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well that's two done, what next…………….
Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:03 pm mrsmac
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life wise it hasn't been a great couple of weeks. in terms of my second triathlon, compared to everything else going on I was really looking forward to it, quite calm and ready. weather looked like it was going to be great.


PMT!!! day before triathlon didn't feel quite right and out of sorts. terrible nights sleep just far too hot!!! woke up feeling crap. everybody was annoying me and getting in my way. the lady in my wave who would not shut up before the start line about how many triathlons she'd done - but none in the pool, hadn't ever swum without a wetsuit blah blah blah. the marshals who couldn't decide whether i should be in the water or not in the water, then shouted at me for not being in the water and telling me time had started. swum was terrible. sank like a stone and went backwards. so disappointed after all I had spent most of my time working on my swimming and nerves and panic got the better of me. i think I was last or second last out of my wave to exit, and ended up a minute and a half behind my target time - hopeless and worse then when i swum alternative front crawl and breaststroke.

onto the bike. spent an hour shouting at myself for being crap! it was a long hour. actually an hour and 7 mins which i was really pleased with (eventually) as I was faster than my target time of 1hr 15. PMT does really stupid things to your brain and your self confidence and one a small part of me had sense which was to say look at your watch you dumbo you are doing fine. it is hard though when loads of people overtake you if your brain is not mentally on it you will be tough on yourself. i didn't even see the camera man and look really cross on the photos.

it was a long way from dismounting from the bike to transition. but actually ran really well and was really pleased. an out and back route and lots of numbers around so brain couldn't play any silly games with me. did 6250 km in an annoying time of 40mins 16 seconds. although i was conscious of my ability to run annoying times i really had nothing left at the end, which is always a good way to finish. i have a habit of doing annoying times but I was really pleased to be under 10min/mile pace.

a great day and pleased to have avoided the bottom 10 again!!

total time another annoying time of 2hr 05mins, well thats a target to aim for at next years!

got the post event blues, especially now the weather has changed. don't know what to do next, but I know I have some unfinished business with the swimming, and will keep that up, as well as my fortnightly session with the running club.

thats my physical challenges done for the year, achieved great steps in my own challenges, but admit these are only tiny footsteps in the world of triathlons.

now feeling calm - 1 week to go!
Mon Sep 22, 2014 1:05 pm mrsmac
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the good thing about blogs is that diarising everything makes you particularly spot patterns in your train of thought. mine is that with between 4-2 weeks to go I get extremely panicking and don't think i am ready. now with a week to go I am quite calm and ready. confident in my own abilities and ready for my own race. WOW listen to me!!
well it was a good week and weekend. nice hour interval session with the running club, great for me to try and find some speed in my legs (not something i naturally have!!) fab bike ride on saturday where i cajoled my hubby and daughter to spend a couple of hours riding the bike route with me - they were in the car! great to know the course is not easy, but easier than the one i have been training on!! and finished with a good swim on sunday.

Will probably rest up this week, swim lesson on thursday just to recap on main technique. oh and my new tri shorts have arrived. what a revelation, although the padding is slightly minimal sure to cover me on the 17 mile route.
bring it on!!!

Pre race Jitters - Start times published- 2 weeks to go
Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:40 pm mrsmac
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yes my second ever event is in two weeks and I have the serious case of pre race jitters. not helped by:
1) a dismal bike ride where legs seemed to have stayed at home
2) discussions post swim lessons with other people who have entered. you know the i'll do the bike ride in 50 mins, i'll do the swim in x mins, i'll finish in x time.

Its hard to get caught up in these and I try and stay away from them if i can, as I know I will be at the bottom end of the finish times towards the end and I'm trying to do MY race at MY pace but somehow these conversations combined with a bad training day often make me feel like i am not good enough.
i did have a great swim on sunday and did 30 lengths, the most I have ever done in one session!! and I did have a great run earlier on in the week 5 miles in 50mins. I really need to focus on my own confidence in the run up to the event, its just i'm worried the bike will kill me!!
I am aiming to cycle the course next weekend which I think will help greatly. I am looking forward to the run as it is an out and back route which i like.
ordered some tri shorts which will give me a boost - new sports clothing always does!! as i realise i need the padding this time on the cycle, i did without last time and i can't run in my cycle shorts, well thats my excuse anyway.

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