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"Race" Calendar 2016
26/06 - Gladiator
"Race" Calendar 2015
28/06 - Wimbleball 70.3
26/07 - Outlaw
31/08 - Thames Turbo
13/09 - Weymouth
Race Calendar 2014
15/03 - Abu Dhabi LD
06/04 - IM South Africa
27/04 - Joey Hannan
10/05 - Mallorca 70.3
28/06 - HOTW Kilkee
20/07 - Hillingdon
27/07 - Bedford
03/08 - London Oly +
17/08 - Monster Middle
01/09 - ITU Edmonton
07/09 - Mont Trem 70.3
05/10 - IM Barcelona
Race Calendar 2013
02/03 - Abu Dhabi LD
19/05 - Barcelona Half
26/05 - Lough Cutra
15/06 - South Cerney
07/07 - IM Frankfurt
28/07 - London Triathlon
11/08 - Wiesbaden 70.3
08/09 - Valencia
11/09 - ITU Aquathlon
15/09 - ITU WC London
12/10 - Kona
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Some thoughts post Wimbleball & Outlaw
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A new chapter
Ironman 70.3 Championnat Du Monde - Mont Tremblant 07/09/14
ITU World Age Group Championships Edmonton 01/09/14
Monster Middle 17/08/2014

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Ironman 70.3 Championnat Du Monde - Mont Tremblant 07/09/14
Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:16 pm savaloy
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So race two of my trip to Canada, the 70.3 worlds. Truth be told, I was less bullish about this race than Edmonton. Having not made the podium at Edmonton, my view was that it was unlikely for me to make the top 3 in my age group here. In many ways that was a blessing as it took the pressure off and enabled me to enjoy the trip more and I went into the race without any stress about the outcome - what would be would be Smile

I flew out from Edmonton to Ottawa on the Tuesday and drove the short journey up to Mont Tremblant. The first thing that struck me was how picturesque and scenic Quebec is. The second thing was how un-americanised it felt. Whilst the French natives shuddered at Quebec's attempt at their language, with my limited linguistic skills it added to the cultural experience

The accommodation I secured was in a ski resort at the run turn and offered a good self catering base for me, Team Freespeed teammate, Jamie, and Robert Q the proud new owner of a Cottage of Wattage Manshed. Good house mates who helped alleviate a mild sense of homesickness on account of the length of time away from home. Don't get me wrong, I love racing and it's a privilege to be able to travel to some fantastic race destinations, but I've found more recently that the races that involve cross Atlantic travel have taken their toll.

On the Wednesday I got to recce the long loop of the bike course with Roger Barr and Jane Hanson, as well as running the out back between the lake and the run turn. I liked what I saw. Lumpy, yes, but not technical and less daunting than the profiles suggested. The Thursday I got to recce the short loop with Roger, Jane, Matthieu (of Black Line London) and Jamie as well as a non wetsuit swim of the course. The short/back end of the bike loop was a bit punchier than the long/first loop, and my view was that I would need to treat that part of the bike course with respect if I wanted to put in a half decent run on a testing run course. Friday was a relaxed day, Saturday a quick splash, spin, dash and rack and I was all a set to go on Sunday.

Race morning was a bit misty/chilly, but by the time my wave was ready (circa 36 minutes after the pro's), the mist had burnt off and the sun was out. A beach start, followed by an accompanied swim for the first 100 metres and then I had a solo swim making my way through the preceding ladies wave (3 minutes before) and breaking through the M40's who had gone off 6 minutes before me. Exiting 1st M45 in 24 something and, for me, a good run into and through T1 and onto the bike.

The first part of the bike course was congested with a narrow lane and it wasn't until I reached the main drag/carriageway where I could start to get to work. I felt pretty strong without having to work too hard, keeping an eye out for M45 numbers, of which I didn't see any until about 60k. Although there were a few biggish packs, I would suggest in the M40, M35 and M30 waves, it didn't bother me. I had a clear conscience and was thankfully strong enough to ride through them without wasting energy on letting it affect my race. By the time I got to the smaller punchier loop, two M45's had passed me, but not too much of a faster pace so I was able to keep them in sight. As planned, I soft peddled the last 20k and, by my reckoning, I hit T2 in 4th (it later transpired I hit T2 in 5th) with a 2:19 bike split which I was happy I with.

