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To regain the fitness I had at IMUK 2009! Smile
Personal Bests
Marathon - 3 hrs 38 London 2009
Half Marathon - 1 hr 37.57 (02.03.08 )
10K - 44 mins

Sprint Tri - 1 hr 16
Olympic - 2 hrs 35
HIM - 6 hrs 01 - Bala
IM - 15:50 IMUK 2009
Races Entered
21/09/14 - Warrington Half Marathon

31/05/15 - Outlaw Half

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Joined: 21 Sep 2006
Location: cheshire
Occupation: director
Interests: triathlon

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Week 2 - the training continues
Sun Jan 13, 2008 4:45 pm jpenno
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Monday is the club bike at David Lloyd's warrington and this week included some core circuits and i certainly felt the difference on tuseday morning.

Wednesday was club run and swim, the first time i have been in the pool for nearly a month, 2km later and decided to go Thursday morning as well

Thursday morning had an hour in the pool. Bit congested due to all the New Year resolutions, hopefully they will all have given up soon Smile

Friday - could not get out for usual bike/run brick due to family commitments but entered the BT Swimathon 5k challenge in warrington on 20 April so had better get some swimming practice in

Saturday went for a quick run at lucnhtime before taking the family shopping and then out to an 18th Birthday, I chose to drive to keep to my alcohol free month plan. Exclamation

First race of the season (4 Villages Half marathon) coming up next weekend so time for sensible training this week Surprised Shocked
2014 - training again
2015 - the return to HIM races and longer !

Week 1 - 2008
Sun Jan 06, 2008 1:07 pm jpenno
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my plans to hit the ground running first week of the new year did not really happen, woke up new years day with a very sore throat, no other cold or flu symptoms but problems swallowing, like swallowing glass, that put paid to training until Friday 4 jan when i managed an hours bike and then 40 mins run, the run was a slight struggle towards the end.

Have stuck to my alcohol free plan so far, 6 days in and 25 to go. No alcohol planned until 1st Feb, see if it has any effect on training and planned weight loss
2014 - training again
2015 - the return to HIM races and longer !

Who ate all the pies
Sun Dec 30, 2007 3:02 pm jpenno
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I did, went to a late Xmas/early new years party last night, the hosts were originally from Wigan and put on a superb pie and peas feast, After my fourth helping it dawned on me that as nice as the pies were they were counter productive to the weight loss made in December Exclamation

Hoping to burn them off with 2 hour bike ride later, subject to work and watching the match. Have a long run planned for New years eve afternoon then a few beers and up early new years day for a ride on the empty roads Very Happy
2014 - training again
2015 - the return to HIM races and longer !

Christmas is over
Thu Dec 27, 2007 9:24 pm jpenno
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well all over and done now back training tonight 10.5 miles in 1hr 30, another long run planned for saturday with a bike tomorrow.

Party on saturday night then new years eve then intending to do some serious training in january with 5 half marathons over the next twelve weeks in the build up to HIMUK and Antwerp 70.3 which is my A race for this year with a goal of under 6 hrs. Then looking at the Vit to finish the season off unless training goes beyond my expectations and i do nearer 5 at Antwerp and get a clearwater place - i can dream Very Happy

Aiming for 2 swim sessions 3 runs and 3 bikes per week over a period of 13 hrs per week
2014 - training again
2015 - the return to HIM races and longer !

Merry Christmas One and All
Mon Dec 24, 2007 9:19 pm jpenno
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Just finished wrapping all the prezzies about to have a couple of beers, no training today, been visiting relatives, 4 year old niece was so hyper and was amazed by the santa tracker

hoping santa has got what i want but think the PX Stealth will have to wait for my 40th Birthday in April

Merry Christmas everyone Very Happy
2014 - training again
2015 - the return to HIM races and longer !

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proposed weekly training
Need to shift some weight so intending to try this for a few weeks

Swim - 1 hour

Bike - 1 hr 30 mins

Run - 3 hrs mins

Total time - 5hrs 30
Training Targets from 1st August 2011 to January 1 2015
Run - Target - 400 miles
Done - 74 miles

Bike - Target -200 hours
Done 0 hours 0 mins

Swim - Target - 30k
Done 1km
Weight Loss - Target weight 13 Stone at 01/01/15
18/07/14 currently 14 stone 9
14/08/14 now 14 stone 4
Races under consideration for 2015
Four Villages Half Marathon
Blackpool Half
Liverpool Half Marathon

Spring Marathon

HIM UK Staffordshire or HIM Mallorca

IMUK or IM Mallorca
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