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Quality v Quantity
25m Kick board 30s (03/10/12)
50m Kick board 1:04 (03/10/12)
50m 37 (01/03/13)
100m 1:20.5 (01/03/13)
200m 3:02 (04/04/12)
400m 6:18 (22/01/13)
500m 8:10 (27/03/13) (first 500 in 1500)
750m 12:22 (27/03/13) (first 750 in 1500)
1000m 16:23 (12/02/14) (first 1k of 1500)
1500m 24:51.8 (27/03/13) OW - 23:43 - 2010
1900m 33:58 (09/09/10)
3800m 1:11:20 (24/05/11) (1:06ish @ FM but time inc. T1 1:14)
Golf - 70 (39s / 31st) (**/08/15)
CSS test 6:20 / 3:06 = 1:37 (02/05/14)
CSS fastest splits - 6:18 / 3:03 = 1:38 (22/01/13)

IM and other stuff

100IM 1:50
50 fly 48

20km 38:12
40km 1:02:35 (22/06/14)
90km 2:46:20 (18/08/12)

5km 22:38 (07/05/12) (Tonbridge Tri)
10km 45:41
Half mara 1:46:44 (24/02/13) (Tunbridge Wells)
Marathon 4:09:11 (13/04/14) (VMLM)
30min TM - 6120m
5km TM 22:50 (25/04/12)

(400/20/5) 1:11:33(Eton SS 2009)
Sprint 1:34:55(Blenheim 2008, only standard distance sprint!)
7oaks 1:48:14 (27/04/14)
Tonbridge 1:23:28 (May 2012)
Oly 2:18:31 (Dartford 2014)
70.3 5:34:55 (Midnightman 2012)
Iron 14:21:58 (Forestman 2011)
In 2002 i ruptured my ACL and MCL playing football and was told i would not be having an op on the NHS and could never play again (along with many other things!)... After doing some freeride / downhill MTB'ing for a couple of years, I starting to swim again in August 07 and thought, i cycle, i swim...all i need to do is run a about earning a little money for charity and sign up for the London Oly! I went on to enjoy my first season in tri so much I have done a 2nd, gone sub 2:30 for an Olympic distance got round an ironman and am still going!
When not training I can be seen at the Boleyn Ground being a long suffering season ticket holder at the 1966 World cup winners West Ham Rolling Eyes
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Joined: 19 Nov 2007
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South of England XC Champs - Parliament Hill 25/01/14
Thu Jan 30, 2014 12:30 pm hammerer
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It was a beautiful day on Saturday. I arrived at Parliament hill in lovely sunshine about 15mins before the ladies start so I could see them off. For them it was only 8km but a tough 15km for men. The first thing I noticed was the mud. Anyone who's race the Southerns, or indeed any XC meet at PH, would know about the mud, but this was up there as the worst conditions I have seen. In fact very little of the course was not deep mud!

We made our way towards the start and bang the gun went off.
Nearly 1000 men headed up the hill from the lido at the start, a sight to behold if you view from the top. I settled into a hard pace at the start thinking I would get a chance after cresting the first hill to get my HR in check ready for the rest of the race. I crested the hill, and no chance. The mud meant I was never again going to get my HR at an appropriate level.
The course went down in ankle deep in mud and around the bottom by the ponds before turning back on itself up the long steep hill. It was hell. You normally get some nice ground to run on but not today. Going uphill meant the feet sliding backwards making a difficult task almost impossible for the taller runners like myself. I could feel the energy just draining out of me. After the initial mud there was another long climb, in mud before we entered another part of the course, and a section through the woods. It was up and down all the way with boggy mud all the way around. It was quite scenic and would have made a lovely summers walk but I was in too much pain though Wink. After the first 5k lap which took me around 27mins we rounded to take the second lap, which thankfully didnít include the first big hill, but there were still plenty of ups and the mud just got worse. The second lap became more about survival as the fatigue kicked in. After about 2 miles I was finally lapped, an improvement for me. About half way round though I tripped on a hidden root...hidden buy the knee deep mud. I fell quite heavily and a runner asked if I was OK before copying me. It was quite comical moment as two marshals came running over to check we were OK. Luckily I felt good, maybe the adrenalin, so got up and carried on! I picked up towards the end of the second lap where I rounded in about 55mins. I knew I had 5 k to go and I was beginning to struggle. The energy levels required just to keep going through the mud was immense and there were a few people I was catching actually walking as it was quicker in some of the worse sections.

With about a mile and a half to go the heavens opened and I started to get wet and cold. Time to finish it off but wearing glasses that had been splashed with mud, and now were wet, meant visibility was non existent. I felt my way through the final sections and on the last downhill towards the finish I just prayed I'd stay upright. I held position and crossed the line in 1:24:25 and 888th / 986. Quite a pleasing performance considering the conditions, and looking back an enjoyable days running.

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