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Cotswold 113 - Endure 24 - Basingstoke Big Wheel
Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:36 am patriciaa
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Cotswold 113 9hrs 28mins 04secs Cramps and more cramps

A complete slow race.

Swim not too bad but right arm locked completely. My masseuse is trying hard to untie the scar tissues from the 2 serious bike falls at Barcelona Challenge Maresme. The left arm has been freed from knots and tightness and is not hurting anymore. Suffice to say I did not do much prep in swimming. 59mins 42s. The water was lovely and warm, and I swam without a wetsuit. I had covered my exposed skin with zinc cream (Swimmers itch guard) so had few duck itch bites from those parasitic worms taking me for a duck. Luckily human skin is thicker than duck skin and they can't enter the bloodstream.

Bike race was good to start with then cramps. 2 hours then 2 hours 18 minutes for lap 1 and lap 2. Serious cramps again and bloated stomach at the end. I used salt tablets with bicarbonate of soda in the water but the mixture with sugar glucose did not agree with me. Serious stomach cramps. The scenery was lovely and it was a nice day. I got told off by a guy for throwing a banana skin in the countryside Surprised A banana skin. I told him it was a banana skin in the countryside! Git!

Run leg was awful. It was all stop and go and cramps during the whole run. I had a support member of staff who accompanied me for the last loop. I was running and stopping all the time. Cramps and cramps. 3hrs 57mins 41sec. Cramps and cramps and cramps. Even had to lay down for a few minutes on arrival so that cramps would stop. Then I was Ok after about 20 minutes once the belly stopped cramping.

Total 9hrs 28mins.

Race: a very friendly race, which is flat. Lovely scenery, and very quiet reflexion time on the bike. Lovely support from the staff and the marshalls. excellent race for beginners to mid distance.

Endure 24 3 x 5M / 24hrs team with cramps

I only did 3 sets of 5M with a team. I forgot how it was nice to meet again the CPRC guys. With the constant travelling for interpreting assignments and urgent translations, I did not attend many sessions with CPRC. I missed it. It was a very rainy weekend and it was mud all over. I chose minimalistic wear. 1st lap was ok but cramps again. Very muddy and very slippery. I should have bought trailer shoes. I could not run fast because of the shoes and lack of training plus the cramps. 2nd lap night time run. It was interesting, I must admit it was my best lap. The less I could see the better I ran! I got frustrated with a guy running like "a girl and a half trying not to break her nails" Women were running more aggressively than he was! I got frustrated behind him for a while, tried to overtake, got a fast runner trying to overtake me, all in the woods at night with headlights, and shouting right, lack of concentration and presto on my bum. May I tell you that a thick layer of mud does cushion you nicely Very Happy I just landed on a soft terrain which did not hurt at all Very Happy Mr Runner afraid of his shadow kept going but the fast guy stopped to help me but I replied I was ok so he sped up. It's always the fastest guys who are true gentleman and stop, never the slow ones who create havoc to start with. So I ran again covered in mud. Luckily it started to rain again! Most of it was washed off Smile 3rd lap I was a bit tired. 70 minutes. Previous 2 laps about 60 minutes each.

A CPRC member of my running team told me the cramps were psychological and nervousness Surprised All that was self-induced! Mad I need to relax a bit more. Incidentally, I had failed the 3rd attempt at my pharmaceutical translation exam. And I had January, February and March which were not good months then April and May and June very busy. That could have played a part in my nervousness. I need to train more and relax.

Great venue, lovely camp facilities, great atmosphere. CRPC was a great support too. They provided me with a tent (on my own, they anticipated I was not going to share it with a man Very Happy I was not in the mood anyway). Excellent event for runners who wish to have a nice atmosphere. Some solo CPRC runners did 50M and one guy 55M on his own. It's a 24 hour non-stop run with teams or solo. Great race Smile

