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Basingstoke HM
Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:57 pm patriciaa
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I was working quite happily on my translations the whole months of July and August and did not train much. I did Costwold Classic virtually on residual training. September came and I had a few translations, a lot of interpreting with travelling and preparation, so frankly I thought that the season was over truly and done and I had some relief considering this tough year with total lack of training. Mentally, it was a tough year. At least my mother was better, and I was surviving with just enough work, and was coping with the 2nd failure to regain status with the professional body of translators and interpreters, after being rejected a second time for pharmaceutical and medical translations. I spent a lot of time analysing the reviser's comments, waiting 6 months to get a detailed report, submitted my work to 2 colleagues to have their peer review, and made a plan to revise and try a 3rd attempt, in order to give them what they were expecting. Translation is far from being an exact science, so you can get criticised very easily.

Training was not given a lot of priority, so when I received my number for Basingstoke Half Marathon a week before the event, that was a total surprise! Surprised My PC having died on me, I could not remember if I had entered the event this year! I did Smile

So here we go, another race with barely any prep, but I started steady, kept steady, and struggled a bit from half the course. Basingstoke half marathon is very hilly, and I encourage a lot of people to practise hills before taking on this event. It was a nice and hot day, which I like Smile I did finish the course albeit with some difficulty, due to the lack of training but a nice lady named Monica helped me a lot by sticking with me in the last few miles, and would not take "No" for an answer. I did it slowly in 2hrs43mins - not bad when you hardly train! Even the running club was pleased to see me again after such a long absence.

Basingstoke Half course:
first mile fairly flat/undulated
11 miles of pure undulation/nice hills (do practice your hills)
last mile just slight rise/undulation

The venue is rather nice and friendly, and the support is great. A Hampshire constable did the whole course in full police uniform with all the gear in such a hot day, which is a feat in itself.

I'm glad I did the race, even though this year was not a great year training-wise. I've only got the Gim Original now when I shall meet friends, and try to prepare for it a bit.

Swimming-wise, after my physio did some further treatments, I spent after the last treatment nearly 2 days in beds with like a shoulder paralysis on one side. It happened when I brush my hair. It was excruciating, but I believe now that the last 2 falls in Barcelona in 2009 and 2012, which probably dislodged partially the shoulder or at least misaligned it, was remedied by the physio, when she eradicated all the scar tissues, and helped the realignment. Now my left shoulder is fine, and I shall restart the swimming.

Cycling was scarce, but I'm rebuilding the training. We're coming to the cold season with autumn and winter, and I shall take every opportunity to train on the bike when the weather is clement. I'd like to build up to next year. Finances allowing it, I'd like to do Cotswold 113, 226 and Classic. I'll throw of course Basingstoke HM, Big Wheel Basingstoke, Reading HM, Brighton Marathon, and if I succeed with my 3rd attempt with the professional body (which I've got better chances this time to be back on the registry of professionals), I might venture with Barcelona Challenge.

All is all, gradually I'm getting stronger mentally and physically, and I'm rebuilding the training Smile


Thanks Riri Smile
Wheezy - Yes but I might get more tolerant gradually and hopefully
Continually loving triathlon since 2005 Very Happy

Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:15 pm iainm
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who knew brushing your hair could be so dangerous. Sad sounds like a big plan for 2014 - you'll love brighton marathon, v flat, normally good weather (obviously not guaranteed)
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The Grim is fun Very Happy
Lovely spots
"Don't you dare to come and swim in my lake"
Sunset at Hayling Island
Hayling Island
Copthorne Lake
Hayling Island
Haling Island
Basingstoke Eastrop Park
Channel Crossing Swim

Reading HM
Brighton Marathon
Cotswold series: 113 + 226 + Classic
Barcelona Challenge

Parkruns: pb with 29mins59s
Brighton Marathon Chip time: 5.45.27 Pace 13:10 (with all the 7 toilet stops ) 10km 1.16.16 HM 1.21.20 30km 1.20.14 finish 1.47.34
Basingstoke Big Wheel
Yateley Series PB with 57mins13sec (July)
Costwold 113 8hrs21mins (no training not a PB)
Cotswold Classic
Basingstoke HM

Reading HM 02:28:02
Brutal 10 Windmill 1:26:21 10K
Grim Night Terror 6.7M 1:16:08
Evans Reading 90M+30M = 120M under 12 hours (with crossing Reading)
Cotswold 113 8:00:52.90 (need to sort out more food)
Yateley 10k series 2 59:19
Yateley 10k series 3 60:23
Basingstoke Big Wheel 50M 4.5hours (hamstring injury)
Cotswold Classic 7hrs32 (shaved off 30 minutes with Cotswold 113)
Challenge Barcelona swim 1.47mins bike 7hrs23mins DFed Sad (timed out less than 10K bike leg)
Basingstoke HM 2hrs29mins
Evans Cliddesden 67M under 6 hours with mechanical
Grim Challenge

Basingstoke HM: 2H33M black toes!
Basingstoke Big Wheel 51M 4H10M 2 punctures!
Cotswold 113 HIM 07:55 - fall on run sliced knees
Reading HM 2H18M
Grim 8 8.5M 1H42M

Evans Cliddesden long distance 67M 5H30M Icy weather!
Big Wheel 3.5HRS 50M - with BTS Smile

London Oly Tri: 2H55M - and ill Smile
Barcelona HIM 7H21M - total left thumb dislocation and hairline fracture

Reading HM 2H01M - stones in shoes Mad
Mazda London Triathlon 10/8/08 3:06:44

Asics Reading Half Marathon 2008 2/3/08 2:27:38
Michelob London STD dist. Triathlon 2007 6/8/07 3:09:33
Reading Half Marathon 03 25/3/07 3:03:27

Michelob London STD dist. Triathlon 2006 - 4:21:19 52K cycling lap Mad
Michelob London STD dist. Triathlon 2005 7/8/05 3:09:33
Channel Crossing - solo 1 way

Brighton Marathon

17th March Brutal 10
1st April Reading HM
26th June Cotswold 113 HIM
22nd July Basingstoke Big Wheel
26th August Cotswold Classic HIM
30th September Barcelona Challenge IM
7th October Basingstoke HM
18th November cliddesden Sportive
2nd December Grim Original

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