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Thu Dec 11, 2008 10:13 am patriciaa
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Well, it was hard to come back but yesterday after 4 weeks without any swimming, I barely managed to do the whole session with a few rests! Shocked

The cycling is sluggish too, God knows how the running will be today. I'm going to run to the shop to get my new commuting cheaper bike to save the more expensive one for the races, and sell cheaply my older bike as the geometry does not fit me well. I'm too splattered on to the old bike, hence the falls, and my grip has weakened with years of typing with the translations, so braking was too hard. So goodbye male geometry, and I'm embracing female geometry bikes.

So, my new year's resolution is to put my financial affairs in order before the new year, and recover some money from the clients, book my flights for the HIM and hotel room for one night, save some money as recovering from the separation, falls off the bike, and illness has put me out of work for a fair amount of time and this has melted my savings. Crying or Very sad Now I need to rebuild my business, and reload some money on to my saving accounts.

Thankfully, I had planned that could happen beforehand, and I calculated about right my move that I may take some time before I'm back at full speed. My motivation and enthusiasm are back, and I'm biting again with gusto into life. My self confidence is improving, and I'm getting tougher. No weakness in this life, you can't afford it. I was right to plan ahead that I might collapse from mental exhaustion after the separation, as it happened unfortunately. 7 years of battle, of which one year of legal battle took its toll by bringing fatigue, and harming the immune system. But by reading other blogs, I'm not the only one who had troubles, and at least everything is in good working order. Some bloggers go through hell though at the moment, and have far worse problems. I'll support them morally. Smile

So swimming: fairly OK, cycling fairly OK, running again today.

I can't go back to my normal schedule of 10k swim 150k cycling and 30k running yet but I will build it up gradually.

And I'll see how I perform with the HIM in May, depending on the outcome, I may consider next year maybe a full IM. I'm secretly hoping for a triple IM one day, hopefully in a couple of years. I've got the genetics, lifestyle is ok, so if I can build up my finances, training, and motivation, I should be able to do it. I love distance. Some people will less aptitude than me can do it so why not me! Very Happy

I hope everything is ok with you for your training, and that you take care of the black ice.


Sue: oh yes training does warm you up, thank God for that it's so cold outside Shocked I'm rebuilding the training gradually Smile it's nice though. Very Happy

Vickish: It's more fun to be positive, and you live life to the full Very Happy Gets some doing though sometimes to drag yourself back on top from the bottom though Smile everybody has 24 hours in the day, and only one life. What we do with it, is really up to us! Very Happy
Continually loving triathlon since 2005 Very Happy

Back in training!
Tue Dec 09, 2008 11:21 pm patriciaa
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Hoorraaahhh! I'm back! I've done the turbo class tonight and it was ok. This time, I got rid of my germ and my body has recovered, still a little bit tired, and some weight loss but everything is ok. I've calculated my BMI and it's 20.2 which is ok so at 18.5 it's 55kg which is the minimum but at 59kg (9st 8lbs or 134lbs) for 1.71 (5'7") i'm still within normal range for a female. And still some curves at the right places. Smile

I've learned that a coach has lost his daughter to mutilple sclerosis. I don't know if I knew her. I need to check with a girl. Crying or Very sad 21 years old, that's so sad.

Tomorrow: swimming, Thursday running Friday Swimming Saturday cycling Sunday running and swimming.

I'm so happy to be back in training. And I'm sending all my Xmas cards to my clients, and doing my invoices too (not in same letter though Rolling Eyes )

I love Xmas! It's a nice time of the year! It helps a lot with the blues of the deep winter. My goodness it's cold outside. Shocked I was locked in for 4 weeks nearly!


Wheezy: yes it's so nice to be back after 4 weeks! And my masseuse said I did not even loose any muscle tone! Smile

DirtyDavey: yes that was very bad, I was tired so a bug hijacked my body, but I won in the end with the help of the antibodies! Smile

Sue: Sorry about talking too much about the insides, I've overshared again Rolling Eyes Thanks for reminding me! It was ok with the bike tonight, I was careful in case of black ice! Thanks Smile

Cenzo: yes I had to stop, but that was hard! Sometimes you've got to step back and have a rest against your will, in order to make a fresh start! You've got great potentials for a writer! I guess you could be a contender to Poet next year for the best blog! Very Happy Poet has set some high standards though! Smile

