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Team KP @ Locarno Tri 2008

Team KP @ Locarno Triathlon: Age 3-5
Training My Chimp Part 2...
Sat May 24, 2014 11:15 am KP nut
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I have determined that I DO want to run the ONER and the benefits of running it outweigh the considerable costs of getting there. In fact the benefits are massively enhanced BECAUSE of the costs, because setting and smashing preconceived limits is what I love more than anything.

So what will it take in practice?

Well, training obviously! But I did that last year and failed to make the start line, so what else needs to be added to the mix?

Key elements for previous successes (eg JCC and Outlaw) were being focused and committed, getting in the miles and never giving up.

I tried to use the same sort of approach for the ONER, so what went wrong?

The main factors are that I got too scared of the race and bottled it, that the rest of my life was very stressful and busy so my recovery was compromised and my training was just not consistent enough or of high enough quality.

So I need a much more holistic approach that keeps my Chimp confident and committed and that facilitates much better training.

So into the mix will be a:

Health & Recovery Plan
Stress Management Plan
Life Organisation Plan
Nutrition Plan
Stretching/conditioning plan
Confidence/commitment/inspiration plan.
PLUS new and improved training plans.

(Blimey, this is becoming a full time job!)

I have already drawn black lines across key training days in my work diary and am trying very hard not to accept work outside of 'work' time. This is really hard because being self employed makes it feel hard to turn work down. I can't help calculating the amount of money I am rejecting and working out how much that training run actually 'cost' me. I need to stop that and just view the figures monthly as frankly that way 80 hour weeks and madness lie! So step 1 is LEARN TO SAY NO!!

That equally applies to unwanted social contacts as I am a hopeless people pleaser Rolling Eyes

On my first day of learning to say no I agreed to 3 meetings on a NO WORK day. Oops. Still a work in progress then, but since then I have managed to say no to lots of different things. Hurray! And finally I am seeing the gaps appear in my week which I am filling with training. Which is finally starting to feel pretty good again. 20 hilly miles yesterday felt comfortable which is great.

Next stop Outlaw Half Marathon in a relay with Mr KP.

Hope to see some of you there.....
"It always seems impossible, until it's done" (Nelson Mandela)

My Outlaw Race Report:

Sat May 31, 2014 12:06 pm magpie
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Seems like a good plan but a plan is a benchmark to measure actual performance if performance is way off positively or negatively review the plan it aint a straight jacket.Next work out how much money you need add 20% and earn that much that way any surplus is what you are giving your pleasure time for instead of the other way round.This insight has been achieved by twenty years of recovery two nerves breakdowns in recovery and a bad back lol
next year is going to be our year this year is a learning experiance(ye won nowt again)

Sun Jun 01, 2014 5:14 am sooooooooz
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20 hilly miles! ...what a start Cool
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