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Larger than your average triathlete, recently completed Wimbleball 70.3 in June 2014 and now on the voyage to become an Ironman.
Summer update
Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:32 pm swimbikewaddle
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Since Wimbleball I recovered pretty well surprisingly. I had a couple of easy weeks before settling into some more speed focused work for the London Olympic Distance. Believe it was my 6th visit to the race and it was my first tri so always a favourite. A large group of us made the trip up from Cornwall which made it extra special, 10 of us made it into the same wave as well which provided a good bit of fun.

The race went pretty well - the short bike and run did help my times but got around in 2.45 which I was very happy with. How short was it? Not sure due to signal loss on the gps in the Lime House tunnel for the bike and inside the Excel on the run but would say the bike was around 22.5 miles and run 5.6-7. Ended up pretty much halfway for all the olympic waves at 2200 out of 4400, again a pleasing result for someone of my stature shall we say!

Since then I have been in contact and now working with a coach - Russ Cox who has been great so far, I'm only on my 2nd week of coaching but looking forward to what is in store for me.

THE PLAN.......

So after Wimbleball I had the urge to complete my lifetime goal which is an ironman, so I have entered IM Austria for 2015. ARGGHHHHHHH!!! I am amazingly excited but also know this is going to be a long slog to just make it to the start let alone finish. Coaching is part of that plan along with addressing my weight, which has begun and is proving to be fruitful so far. I've also entered some warm up races, managed to get into the Outlaw Half and Windsor Olympic which will provide some race efforts closer to the IM.

The rest of this year is about dropping my weight and enjoyment really, I want to do well in a few local races so focused on those, especially the season ender at Marazion Olympic.

Sat Aug 16, 2014 7:37 am KP nut
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Wow what a great target! Enjoy it. You can only do your first ironman once, so savour the journey Cool
"It always seems impossible, until it's done" (Nelson Mandela)

My Outlaw Race Report:


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