FaST: I was not always positive during the storm, but now it's over, and I'm looking for a few months of positive thinking to be upbeat and happy (in this life you're better make your happiness with what you've got, and try to improve it! Very Happy )

Dr Dre: no I hope that 2009 will be better! 2008 was a good year but a year of change, and my goodness the changes are always painful when you go through them! The result is good though! We all have our tale of a bad year of mega changes! Very Happy

Steve_r: yes, I will build it up slowly and steadily, thanks so much for reminding me Smile

LynneE: yes, I'm back like my old self! But it was hard to find myself back in all that turmoil Very Happy Eventually you come back to your old self Wink
Continually loving triathlon since 2005 Very Happy

Training H - 24 hrs!
Mon Dec 08, 2008 12:07 pm patriciaa
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Oh I am so happy! By the way, you guys are a great bunch of guys! Very Happy Even when I'm down, you still read my blog! Sorry about the little rant last time, I was mainly on the floor with contorsions due to antibiotics giving me serious colitis, so I'm still trading the eradication of the kidney and bladder infection with serious flatulence, colitis, diarrhea and intestinal cramps so powerful that I sometimes stop and roll on the floor! Hence my blues last time! But one more tablet of nitrofurantoin at lunchtime with a white rice meal with no vegs to increase the starch in the intestines, and I'm FREE from infection after 4 weeks of agony! Laughing Then, I can start the diet with probiotics, yoghurst with good lactobacillus to repopulate the intestinal flora (antibiotics unfortunately destroy both good and bad germs), vegs to remove the toxins lined up on the lining of the intestines, and hopefully I should retake the turbo tomorrow night after clearance of the nitrofurantoin, which is so easy to monitor as you pee a strange dark yellow colour, so when it's pale you've got renal clearance, and the liver should take less than 24 hours to remove any toxins from the bloodstream. And I'm BACK! Very Happy

Swimming: nil Cycling : nil Running: nil

But at least, I'm happy, one more tablet! And it's over, thank God for that. I was very sad to read Leeboy's thread I'm gutted! So many triathletes have injuries, and are weakened. Others and quite a few have had bugs recently, that's the cold and flu season. I hope all of you are OK or getting better from any germ invasion or injury if it's the case. Bel was so upset with not attending the TT Xmas do, poor girl! Crying or Very sad I hope she's ok.

Thanks so much for reading my blog, you've been a great company when I was at my low ebb! From now on, I'll be back on my usual upbeat and cheerful self (most of times, I need to toughen up - I need some of Wiganer's motivation sessions Very Happy "I want YOU to HTFU!" I would even pay for that! Rolling Eyes )

I'll be so happy to report my training log again, even if it will be slow to start with, and I'm going to keep on posting, and most importantly, read your blog and support you! I love it, that fits so well with my high empathy levels! Rolling Eyes I'm a sucker! Wink I can't help it, I'm a MOTIVATOR! Wink

As we say in French JOYEUX NOEL MERRY XMAS (I won't give you my happy new year greetings right now, I'm sorry, I remain French in that respect, these are said from 1st January onwards! So Be patient for the New Years greetings from me! Wink )


Savaloy: Sorry to have spiced up the blog with some blues! It was the antibiotics talking! I was having a bad day with lots of intestinal cramps, so I was reminiscing about the past! I promise to be upbeat and cheerful as usual again! Very Happy

Sue: You did not have any help from my part in sussing me out, you've been reading my blog for too long not to recognise my style, and you're too much of an intelligent woman anyway not to work it out! You're not slow, Sue just very thorough! Wink

Poet: yes I like my selection of races for a beginner! By the way Poet, you've got a superb blog, and well deserve that award (I did notice the quality of the writing, and that's coming from a professional translator!) Wink

Sub10: Yes I like the turbo, but you've got so much structure! The guys at the turbo session do know how to push me up! I'm a typical girl and stay too often in the comfy zone! Rolling Eyes

Cenzo: oh please yes! Pray for me to get a few boring months, oh yes please! I've been on a roller coaster of emotions for the last 18 months, and it's exhausting! Mad By the way, you're a superb writer! I'm looking forward to reading your blog! Wink Thanks for the Xmas pics! Very Happy
Continually loving triathlon since 2005 Very Happy

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