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Team KP @ Locarno Tri 2008

Team KP @ Locarno Triathlon: Age 3-5
It's Easy to be Fit: It's Hard to be HARD!
Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:44 am KP nut
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After the Eqiuonox I gave myself a couple of weeks off to get over the various niggles that developed during the event. Plus I had a cortico-steroid injection into the hip bursitis which sorted that out very effectively.

Then I launched the next phase of the ONER build-up: A progressive build to the CTS 45 miles Ultra which took place on the ONER route itself on 6th December. It started out intended to be a bench mark/recce run but soon raised its status as a major event in its own right. There were various reasons for this: one was that I didn't (and don't) think the ONER is realistically achievable. However success at a 45 mile route on similar terrain 4 months out from the race would be a massive confidence boost. So I began to see it as a 'must do' as part of the ONER build up. Secondly, training for a training run is not exactly inspiring! And finally because it would be my longest ultra so a new PB. (The Equinox doesn't count!)

I stayed pretty much on target until I got into the peak phase - 3 big weeks in a row with long, hilly, off road B2B runs each weekend: 18/12; 20/15; 25/15

During the second weekend I was meant to be doing the '20 miler' but had no energy or motivation. I felt ok so set off but sacked it after 8 miles. Then later that day I became ill and was off work for the next 2 weeks. Barely able to wander up the lane with the dog, let alone do any meaningful training. Week 3 saw me recovered but still coughing constantly and still weak so didn't run, instead, just slowly increased how far I was walking. And that took me up to race week. So my first post illness run was 5 days before the race. I DNSed which was probably sensible but I know from reading other threads that 'hard' runners carry on regardless. For every sensible DNS there is some nutter running with a chest infection and triggering pneumonia!! (But it was worth it because I finished.... Rolling Eyes ) Or some other nutter finishing an ironman with a busted arm or carrying a broken bike 20 miles into transition.

So here is the thing: I'm not 'hard'. I have a degree of mental toughness, but I can't run while puking, or while coughing hard enough to crack ribs. Don't want to. When ill, knackered and in pain I like daytime telly and Lemsips, not 20 milers in the snow. (Call me crazy but....)

And I am beginning to think that to succeed at challenges as tough as the ONER you need to be HARD. Not just fit with some mental toughness but properly HARD. Can that sort of toughness be trained? Not sure. Do I want it that much anyway?? Also not sure......

So where does that leave me: well I am healthy and more or less injury free. Not a bad place to start. I've decided to stop planning too far ahead: I have a training plan that sketches out a structure to build from now to the ONER. Whether the plan is a) achievable and b) enough for the ONER anyway, I have no idea. And I'm not going to worry about it either. One week at a time and let's see where I end up.....

REPLIES: Thanks for replies. The Equinox is fab. Can highly recommend it!
"It always seems impossible, until it's done" (Nelson Mandela)

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Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:28 pm curry
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My take on it FWIW is that you need to be mentally hard but hardly mental to do The Oner Smile
So running in a vest in the snow is out; so too is climbing Kinder Scout with a twisted ankle!
Training is key plus recovery is vital. I think you are training wisely (doing more miles and quality sessions than me). But maybe you need to factor in more rest during those hard weeks. Plus are you taking extra vitamins to prevent illness?
Keep your eye on the prize Krissie
If at first u don't succeed - tri again

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Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:02 am Sue
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Not hard but sensible.
And maybe it is being hard to admit when you shouldn't do things.
Good to live by one week at a time, see where that takes you, plenty of weeks to see where you want to end up. Good luck x

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