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Team KP @ Locarno Tri 2008

Team KP @ Locarno Triathlon: Age 3-5
Outlaw Half Race Report
Mon Jun 02, 2014 5:16 pm KP nut
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I love the Outlaw. I love racing. And best of all I love sharing all that with MrKP and the kids. So what better way to spend a weekend than to do the Outlaw Half as a relay with Mr KP cheered on by the KP kids. Cool

MrKP braved the freezing, duck-sh1t and weed filled lake and the lonely bike leaving me the pleasure of a nice flat river or lakeside run with lots of crowds and the finishing chute experience!! Bargain Laughing

But what was a realistic target for the race? To be honest back in Feb I felt so burnt out, just covering the distance felt daunting. Since then I have re-evaluated work-life stuff and removed a load of stress and am feeling loads better. But how much better? I honestly didn’t know.

However based on my ‘suffer as much as possible in less important races” philosophy I set off at sub 2 hr pace which would have been a 5 minute PB. A little ambitious maybe but I figured I could hang on at that pace as long as possible then suffer as much as possible to limit time losses. Not the most effective pacing strategy perhaps but it served the purpose of making sure it hurt!! Twisted Evil

I maintained sub 2 hr pace past half way Laughing ..... but not much past half way Mad

Then at 10-11 miles I did a 10.56 mile. Oh bugger. But I managed to speed up again for the final 2 miles to come in at 2:08, or 9:40 min mile pace

I was pretty pleased to see 5:39 on the clock as I finished as that seemed a pretty good combined effort. Turned out we did it in 5:08 as Mr KP started in the last wave!! Which looks even better. Wink

Disappointing not to be nearer my PB from Chester last year of just under 2:05 but the Outlaw included transition. And that time is damn sight better than I would have predicted a month or so ago!!

I have re-read bits of my blog and it is clear that harder training this time last year was resulting in speed gains. Somehow the HIT disappeared as I got nearer the Equinox as my focus was on mega-long runs (up to 30 miles). And then somehow I never quite found my way back to speed work after the Equinox.

Lesson learnt: Back to Mr KP’s training plans. Ouch.

Magpie: Thanks for the advice. It’s taken me 2 years to figure out that I just need to earn enough not to earn as much as possible!!
Soooooooz: Thanks Cool
"It always seems impossible, until it's done" (Nelson Mandela)

My Outlaw Race Report:

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