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My 2011 Event Calendar
30th January - Ferriby 10

5th March - Clumber Classic Duathlon

3rd April - Humber Sprint Triathlon

22nd May - Tri Grand Prix Middle Distance Triathlon

26th June - Cotswolds 113 Middle Distance Triathlon

24th July - Ironman Germany
My 2011 Results
30th January - Ferriby 10
1hr 22mins 21secs
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Alpe D'Huez Tri (short)

Ironman Lanzarote
Bananaman Challenge Tri
London Olympic Tri

Merchant Taylor Olympic Tri
UK 70.3
Cowman Half-Ironman
Cambridge Olympic Tri
Ironman UK

Watford Half-marathon
Paris Marathon
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St. Albans Sprint Tri
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 2011 - A year of PB's 
The Background
Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:16 pm samwhi
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So Iíve finally decided to start a blog. The aim is to openly throw out there what I plan to do, my goals and aspirations and of course finally to prove whether I live up to my own hype. Iím never going to beat the world but I know that to date I havenít lived to my potential.

So where did it all start? I donít have a sporting background in any particular triathlon discipline and sport as a youngster was limited to football really. In my teens I got into cycling and put in a few miles a week with a mate of mine at the time. I got older and more distractions came along so the cycling stopped but I carried on playing football for my college team and then a Saturday afternoon pub side from the age of 18 through to 25 when it folded. Not exactly blessed with skill but I had a bloody good engine as I sat in central midfield for 90mins every week. Built for endurance not speed!

When the team collapsed it coincided with marriage to my wife, Sally, and the birth of my first son George. Over the two years that followed I put on three stone in weight and became an absolute mess if Iím honest. I started playing Rugby as a means to get fit and really started to enjoy it. After busting a shoulder in my first season I took a break and decided I needed to get fit for the sport that i was interested in.

In 2005 I started to sort things out and took up running and weight training. After losing three stone over a 9mth period I was starting to feel better physically. I was playing and training for rugby too and getting stronger but that still wasnít enough though. I had developed stomach problems as a result of food intolerances that escalated with such severity that it led to anxiety, panic attacks and stress. Like I said, I was a mess.

Things had to change and five years ago on the 2nd January 2006 they did.

I recalled sitting there at about 1am in the morning watching the Sydney Olympics in 2000 when Triathlon made its debut. At the time I was in awe but never really thought it was something I would do. In 2006 I needed a challenge and focus to get me sorted good and proper. I signed up for the Cannons St. Albans Sprint Triathlon and never looked back. If anything it may have been a case of too much too soon. The 5 years that followed looked something like thisÖ..

2006 Ė Back to back Sprint Triathlons at St. Albans and Spalding placing in the top third overall at both. All that training for it to be over within eight days!

2007 Ė Two sprints, a challenge distance and the London Triathlon Olympic distance. I was the fittest Iíd ever been.

2008 Ė One Olympic distance, two half-ironmanís at Wimbleball and the Cowman and then Ironman UK followed. Training caught me out and I finished in15hrs 25mins.

2009 Ė First race of the year at Ironman Lanzarote finishing in 16hrs 23mins. Not happy but then I had done the bare minimum training due to working away from home. Poor approach to training followed with disappointment at the London Triathlon Olympic distance.

2010 was supposed to be a comeback of sorts. Work/family balance would be better due to relocating to Yorkshire and I would be able to put in some serious training time. I would need it as my ĎAí race was the Alpe DíHuez long course triathlon.

The first 5mths of the year was great. Cycling twice a week and plenty of running saw my average times tumble. Things were going well. Then in May my Dad was taken ill in Egypt while on holiday with my Mum. My sister and I flew out to help bring him home. While there I contracted the same stomach bug as my Dad and the illness knocked me for the following 6wks.

I recovered though, but my Dad didnít and he passed away at the end of June. Four days later I took part in the Windermere Triathlon. It was a disaster for many reasons and after a minor breakdown at the side of the road (mental not mechanical) I withdrew. 3wks later and I arrived in the Alpes with the family (plus many others from TriTalk!) for a much needed break and the race itself. I was nowhere near ready for the long course and ended up switching to the short course. Despite the worst preparation possible I managed to stumble round and that was it for triathlon in 2010 for me. Out of five races entered i only started two and finished only one!

You might be asking why Iím rambling on about the past five years and all my disappointment but its all relative to where i want to go. Towards the end of the year I started to reflect. The last two years have been pretty naff from a training and racing perspective and personally its been a slog due to work and family issues. Iíve put back on two of the three stone that I lost not that long ago. I felt I was in danger of ending up in a mess again with only myself to blame. Things had to change. Again.

This blog is about the start of something new. Iíve learned a lot about training and racing since I started and most importantly I know, deep down, that I havenít yet reached my triathlon potential. Iím not sure what it is but I want to find out.

This year is about pressing the re-set button. The goal is to set a PB in each distance that Iíve previously done. My main goal is a PB at Ironman Germany in July but along the way I intend to set new standards for myself in both training and racing.

Iíll start with a sprint distance triathlon in April followed by a half-ironman in May prior to the Ironman. Iím now looking for an Olympic distance event towards the end of the summer.

Iím still feeling the effects of flu and everything that is Xmas and new year but writing this makes me feel rejuvenated. More detail on the specific challenges and how I will go about it will follow.

For now, Happy New Year and good luck to you and your goals for 2011. Its going to be a belter and I canít wait!

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Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:44 pm savaloy
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Welcome to blogland Sam. Good first post Cool
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Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:52 pm samwhi
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Cheers Sav. No idea what i'm doing with it yet but i'll keep trying. Its like learning to use a computer all over again!

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Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:34 pm KP nut
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Thought provoking, moving and inspirational first post. You know one of the great things about life is that at any point, anytime, anywhere we can press a reset button and start afresh. One of my favourite quotes is "what you practice is what you have". Or to put it another way - the quality of your life is determined by the focus of your attention. If you practice worry, stress, overeating and being a mess then that's what you have. If you practice positivity, goals, commitment, gratitude, peace etc then that is what you have. Life is so challenging and sad at times. But we still have choices about how to respond to those challenges and tragedies. As you have shown. Here's betting 2011 is a great year for you. Smile
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Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:48 am SheilaP
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Good to see you in blogland Sam. Great post. For lots of people blogging and getting it out onto paper is cathartic so don't apologise for the rambling.

Good luck with making 2011 a good year. x
Bored of trying to prove something.
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Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:14 pm Sue
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welcome to blogland
had tears in my eyes fromyour blog,thanks for sharing
your ready again to restart, a lot of learning fromthe past,time to "do"
so good luck foryour hopes in 2011

Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:18 pm samwhi
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Thanks All.

Really didn't expect any replies to be honest but i'm really glad you have. Its a bit like a mixture of therapy and motivation. Wait until i post target times, then i'm screwed!

My Blog A year of PBs

Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:11 pm BackMarker
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I can relate to very much of your last post. Best of luck with your season

Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:13 pm Big Ted
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Sam - nice first blog post. All the very best with it fella - sure i'll be checking in once in a while to see how its going. Smile
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Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:38 pm RiRi
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Good start Sam! Look forward to seeing what you get up to this year. Should see you down the Dive Site soon - swam in January and February last year, but official start is April!
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