 27:24min (09/05/09)

10M TT - 25:18min (17/5/11)
Wye Ultra 2009
Races in 2009

Strathpuffer 24 (January 17/18) - 24 MTB race as a team of 2 (finished 14th of 25 teams - Time: 18 laps in 21 hours 7 min 57 secs)

Wye Ultra (March 1) - 30 mile run (finished 11th overall (112) and 7th in category (42) - Time: 3 hours 50 min 19 secs)

Mighty Deerstalker (March 21) - 10k and a bit run at dusk (fell/trail run) - finished 39th out of 833 - Time 1 hour 32 min 43 secs - new PB for this course by 21min 43secs

Coniston 14 (March 28) - 13.8 mile run - finished 66th Overall (1474) and 25th in Category (327) - Time: 1 hr 33min 52secs

Balmoral 10k (April 25) - finished 40th overall (1996) and 24th in Category (606) - Time: 41:22min

Keswick Triathlon (May 16) - finished 39th overall (266) and 22nd in Category (91) - Time 2:22:39 hrs - Splits: Swim 16:11min (OA 135; Cat 54); Bike inc T1 1:14:10hrs (OA 46; Cat 24); Run inc T2 52:16 (OA 28; Cat 16)

Skye Sportive (May 30) - 95 miles
finished 17th overall (59) in 5:50:18 hrs incl. feed station stops

Stirling Sprint (June 7) - finished 22nd overall (219) and 12th in Category (69) - Time 1:12:05 hrs - Splits: Swim (750m): 14:15min (OA: 68; Cat 30); Bike (20k and a bit): 34:45min (OA: 15; Cat: 9); Run (5k-hilly): 21:11 (OA: 29; Cat: 16)

Ironman France (June 28) - finished 1404th overall (2330) and 352nd in Category (544) - Time 12:39:25 hrs - Splits: Swim (3.8km): 1:19:28 hrs (OA: 1610; Cat: 380); Bike (180km): 6:14:45 hrs (OA: 1186; Cat: 302); Run (42.2k): 4:48:44 hrs (OA: 1574; Cat: 389)

Aberfeldy Middle Distance (August 15) - finished 82nd overall (174) and 45th in Category (71) - Time 5:46:28 hrs - Splits: Swim (1.9km with issues): 44:19min (OA: 127; Cat: 52); Bike (90km - incl Crash): 3:07:30hrs (OA: 80; Cat: 44); Run (21.1k): 1:47:37hrs (OA: 70; Cat: 40) Report:

Gullane Beach Standard (August 29) withdrawn due to shin splints
Mallorca Training Camp Pic
Races 2007
Bala Middle Distance
Ironman Germany
Monaco Ironman 70.3

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