Onto the run and the objective was run an efficient 1st lap. To my surprise I passed two of the three that had passed me in the early stages of the run. So (by my reckoning) I was in 2nd (this wasn't correct as a post race mortem indicated that I was joined in T2 by 5 M45's who I hadn't accounted for). At the 10k Mark I then passed who I thought was the leader which gave me a big lift. Apart from a steep hill in town, I was managing to hold just over 4 minute K's and was feeling ok at that pace. My comfort was relatively short lived as I was passed at the 11k by the central winner who went on to put 4 minutes into me on the second lap on his way to a 1:18 run split Embarassed

Although I wasn't passed by any more M45, it appears that I'd missed the 5 in T2 - the difference between mine and their finish times was represented by the difference in our run splits. So I finished 7th and a low 1:27 for a n accurate 21k. Looking at heart rate data post race I know that I was running at my threshold and that I was red lining on the second lap. Therefore whilst I was initially disappointed to discover I was 7th and not 2nd, knowing that I'd put in the best performance that I could have on the day leaves me more than content with my race. In fact, although further away from the podium (although there were 5 at the 70.3 worlds) than at Edmonton, I'm happier with my race. I tweeted shortly after that it was my best performance of 2014 and leaves me confident that I can back it up. As a result, I've decided to extend my season and put in one more race before hanging up my Lycra and enjoying some downtime - so, next stop, Barcelona on 5th October, a course and venue I know well, although I've not actually done this particular race Twisted Evil My objective there will be very much process driven and seeing whether I can race long course off short course training - time will tell Exclamation
Swim smart, Bike strong, Run tough

My Results from 2015
Wimbleball UK 70.3 28/06/15
10th M45
(24:27/5:30/3:10.45/5:21/1:44.58 )

Outlaw 26/07/15
4th M45 10:07.55

Thames Turbo Sprint 31/08/15
7th 1:02.30

Challenge Weymouth 13/09/15
5th M45 10:07.40
My Results from 2014
Abu Dhabi Long Distance 15/03/14

Ironman South Africa 06/04/14
16th M45 11:02.34

Joey Hannon 27/04/14
3rd 1:57:08

Mallorca 70.3 10/05/14
4th M45 4:32.37
(23:36/3:56/2:29.25/3:22/1:32.18 )

Hell of The West (Killkee) 28/06/14
9th 2:07:20

Hillingdon Sprint 20/07/14
1st 1:14.18

Bedford Classic 27/07/14
4th 2:11:40

London Triathlon Olympic Plus 03/08/14
3rd 2:59:41

Monster Middle 17/08/14
2nd 3:59.31

ITU World AG Champs Standard 01/09/14
4th M45 2:03:59
(19:18/2:30/1:00.05/2:15/39:08 )

World 70.3 Championships 07/09/14
7th M45 4:18.17

Ironman Barcelona 05/10/14
3rd M45 9:05:59
_____My results from 2013____
Abu Dhabi Long Distance 02/03/13
1st M40 7:29.03

ETU Middle Distance Champs (Barcelona) 19/05/13
6th M40-44 4:55:48

Lough Cutra Olympic 26/05/13
3rd 2:12:38

Hever Castle Evening Sprint 12/06/13
1st 1:12.36

South Cerney Olympic 15/06/13
2nd 2:08:08

Ironman Frankfurt 07/07/13
14th M40 9:31:31 (S 49:32/T1 03:53/B 5:01:15/T2 02:43/R 3:34:08 )

London Triathlon Olympic Plus 28/07/13
1.5k/80k/10k - 2nd 3:08:31 (S 21:13/T1 2:57/B 2:04:01/T2 2:29/R 37:53)

European 70.3 Champs Wiesbaden 11/08/13
21st M40 4:41:52 (23:28/2:51/2:43:28/1:52/1:30:13)

