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Larger than your average triathlete, recently completed Wimbleball 70.3 in June 2014 and now on the voyage to become an Ironman.
70.3 UK
Wed Jun 18, 2014 4:08 pm swimbikewaddle
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Firstly..... I MADE IT!!!!!!!

What an incredible day/weekend, made better by great friends and some amazing encouragement from other athletes / supporters. We decided to camp and I was a little worried but we managed to borrow a camper van so we were a little more comfortable. Arriving late Friday evening for a BBQ with my group from the tri club was a nice relaxing way to begin, registered first thing Sat morning and got my nice new rucksack and then did a couple of laps of the swim familiarisation - it was warm! Sat night turned into a bit of a panic as one of the group seemed to have dehydration/heat stroke from the blazing sun we had all day and had to take him to the medical tent, luckily cooling down and water and he was fine for race day.

Race Day -

Up early 4amish to try and cram down some food, went with pan au chocolates but tasted like cardboard, coffee, re check everything again and off we went to the change tent, street gear bags in and then into transition for the walk down, enjoyed this mass walk down but not the hanging around, I just wanted to get in the water.

Finally allowed in, everyone goes right including the pros and seemingly everyone lined up behind them leaving a massive gap on the right which was in line with the first bouy! Questioneed myself why would they do that but never mind I was on the front row with clearish water. Hooter went usual carnage but nothing bad, settled into some nice feet and got myself a tow. Lost my hat and googles somewhere around the first bouy.... oops. Calmed myself down and just continued to sit on the groups feet as couldn't see much at all without them. Out the water in 31:13 to the timing mat. Jogged/walked up the stupid hill to transition where finding my bag went smoothly, opted to put on a jersey for a bit of protection on my shoulders and more pockets, loaded up with gels etc.

Out with the bike and begin the lovely uphill 4 miles to the main loop. Lap 1 uneventful, was cruising along nicely and not taking it too hard. Even managing a smile and high 5 at the top of Haddon. 2nd lap something went drastically wrong, not sure what it was as felt easy but began cramping, sickness etc and had to walk up every hill. Got to top of Haddon and had to get off with cramp again, luckily my girlfriend was there gave me hell for my tantrum of I can't do this and made me get back on! Slowest roll back to t2 ever, must of been under 10mph.

Tantrum number 2 in the change tent as I didn't think there was any way I would be able to run. Decided I could try the first lap, cramping continued to the point where any hard effort resulted in cramping straight away so had to walk all the uphill sections (Luckily so was everyone else around me!) lap 1 done in an hour, if I keep this up I will scrape in for the cut off. Lap 2 tried to push on, cramp again had to stop twice, lap 3 I'm going to have to push it got around an hour but I wasn't moving that fast! Managed to run a few of the inclines to get some time in the bag and got some bananas in me, maybe it was the potassium in those but cramp stopped for the next few miles. Got to under a mile and team mates shouting at me I had to go go go! I said I had nothing in me but dug in as much as possible on the last out and back, got to the corner before the uphill and was told I had around 4-5 mins, oh crap!! I could miss this by seconds I thought tried running up the hill cramp again cue hobble hold hamstring and power walk !! What a sight that must of been. Got to the final few 100m, saw the clock 8.27! Im going to make it!!! Screamed at myself and was so happy, rounded the final corner onto the carpet to the announcer going oh my god look at this!! Probably surprised to see such a big chap finishing in time haha. Gave him a huge high 5 and proceeded to continue down the magic carpet high 5'ing team mates and everyone down the sides! Huge smile on my face and shouting yes!!! I made it!!!! Total time was 8:28:16 I scrapped in by less than 2 minutes, it didn't matter I had my medal
Very Happy

Would I do Wimbleball again - No! But it was a great race, brilliant weekend and has inspired me to do an IM and another half on the way, discussions underway with the boss to see what is allowed Exclamation

Swim 31:13
Bike 4:39
Run 3:05
Total 8:28

Wed Jun 18, 2014 5:44 pm KP nut
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brilliant!! well done Cool Cool
"It always seems impossible, until it's done" (Nelson Mandela)

My Outlaw Race Report:

Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:55 pm DaveMcD
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Well done. Great determination to finish.

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