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About Me
33 year old Engineering Manager living and working in London.
Very sporty in my youth ending up playing football to a decent standard. Injuries caught up with me and decided to give triathlon a go as it is more non impact and got nagged into it by my other half.
Below still count:

2012 specific ones,

compete in a road race
run sub 23minute 5k

Beat toughcookie - should be easy
Return to 82kg - may be more difficult
Finish all races top 50% in category
Weigh In

Feb Week 3 - 96.2kg, return of the weigh in pre lent vegan diet.
Feb Week 4 - 92.9kg going to be hard to keep this going

April week 4 - 88kg


Jan Week 1 - 94kg (14 Stone 11lbs)
Jan Week 2 - 93.5 (14 Stone 10lbs)
**** Shopping List ****
Tacx Skewer - Kindly Received.....No more turbo excuses...
Recap - last two weeks
Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:41 pm BackMarker
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In the spirit of not leaving it too long before posts..

Last two weeks

Not a lot to report. Finished crystal palace tri, started new job day after and proceeded to do no training that week due to work and socialising.

Week after, managed a swim with the club, roughly 3.5k in an hour of different sets. Led the lane most of the session. swimming form not detiorated.

Saturday gone did the park run (with hangover) to blow the cobwebs away (2 weeks no cycling or running, but lots of takeaways and drinking. clocked a time of 25.27 so pretty poor. had them cold hangover sweats...

today - managed another park run at a different venue. time 25.35 so slower but a tougher course. No excuses of hangovers this time but sore back from moving home in between.

A dull 2 week training wise but not lifewise...

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Crystal Palace Sprint ( a return to triathlon and my blog..)
Sun May 27, 2012 11:52 am BackMarker
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Having not done a triathlon for well over a year and a half, I was "fortunate" enough to get given an entry to the crystal palace sprint triathlon. This sprint was to be our club sprint championships. There was no danger of me ever winning the club sprint title all short of a complete failure of anyone else to turn up.

Having not blogged for a while.....I had managed to actually get a couple of months of training in prior to the event along with this and a bit of weight loss (not enough...) I was hopeful of enjoying a race for a change.

Being a local event, meant a sensible (ish) time to get up for a 9:10 am start time. The club seemed to be going off in two bunches so there was a chance to race fellow tritons (read see other tritons pass me on course).


I can't remember what i put for my swim time. But a competitor going off before me said he was 13 mins 30 for 750m. I knew I could easily swim this but thought it would be good to catch him steadily and be good to pace off. As it goes I set off and caught him within 3 lengths of the 50m pool. I waited to tap his toes 5m from the end but he had caught the guy in front who had let him pass. Unfortunately the guy who let him past pushed off right before me and I found myself getting held up for the next two lengths by him. I managed to pass him eventually as he wouldn't stop to let me past (FFS). Then I caught the guy in from of him and overtook him also.

Swim Time - 13:06 (reckon i could've gone 30-40 secs quicker, but sill happy).


weighing in at 88kg this course was never going to be for me. Really enjoyed it being closed road and despite the hill every nine laps was really fun.

Bike time - 00:41:04 at 29.2 kilometre/hr. not too bad for a fat b@stard


My worst bit by far. Not managed too much training, I hate running. Felt ok all round the course. Should have and could have pushed harder but I wanted to enjoy myself and get round without being too miserable.

Run Time - 26:09 for 5km. No comment.

Overall Time - 1:23:46 and 134th overall.

Overall a great race, excellent value, friendly marshals and the added bonus of supporting club mates.....i will definitely do next year and would recommend this race.

Oh and I beat my OH for the first time Very Happy

Slight Set Back
Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:42 am BackMarker
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So training all going well and I get another man cold. Not major man flu just man cold but enough to make me ease back on the training.

So in Summary


Club Club Handicap (with man cold) - 5k in 25.45 Disbelief Hunted down like a fat wilderbeast.
Club Sesion (with man cold) - five 1 km reps at 5:15km/min
Club Session (man cold lifiting) - six 1km reps at 5km/min
40 minute run around greenwich and blackheath - approximately 8km


Big news here is I have done some.....If thrashing around in the water with all techique gone counts...

Club session - 45minutes of drills
Club Session - 1 hr of drills. Had to move down a lane just to guarantee lasting the whole session Rolling Eyes


oh dear.....

Going to have to up the ante to be able to enjoy the paddock wood HM in a couple of weeks....Sevenoaks also looming.

Sue - Got in the pool at least
Prawn - Need to get myself a commuter bike first. Cheap fixie shld do the job.

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Results 2012
Crystal Palace - 1:23:46 and 134th overall.
***** 2011 Races ******
Paddock Wood Half Marathon - 27th March completed in rubbish time
7oaks - April - DNS
East Grinstead - May - DNS
Bexhill on Sea - May DNS
Kingfisher - May Completed in rubbish time,...
***** 5K Handicap *****

Feb 11 - 25m 45s (with man flu)

Mar 11 -

April 11 -

May 11-
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