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All about felix

Joined: 19 May 2009
Location: Warwickshire

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Tulsa, Oklahoma
Thu Jul 16, 2009 1:41 am felix
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I have found myself working in Tulsa, Oklahoma over the next couple of weeks. I arrived here on Sunday morning after what turned out to be 24hrs of travelling. The flight from london to Chicago was 9hrs, an 8hr wait in Chicago and then 2 hrs over to Tulsa. Add onto that all the other waiting around and travelling it became an epic journey. Tulsa is 6hrs behind so when I arrived with a few work colleagues it was 5am UK time 11pm Tulsa time and our hosts had arranged to take us out for a few beers!!!!!!!!! It felt rude to refuse so popped out to try and get to know the people I am working with. Thankfully Sunday was day of rest and an attempt to reset the body clock. No training at all that weekend!

I got myself early for a run on Monday and left my hotel at about 6am. It was already very warm with a high humidity. I ran into my first problem straight away and that is the lack of pavements for running! I decided to just run out for 25mins in a straight line and then run back. It was hard work and my heart rate was racing, due to the heat I assume as I felt like I was virtually walking.

Tuesday no training as working and lack of available pool for swimming. I thought I might have access to hire car to try and find a decent pool but that hasn't happened and typical of most cities in the USA you have to drive everywhere and everywhere is 30mins away!

I went for a run this evening and again was struck by the heat it was about 40C. I went at at 6pm with a Camelbak. Again heart rate high so took it very easy! Enjoyed the run but again did not know where I was going so route was just straight out, turnaround and come back.

The food is already annoying me as it is difficult to find something healthy at all. Too much fat and sugar in just about everything.

It sounds as though I am moaning which I guess I am on some things but as we all know working away is never the same as being away on holiday. The weekend should be good as no work and the people I am working with have arranged a weekend of Bass fishing and watersports. A couple more runs this week to tie me over and a few next week will do for this trip and then back into swim, bike and run when I get back home.

Thats all for now...

Bicester and Chichester
Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:14 pm felix
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Almost 2 weeks since I've written anything. Work is just killing me at the moment but still squeezing in what training I can. Home near Shipston, working out of Didcot (I stay there in the week), a few days at Bicester last week and a few days in Chichester this week is typical of the lack of stability of my working environment at the moment. Long days but still getting some training in.

I am off to the states for 2 weeks working, leaving on Saturday. Good as I'll be doing some interesting work but stressful as its more time away from my wife and kids (I've got three). I'll be in Tulsa Oaklahoma. Not sure what the city is like but seems like plenty to do. The hotel appears to have a good gym but only a 10m pool! I'll have a hire car so should be able to find somewhere to get some swimming in. No decent cycling again though. What are those gym cycling machines like, I suppose better than nothing!!

On the plus side I have bought myself a bike. Nothing flash but just could not part with a 1000+ at the moment (hoping to move house soon). Its a Giant OCR compact. I got it for just under 200 of ebay. It seems in very good condition with a few upgrades. The seller also included a set of Profile stryke carbon aero bars, which retail at the moment for 135. The best news is that this bike actually fits me and initially feels very comfortable. Was a bit of a gamble as I had only seen pictures. Thankfully turned out OK. Not your state of the art all singing and dancing tri-bike but will give me a real chance to get the engine in order!!

That all for now and I guess the next blog will be from the USA next week.

A lesson in hydration!
Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:39 am felix
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Taught myself a valuable lesson on Tuesday - DRINK MORE!!!!! Sad I had a run and swim planned but kept delaying the start of the run from the morning to later in the afternoon due to work. The run was hard interval training and it was bloody hot. I thought I was drinking enough to re-hydrate during the early evening and went swimming at 9pm. I did my furthest swim so far of 1750m continuous but at a steady pace. then right at the end of the swim BANG! cramp in my calf muscle Sad Not happy......

Still hurts today but will try a gentle jog later today.

DRINK DRINK and more DRINK!!!!!!!

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