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Joined: 19 May 2009
Location: Warwickshire

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The first few steps have been taken
Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:09 pm felix
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Well I am now enetered in the Outlaw. The enormity of the task ahead struck me immediately I paid the money and recieved my confirmation email. My good wife is a bit concerned that its going to kill me!!!! I have reassured her that it won't and explained how I intend to get to the start line in a fit state to not just make it to the end but to put in a performance that I can be proud of. She seems a lot happier, at the moment. I'll probably shatter that happiness when I start spending cash left right and centre on all the "necessary" kit and equipment.

Although entering this event is a personal challange that I want to do for just for me, I have decided that it would be a wasted opportunity if I didn't try and raise some cash for charity as well. I have chosen BLESMA as they do a terrific job of supporting our soldiers when they return from operations with some truely horrific and life changing injuries.

Training has been going well and so far since the new year have averaged 2 sessions a day. The snow is getting in the way a bit but thank-goodness for the Turbo trainer for Xmas. I haven't decided how to list my training on the blog yet but will likely be summarised once a week with totals listed in time and distance.
Steve Parker

Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:57 pm Sue
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good to have the good lady on your side
--and as training is upped jut show her the plan of how your not gonna kill yourself over it Wink

Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:09 pm JamieMcP
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Good luck with the journy, and remember to enjoy it!
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