Big wheel - 7 hours (9am to 4pm) Mechanical problem

I did the 63M. Started slow but steady, did the first 20M no problem. Just steadily, then the gear change cable started to play and harden. Eventually it became impossible to change the gears for the front plateaux so I was stuck on the last 2 smaller cogs. The back was ok. I slowed down dramatically. The cable hardened again and the bike was stuck on the slower cog. Excellent for climbing, no speed on flat or downhill as I could not pedal anymore. Downhill movement with gravity (luckily I've got a few pounds extra to loose so sped up downhill nicely), and flat casual speed touristically touring the course, and uphill normal speed. I noticed there were bikers. I congratulated the cycling support on the bikes. They told me they've always been there it's because I was at the front I never noticed them before. They tried to see if they could fix the bike but managed to put it back in the middle cog for me to speed up. A few hills and I used the lower cog then the bike stayed again on the lower cog. I ran out of food. All bananas were eaten by the previous greedy racers Evil or Very Mad so I seriously bonked out and went hypoglycaemic. I ended up begging for sweets and bananas to the bikers and racers behind me. Luckily some nice guys gave me a few sweets as I was seriously light-headed. I cycled again and felt better about 15 minutes later, I found an ambulance, so went to beg for some sugar. I nearly argue with a St John Ambulance nurse who refused to give me sugar but wanted to do a glycemic test. His partner said nothing and he looked down when I explained to him that I understood what he was doing and had a certain knowledge about procedures and medicine. That was refusal to help someone in danger to impose his authority. Very bad procedure. I would have gladly given him a waiver or OKayed any procedure after having some sugar first. He could have done the test while I was having something or getting me more relaxed first. He insisted on the glycemic test. That was ridiculous in my opinion. I refused and nearly told him something a lady should never say. Luckily a support car stopped and gave me some biscuits. On arrival, I ran to Winklebury Cycles but they were packed. They put the bike on the middle cog again. Surprised Mad I ate the 2 bananas that the ladies gave me on arrival with a medal. I told them I was too low on sugar. (yesssss banaaaannaaaass I had been begging them for the last 4 hours!!!!!). After about 20 minutes, I started to feel better, and most of the light-headedness was gone so I cycled home avoiding the routes with more hills. I was happy to have done it nevertheless. 63M race with commuting 12M total 75M in total. I dranked a lot on arrival and ate foooooooodddddd lovelllyyyy fooooodddddd Very Happy

Cycling race: extremely friendly, lovely support, great scenery, lots of bikers, and good and friendly staff. An excellent venue for starters and beginners to cycling with 5M, 38M and 63M races.

Next events:
Costwold 226 and Ironman Barcelona (it'll be my first ironman as Barcelona Challenge is now Ironman Barcelona). I need to rev up the training.

First, preparation for Costwold 226 and this Friday, my masseuse will try to finish unlocking my right shoulder. I've been informed that I'm a champion if I walk through the finish line under 17 hours Very Happy that's my challenge. I'm the only Vet lady - quitters!!!! Yes, I'm a champion. It'll be my first full distance (bike fall and ran out of time at Barcelona Challenge so arrive 30 minutes too late, should not have chatted for so long with members of the Creu Roja). Wish me luck, I'm going to be a champion Very Happy

Take care and happy training all Smile



Reply: Thanks KP Nut Smile
Continually loving triathlon since 2005 Very Happy


The Grim is fun Very Happy
Lovely spots
"Don't you dare to come and swim in my lake"
Sunset at Hayling Island
Hayling Island
Copthorne Lake
Hayling Island
Haling Island
Basingstoke Eastrop Park
Channel Crossing Swim

Reading HM
Brighton Marathon
Cotswold series: 113 + 226 + Classic
Barcelona Challenge

Parkruns: pb with 29mins59s
Brighton Marathon Chip time: 5.45.27 Pace 13:10 (with all the 7 toilet stops ) 10km 1.16.16 HM 1.21.20 30km 1.20.14 finish 1.47.34
Basingstoke Big Wheel
Yateley Series PB with 57mins13sec (July)
Costwold 113 8hrs21mins (no training not a PB)
Cotswold Classic
Basingstoke HM

Reading HM 02:28:02
Brutal 10 Windmill 1:26:21 10K
Grim Night Terror 6.7M 1:16:08
Evans Reading 90M+30M = 120M under 12 hours (with crossing Reading)
Cotswold 113 8:00:52.90 (need to sort out more food)
Yateley 10k series 2 59:19
Yateley 10k series 3 60:23
Basingstoke Big Wheel 50M 4.5hours (hamstring injury)
Cotswold Classic 7hrs32 (shaved off 30 minutes with Cotswold 113)
Challenge Barcelona swim 1.47mins bike 7hrs23mins DFed Sad (timed out less than 10K bike leg)
Basingstoke HM 2hrs29mins
Evans Cliddesden 67M under 6 hours with mechanical
Grim Challenge

Basingstoke HM: 2H33M black toes!
Basingstoke Big Wheel 51M 4H10M 2 punctures!
Cotswold 113 HIM 07:55 - fall on run sliced knees
Reading HM 2H18M
Grim 8 8.5M 1H42M

Evans Cliddesden long distance 67M 5H30M Icy weather!
Big Wheel 3.5HRS 50M - with BTS Smile

London Oly Tri: 2H55M - and ill Smile
Barcelona HIM 7H21M - total left thumb dislocation and hairline fracture

Reading HM 2H01M - stones in shoes Mad
Mazda London Triathlon 10/8/08 3:06:44

Asics Reading Half Marathon 2008 2/3/08 2:27:38
Michelob London STD dist. Triathlon 2007 6/8/07 3:09:33
Reading Half Marathon 03 25/3/07 3:03:27

Michelob London STD dist. Triathlon 2006 - 4:21:19 52K cycling lap Mad
Michelob London STD dist. Triathlon 2005 7/8/05 3:09:33
Channel Crossing - solo 1 way

Brighton Marathon

17th March Brutal 10
1st April Reading HM
26th June Cotswold 113 HIM
22nd July Basingstoke Big Wheel
26th August Cotswold Classic HIM
30th September Barcelona Challenge IM
7th October Basingstoke HM
18th November cliddesden Sportive
2nd December Grim Original

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