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What have I got myself into?
Current Training
Marathon Focussed 'til December

Mon Sleep

Tue : Swim - 1 hr - 400m reps & drills

Wed AM: Run - 6.5km Easy
Wed PM: Bike 45 mins - 4 x 8 mins threshold

Thu AM : Run - 6.5km Intervals
Thu PM : Bike 30 mins - 12 x 1 mins flat out

Fri : Swim - 1 hr 100m intervals and drills

Sat: Run - 5km Parkrun

Sun: Run - 17km LSD building to 30km by Nov
 How come I end up where I started? 
The Saxon Shore Marathon - Race Report
Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:29 pm 2 scheds
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12 weeks of training done and the morning of the race rolled round. It was an 8 a.m start, which meant up at 6 for breakfast and generally panicking and fannying about before heading off to Deal at 20 past 7. I got stuck behind a bloody tactor for a few minutes, which as you are all well aware is just what you need on the way to a race!!!

I'd been keeping an eye on the weather all week (as you do) and it hadn't got any better. A strong Northerly wind would be buffeting us all day @ 20-25mph - but at least this wasn't doubling up with rain as it did the previous year. I parked up and jogged to the gazeebo that was registration and aid station for the event. Everyone looked very serious, kitted out with camelbacks, buffs and shades, some looked like they where off to the artic. I felt a little out of my depth... But everyone was very friendly and I chatted to a few who would tbe doing the race on both the Saturday and the Sunday. Shocked

The Race

Travvis, the organiser and veteran of well over 100 marathons gave a quick briefing before we lined up and the race got under way. My race plan had been to keep just under 150bpm for the first half of the race and then push on to around mid-150's for the second half - this had worked very well for me at my only other marathon - but from the off that went out of the window. My HRM said 160+, but I felt good and wasn't even breathing that hard, stoopid thing must be on the blink...

The race course is 4 out and back 10km loops along the Saxon shore bike walk route. The first and last 2 km of each loop is on trail, the rest is on the road. All 50 runners strung out from the off, I was in 6th place and would stay there until around 25km. The first 2 out and backs felt OK (although my HRM still said I was trying too hard stoopid thing), running into the wind for 5km was bloody hard work and cold and on the return trip bizarrly seemed to offer no assistance, although it was much warmer. Everyone was really friendly andthrough the whole race we shouted encouraging words to each other. At the half way point I clocked just uder 1:44 - looking good! At 27km I started lapping some of the slower runners and took 5th place from a guy I'd been slowly chasing down, also at about this point also began to feel rough. The off-road terrain was looking increasingly lumpy and what had looked like stones before were now looking like boulders and my quads and calves where really starting to hurt... now who's stupid I started to asked myself.

On to the last lap and I was feeling grumpy and swearing at every lump and bump in the path. The wind had me almost at a stand still and I was struggling to get my heart rate up into the 150's. At the last turn around which marked 5km to go I was in pieces - I nodded to the guy heading towards the turn around who was in 6th, he looked strong and I could tell at that point he was going to catch me. And so it was about another 600m down the road, he actually increased the gap to about 2 mins by the finish!

The last 4 km were hell. I was barely running and when I got on to the rough ground again I was barely jogging. I just got tunnel vision at that point concentrating on just the next step, nothing more as the finish seemed so far away... I got on to the mud/shingle and knew I only had 600m to go. I looked up and could see my family in the distance, the kids jumping up and down having spotted me coming home. I did a double handed wave and clung on to my jog for those last hellish few hundred meters.

Then I was high-fiving Emily and Anya and giving Tash and my mother-in-law a hug - it was done and I was most definetely done!


The nice ladies on the aid station continued to really take care of me, handing out chocolate bars, crisps, crunchy M&M's (they were so good!) and drinks before I limped off to the car to get changed and go home. I was in agony at this point legs locked up, feet on fire, but after a 25 min drive home and lots of swearing each time I had to use the clutch I found myself soaking my aches away in a lovely warm bath... mmmmmmmm

Finishing time 3:39
Saturday Finshing place: 6th of 50
Sat/Sun Finshing place: 11th of 100

That's an 8 minute PW, my only other marathon being a 3:31 - in those conditions and on that course I am much, much more chuffed with myself.
The guy that pipped me to 5th place on the Saturday came home in 3:38. He ran it again the next day in still conditions in 3:24, which gives you an idea of just how bad the wind was as well as how hard as nails he is!!

If you are after a low-key race that is challenging, friendly and ultimately really satisfying, do this one!

I may have a crack at the Sat/Sun looney nutter double myself next year.... Wink
People in compression socks shouldn't throw stones - Icehockeyhair 22/10/2013

Tapering and more bike building
Sun Nov 24, 2013 7:29 pm 2 scheds
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A little more progress made and a few more bits to order this Friday when I get paid...

Marathon preparation is all about the taper now. I did a pretty tough 10km yesterday @ 42 min and a half-mara today @ 1:39 today. So all systems are go!

The only potential black cloud on the horizon is a bruised-type sore throat that seems to be coming on... that can smeg right off.


Prawny & KP - cheers guys.
The race is this coming Saturday @ 08:00 - a god awful time in the morning for a marathon - but at least I'll have the rest of the day once it's done. Cool
People in compression socks shouldn't throw stones - Icehockeyhair 22/10/2013

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Prepared and Preparing...
Wed Nov 20, 2013 12:04 pm 2 scheds
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So, marathon training is all done with my 3rd 30km long run completed last Saturday. My pace would give a 3:22 finish, down a little from my previous long run which I managed at 3:18 finishing pace. But, you know how race day is - hopefully there will be a little more in the tank and that added to race day nerves could have me knocking on 3:15 pace...

Just a half marathon and a 10km planned for this coming weekend, which will seem like a breeze after the 2+ hours runs of late. Cool

Preparations for next years' tri season will be geting under way tonight when I pay my 7Oaks entry fee. Can't believe that when I first did this race 7 years ago , I had time to ponder if it was a good idea, and then eventually decided to sign up a few weeks later. Fast forward to now and the race sells out within hours of going live!!! Shocked

Luckily I've done it enough times to be an "Evergreen" - who get a chance at early entry in thanks for supporting the race over the years - nice touch that.

In light of this race booking I pledge here and now to get back in the pool this December, I really should get out of the IM mindset of "Swimming is cheating". Laughing
People in compression socks shouldn't throw stones - Icehockeyhair 22/10/2013

Decals and staying dry
Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:32 pm 2 scheds
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I have decided to do as many other triathletes have done before me and bin the swimming, for now anyway. TBH getting up at 06:00 four times a week was getting a bit of a chore, especially with the mornings getting wetter, colder and darker. I may have been minded to keep it up, but I don't even have a functional heater in my car a present, for balls to that. I'll have a re-think after Christmas.

The bike project has moved on a bit more, with the addition of the decals:

I haven't had time to spray the clear coat yet to give it that final shiny finish, but hope to get time next weekend. Then it's full speed ahead to the rebuild!

People in compression socks shouldn't throw stones - Icehockeyhair 22/10/2013

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1:35:42 - 32nd of 385 (12th in MV40)

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1:09:09 - 15th of 120 (3rd in AG)

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1:54:24 102th of 143

5km Bike detour !

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