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Larger than your average triathlete, recently completed Wimbleball 70.3 in June 2014 and now on the voyage to become an Ironman.
Getting into a rhythm
Wed Mar 19, 2014 2:52 pm swimbikewaddle
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So 13 weeks and on the countdown.........

Things been going pretty well, especially in the last 3-4 weeks everything seems to have clicked and the race face is on! I have found a greater focus recently perhaps being scared out my mind that I won't finish or make the cut off has something to do with it.

I had a half marathon at the beginning of the month and was hoping to be near PB time but was well off the pace over 10 minutes down, even after the previous week managing a 10 miler at the anticipated pace. In hindsight that may have been the problem, at my weight long distance running takes a lot out of me and I did feel fatigued going into it. Combine this with a lack of nutrition or fuelling up enough and we had a crap outcome. Reviewing it I can see it was stupid, getting caught up in the weight loss and not fuelling and not respecting the distance or time I am on my feet (2.30+)

Since this I have cracked on and got some solid training in, re arranging my plan as such to suit me better rather than trying to bend myself to fit into a 'one size fits all' type of thing. I have also had some great support from friends, swim training 3 times a week with a group of us and being accompanied out on the long rides as well which is really great and I appreciate it as it makes it more interesting. Next week I am off to Lanza on holiday, but hired a bike out there so hope to at least get a couple of 50 milers in from PDC and take in the Femes climb and fire mountains, have been in contact with the shop who have advised on some routes and sent me google maps which has been fantastic. Im taking my trainers and swim kit to so will likely swim the IM course as its on the doorstep. This will be followed by an easier week leading into my first tri of the year a local 400m/15mile/4mile affair which I hope will give an indication of where I am with my fitness.


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