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Joined: 19 May 2009
Location: Warwickshire

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Thu Jun 18, 2009 9:52 am felix
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Arrived in Edinburgh for a conference on Tuesday and checked into my hotel to find out that there was not gym or pool or any leisure facilities, must book things myself next time. the hotel is the Thistle and despite no gym is in a very central location. Hotel room is OK but a bit small. Decided to go for a run on Tuesday evening but had no idea where I was going so just cracked on and in the end did a good steady session. As I'm sure you all know the place is a bit hilly which kept my heart rate racing along at times!!

I'm staying in the hotel along with 7 colleagues/mates which meant that the bars had to be visited on Tuesday evening. i was a good little boy and just had a couple of beers then headed back while the rest of the guys got sozzled.

Yesterday after the conference I took myself off to the Royal Commonwealth pool for a swim. Got there at about 6pm and really enjoyed the 50m pool. I decided to dedicate the session to trying to improve my technique. I felt a bit like the blind leading the blind and using only tips I've read on the Internet/TriTalk probably tried to work on too may aspects of my stroke for one session. There was a Masters class going on in the 2 lanes next to mine and I think that this may be a good idea for the winter. Anybody know of one in Abingdon/Oxford??

After the swim headed back to the hotel, showered and gave into a bit to peer pressure and went out in the Grassmarket area. Too many beers Razz but good company and met a few other friends who work in Edinburgh.

Flying back down south later today and providing I can shake off the hangover will hit the road later for run..........

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Open Water Swim Lake Bala
Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:22 pm felix
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Had the chance to take part in an Open Water swimming competition at Lake Bala in mid-wales today. A bit apprehensive about taking part but put myself down for the 1km swim. No wetsuits allowed!!

I went with a team of 8 in total with most of us looking at it as an introduction to Open water swimming as only 1 had experience. When I arrived the 5km swim had just started and I was a bit dismayed to see quite a few swimmers coming out early shivering to the core.

After the 5km was the 3km and then the1km. Some competitors were just showing off and taking part in all three races and the chance to win the king (or Queen) of the lake.

It was inspirational to see a few swimmers who had had major injuries during their time on military operations, including 2 guys who had had legs amputated. One of them completed all three events and the other done the 3km. It makes you think twice before you say "Oh, I can't do that".

There was 90 competitors for the 1km event and I was a little bit anxious at the start bearing in my swim training listed to the right. However I was in the water and away before I knew it. The water was bloody freezing and I soon wished I'd remembered some of the tips I have read about wearing 2 swim caps. I stuck with front crawl most of the way but did find navigating difficult until I got into a good routine of breathing every 3 strokes for 2 cycles and then every two which is when I lifted for navigation.

I think I came in around 25mins and around 50th out of the 90. So still a very long way to go in the swim training but pleased with the progress so far.

Off to Edinburgh for a few days working so a few runs planned and swimming next will have to be Thursday night. Cycling still difficult in the week, I'll have to come up with a plan soon.

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Working in Newquay
Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:20 pm felix
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One of the perks of being in the military is the chance to go, in work time, and take part in Adventurous Training. This year with organising time short my Unit settled on Newquay as a base for a week of adventurous activity. I had decided that i would also look at the week as a chance to do some hard training.

i arrived there at about 11pm on Sunday night and settled down for some sleep having arranged to take my boss out for a morning run at 6am. The actual place I was staying was in a small village called Hollywell. It is right on the coast and within a few mins of leaving my room me and the boss were down on the beach doing reps up and down the dunes and then taking an easy pace by the sea. It was an amazing start to the week and with the sun still low in a clear sky it really was a picture postcard view.
Once sorted out after the run it was time to get ready for my first activity of the week which was mountain biking. Now there aren't too many mountains for biking up and over but there was some testing terrain and plenty of hills to get the legs working. Some more fantastic views as we spent some time on the coastal path. A good 3 hour work-out.

Tuesday I was off coasteering (me on the far right of the photo). This was the first time I had done this activity and I can strongly recommend this to everyone. The weather was good the sea was perfect and the terrain was challenging. The instructors were very good and if you are thinking of giving it a go then check out . In the afternoon I decided to go for my longest run yet since starting training 6 weeks ago. There is a coastal path the runs from Holywell Bay right through to Perrinporth. the run there and back is about 10 miles. It was done at a steady pace but with lots of short sharp hills to really test out how the endurance and stamina is coming on. It took 1hr40mis so was pleased although rather tired at the end. Went to bed early after a massive tea!

Wednesday was supposed to be surfing but our instructor cancelled last minute so was at a loose end. I went down to watch the coasteering in the morning and then a gentle jog in the afternoon.

Thursday I was down for climbing but changed over to mountain biking(the benefits of being in charge!), not because I don't like climbing but to make the most of the cycling. Did a similar route in the morning as Monday and had a bit of bun fight with some ramblers about the legalities of cycling on the footpath! Decided to make a day of it and went out again in the aftenoon this time out to Newquay and around the coast. Excellent weather and some very hard cycling.

Did hit the bars in Newquay on thursday night so today has been an enforced rest day and travel back.

Overall a great week in a beautiful part of the country, swimming is missing so far this week so will have to get in the pool tomorrow.

On a separate note I have just found out that someone working in an office near me is a very experienced swimmer up to quite a high standard and he is going to run some coaching and training sessions with the aim of putting together an open water swim team. this is could be the perfect coaching i need ready for next year. i have volunteered for an inter services (Army, navy and RAF) open water swim contest on Monday somewhere in wales. It was only after i had volunteered that it became clear that it was without wetsuits!!!! i guess its going to be pretty cold!!

Thats all for now other than I am eyeing up a bike at last. I have decided to stick with a road bike for now as my budget is limited to max 1000. Focus Cayo 105 is top of the list so far butI have yet to meet the bikes in person.[/url] [

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