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Quality v Quantity
25m Kick board 30s (03/10/12)
50m Kick board 1:04 (03/10/12)
50m 37 (01/03/13)
100m 1:20.5 (01/03/13)
200m 3:02 (04/04/12)
400m 6:18 (22/01/13)
500m 8:10 (27/03/13) (first 500 in 1500)
750m 12:22 (27/03/13) (first 750 in 1500)
1000m 16:23 (12/02/14) (first 1k of 1500)
1500m 24:51.8 (27/03/13) OW - 23:43 - 2010
1900m 33:58 (09/09/10)
3800m 1:11:20 (24/05/11) (1:06ish @ FM but time inc. T1 1:14)
Golf - 70 (39s / 31st) (**/08/15)
CSS test 6:20 / 3:06 = 1:37 (02/05/14)
CSS fastest splits - 6:18 / 3:03 = 1:38 (22/01/13)

IM and other stuff

100IM 1:50
50 fly 48

20km 38:12
40km 1:02:35 (22/06/14)
90km 2:46:20 (18/08/12)

5km 22:38 (07/05/12) (Tonbridge Tri)
10km 45:41
Half mara 1:46:44 (24/02/13) (Tunbridge Wells)
Marathon 4:09:11 (13/04/14) (VMLM)
30min TM - 6120m
5km TM 22:50 (25/04/12)

(400/20/5) 1:11:33(Eton SS 2009)
Sprint 1:34:55(Blenheim 2008, only standard distance sprint!)
7oaks 1:48:14 (27/04/14)
Tonbridge 1:23:28 (May 2012)
Oly 2:18:31 (Dartford 2014)
70.3 5:34:55 (Midnightman 2012)
Iron 14:21:58 (Forestman 2011)
In 2002 i ruptured my ACL and MCL playing football and was told i would not be having an op on the NHS and could never play again (along with many other things!)... After doing some freeride / downhill MTB'ing for a couple of years, I starting to swim again in August 07 and thought, i cycle, i swim...all i need to do is run a about earning a little money for charity and sign up for the London Oly! I went on to enjoy my first season in tri so much I have done a 2nd, gone sub 2:30 for an Olympic distance got round an ironman and am still going!
When not training I can be seen at the Boleyn Ground being a long suffering season ticket holder at the 1966 World cup winners West Ham Rolling Eyes
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Race Day - 18th May 2008
Sun May 18, 2008 9:20 pm hammerer
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After a very lazy Saturday i woke at 7am this morning for my big day. After a breakfast of porridge, honey and toast i packed the gear in the car, made my bottles up and left about 9am. The journey was just over an hour and i was sipping water and Gatorade for most of it. When i arrived i was pleasantly surprised. Dorney Lake is a fantastic venue. I long walk to registration and where i collected my timing chip, security bracelet and race pack. Had a little look around before entering transition to rack my bike. I was pleased with how friendly everyone was and it was good to talk to my competitors before the race. The time flew and before i knew it it was 12:30 and i was entering the lake. It wasnt too cold but wasnt as clean as i expected. Tasted foul as well Rolling Eyes I positioned myself to the back left of the group for the race which swum out to the first buoy then a right turn along and a right turn back in at the 2nd buoy.

I misjudged how fast i would be though because as soon as the gun went off i was being held up but eventually found some water and was swimming O.K. except for the zig-zaggers in front doing a 600m instead of a 400m swim. I had my ankles grabbed a few times and was hit in the head by a foot as well, but nothing too major. I excited the swim in 8m02 and into T1. I took a bit of time in T1 though but when i got out onto my bike I got into a rhythm quite quickly.

It was 4 laps totaling 20.4km and after lap 1 i felt as though i had put a bit too much into it, so a went into a higher gear and spun an higher cadence whilst still keeping around a 20mph average. The wind on the 2nd part of the lap was a factor but i kept aero for the entire time and manged to do 40mins including T1 time.

Again I took it quite easy in transition but realised that hanging my wetsuit over the rack above my trainers was a bad thing to do! I run down the transition area and as i went to turn left towards the run course my legs wouldn't do what my brain was telling them and I kept going straight, right into a marshal Mad If he hadn't got in way way i don't know where i would have ended up. Out onto the run course i got a stitch immediately and the mind was starting to doubt my ability to finish. I kept putting one foot in front of the other and eventually got to the turnaround at 1.25km. On the way back i was struggling but I got a massive lift seeing my girlfriend cheering me on and about to take a photo, i put on the biggest smile and remembered, "this is enjoyable"

I got to the end of the first lap and checked my watch. 1hr 4mins. so i knew i had taken 14mins to do the first lap.

At the start of the 2nd lap

Then i heard another shout "Go on Carl". I see "Cen" and it gave me another lift just as i needed it! I picked the pace up a bit and the pain was becoming more faint. I knew i only had about 2km to go. Another competitor from my wave was just catching me and said come on mate keep going, and we ran together for about a km...He was spurring me on telling me 1:15 is on you can do it. He eventually moved away but i raised my pace some more and was beginning to feel quite good in my stride. I crossed the line in 1hr16m27s.

I am delighted as i was expecting 1hr20m at the best. I then see "Savaloy" about to go from T2 onto his run so hung around to see him finish and spoke to him at the end. Well done on your 4th mate even with a puncture, and nice to meet you.


swim 8:02 - T1 1:30 - bike 38:12 - T2 1:41 - run 26:56 total 1:16:24
42/77 in age group - 528/1103 overall

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Mon May 19, 2008 3:55 pm Paul L
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Congratulations! Nice race report too. Cool Always a good feeling to get the first one under your belt and finishing with a smile is the way to do it. Take care, Paul. Very Happy
Mon May 19, 2008 4:27 pm savaloy
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Great race report there buddy - your GF takes a good photo too Very Happy Onwards and upwards to Blenheim now
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