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Team KP @ Locarno Tri 2008

Team KP @ Locarno Triathlon: Age 3-5
Wales Trail Marathon
Sun Jun 22, 2014 4:31 pm KP nut
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Me and a million midges met up at Coed Y Brenin for this beautiful, brutal event. It was my birthday weekend - what better way to spend it Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

Kids went off mountain biking which they loved. I set off on what turned out to be a VERY long day which I loved rather less Mad

The run/walk/crawl went all over the National Park, lots of single track, rocky climbs and descents but quite a lot of well surfaced trails too. But continually up and down which trashed my legs and feet quite effectively. Ouch. Also had my usual GI issues which is a pain. I do much better with savoury real foods like marmite bagels or pretzels than I do with gels and sweets. But I thought I'd be ok as it was 'just' a marathon so did not take anything to eat. 15 miles in, no longer able to tolerate sugar which is all they had on aid stations. Oh dear.

Mind games started quite early on - "I'm so slow, this is too hard, should I quit half way" Yada yada. (the route was a figure if 8 so you ran through the start again at 13 miles). I knew I wasn't going to stop so it was pointless spending mental energy on it, but that pesky voice was as annoyingy persistant as the feckin midges. Had a lovely cheer from TeamKP at the half way point, which gave me a boost for about 500 yards and then I settled back into the task of grinding out a painful finish... Even worse I kept being asked by broom wagons whether I was 'carrying on'. YES. But stop bl00dy asking me or I'll change my mind!!

Finally limped home at a fairly dire 6:58:59. But there were a few people still behind me. So at least I wasn't single-handedly holding up all the marshals and the sweeper!

Actually I am very glad I finished. I have developed a bit of a habit recently of sacking training runs because they aren't going well or I'm not feeling good. The Voice Of Apparent Reason tells me that I should listen to my body etc. But I have noticed that the more I quit the more quitting seems an ok thing to do. Well maybe in training (but even then it's a bad habit to slip into) but NOT in races.

I told myself that if I walked away from this race for no other reason than I didn't much feel like carrying on, then I might as well walk away from endurance sport altogether. Because carrying on when you don't much feel like iis part of the deal. Was I prepared to walk away from the Equinox 24, JCC, ONER and AT 100?
If not shut up and run Exclamation

Next stop Outlaw marathon....
"It always seems impossible, until it's done" (Nelson Mandela)

My Outlaw Race Report:

Mon Jun 30, 2014 1:23 pm RiRi
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Well done! Not just for finishing, which is awesome enough, but for toughing it out when your brain was sending you the wrong messages! Must have been so hard setting off again halfway. I would probably have had a bit of a cry when I was out of sight of the family! x
Does it come in pink?

Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:47 am magpie
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well done i think you learn a lot more about yourself finishing on a bad day its great to see you doing it and involving the family wonder what they will be doing in a few years my to lads (32 and 30)do mountain climbing and boxing so you never know the purpose of runs like that lol
next year is going to be our year this year is a learning experiance(ye won nowt again)

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