Hillingdon Aquathlon 05/09/13
1st 24:12

Valencia Olympic 08/09/13
1st M40 2:10:08 (S 21:39/T1 1:38/B 1:06:35/T2 1:52/R 38:24)

ITU Aquathlon World Championships 11/09/13
1st M40 31:02

ITU World AG Champs - Standard 15/09/13
4th M40 1:51:30 (S 9:54/T1 2:52/B 1:00.32/T2 2:56/R 35:18 )

Ironman World Championship 12/10/13
11th M40 9:19:58 (S 53:33/T1 02:23/B 4:53:04/T2 03:20/R 3:27:38 )
_____My results from 2012____
Serp NYD 10k 01/01/12- 15th 36:09
Met XC League Trent Park 4.75 mile XC 14/01/12 60th of 335 27:44

Southern England XC Champs Brighton 28/01/12169th of 745 (20th vet) - 58:34 - 15k

Met XC League Perivale 5.66 mile XC 11/02/12
46th of 267 31:31

Roding Valley Half 26/02/12
7th of 910 75:51

Abu Dhabi Long Distance 03/03/12

Bath Half 11/03/12
111th 79:58

Brentwood Half 25/03/12
10th 75:49

USN Sprint Duathlon 01/04/12
5K/20K/5k - 1st 1:07:24 (Run 1 17:47/T1 0:28/Bike 30:37/T2 0:29/Run 2 18:03)

FulonTri Duathlon 14/04/12
6K/18K/6k - 4th 1:14:01 (Run 1 21:47/T1 0:29/Bike 30:18/T2 0:37/Run 2 20:49)

ETU European Champs 20/04/12
1st M40-44 1:59:47

Volcano Olympic 28/04/12
5th 2:04:40

GB Masters Champs Sheffield 50m pool 04/05/12

1500m - 2nd in 40-44 AG 18:50:79

ECCA 10m TT E2/10 05/05/12 38.01 (20:51 but late start penalty)Last Very Happy

Norland 30m TT F1/30 06/05/12 1:05.03 3rd

ECCA 10m TT E91/10 07/05/12 22:08 3rd

Norland 50m TT F1/50 13/05/12 1:49.54 3rd

Ironman Lanzarote 19/05/12
9th M40 10:09:30 (S 50:31/T1 03:47/B 5:30:09/T2 06:10/R 3:38:54)

Herts 30m TT F1/30 27/05/12 1:03.15 2nd

Finsbury Park 50m TT F1/50 10/06/12 1:48:20 4th

Icknield 25m TT F1/25 01/07/12 55:01 5th

Challenge Roth 08/07/12
1st M40 9:03:21 (S 47:45/T1 02:22/B 5:02:40/T2 01:48/R 3:08:48 )

API 25m TT E2/25 14/07/12 50:35 10th

SwimFest 10k swim 15/07/12 2:21:14 5th

Shaftesbury CC 50m TT E2/50 21/07/12 1:46:41 18th

ITU LD World Champs Vitoria Gasteiz 29/07/12
2nd M40 6:18:36 (S 55:43/T1 02:40/B 3:05:25/T2 1:33/R 2:13:18 )

FPCC 25m TT F1/25 05/08/12 55:12 14th

Votwo Silverstone Duathlon 07/08/12
3K/18K/3k - 3rd 51:04 (Run 1 11:05/T1 0:16/Bike 28:16/T2 0:15/Run 2 11:12)

Irish MD Champs Half Ireman 19/08/12
2nd 4:29:21

Wicklow Aquathlon 22/08/12
3rd 28:22

Ironman 70.3 World Champs Las Vegas 09/09/12
40th M40 5:04:55(26:36/3:41/2:41:25/2:43/1:50:30)

London Triathlon Olympic Plus 23/09/12
1.5k/80k/10k - 2nd 3:08:56 (S 20:37/T1 3:28/B 2:02:37/T2 1:58/R 40:18 )

Votwo 3.8k Swim Dorney 30/09/12
48:32 3rd

Ironman World Championship 13/10/12
62nd M40 10:09:27 (S 54:36/T1 02:37/B 5:27:20/T2 05:21/R 3:39:27)
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