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a summary of the weekends achievements - training wise
Tue Aug 26, 2014 12:24 pm mrsmac
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friday - did manage to get out but toilet trouble led me to going home early. bit too close to tea i think. note to self tea after running, not before!
pleased though i broke the duck and was starting to get into my stride.

failed to get out on bike. nil points for me. should have gone sunday. but reading a recent self help book suggests removing the phrase "should have" completely. instead rephrase. I chose not to go cycling and instead had a family day out.

swimming monday. ten out of ten for me. not sure whats more nerve-racking. a swim session with a full pool or a swim session where the pool is empty. well me and one other lady. really pleased with my swimming as i seemed to have remembered most of thursdays instruction. Swum the required 16 lengths for the next event, and put another 10 lengths on top of that. progress. huge progress.
ok so i'm still slow. the lady next to me doing breastroke with head above water was more or less the same speed as me. BUT taking away the positives i felt i was swimming much better etc and I've done the distance and i feel that some speed can be added in the next few weeks.

and in other stuff.

survived the school shoe shopping experience - thats an ironman in itself!
i did almost see red mist when the lady starts talking low stock in the smaller shoe sizes.(having waiting 30mins!) luckily for all shoes acceptable to my 7yr old did fit which cost a fortune and we exited promptly after paying. a good test of mental endurance!

swimming - the highs and lows of relearning how to swim
Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:26 pm mrsmac
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last nights lesson/session was a bit of a roller coaster. started off actually not being able to do anything, couldn't even put goggles on without them leaking. couldn't breathe, anything. there i was feeling very ridiculous and stupidly near to tears in the middle of the pool. nearly left. but i didn't!!
actually pat on the back goes to the instructor. back to basics stuff and got my confidence (and my goggles) sorted!
then a new exercise and suddenly there is that light bulb going on moment when you suddenly realise what your arms are supposed to be doing. hooray!!
I know this is all really basic stuff but achieved more last night than previously, and I can now feel that we can move forward and feel confident about the forthcoming 16 lengths.
admittedly legs aren't being worked on yet,(actually harding using them at the moment) and there is still a lot to do, but a huge leap in swimming progress I feel. I hope I can take what I've learnt today for my next swim on my own.
Arms actually brought the main course to the table shall we say!

next need to negotiate a 3/4 hr run tonight before light goes. need to order hi viz vest.

good news been in touch with the running club. training is same night as swimming lesson, an hour before. oh well thats turning out to be a good training night!!


swimming tonight
Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:25 pm mrsmac
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on my last post i should have added that we have just returned from hols. trying to hold back the panics. but swimming lesson tonight which i hope gets me back into it. looks at the plan i've downloaded I am on schedule for my next event so need to keep reminding myself that!

I did do a 4 session boot camp whilst on hols which i'm pleased to have done and whilst didn't in anyway match my plan for that week one of my many mantras is its better than nothing! reminded me also that i hate lunges and press ups. running swimming cycling so much more fun. we also did a thing called "get ups" simple but strangely difficult and hard on the legs. lie on the floor o your back and get up. with a dumbbell. try it, 16/14/12/8/6/4 times!

also to remember that since returning to real world on sunday i have managed to wash dry and iron a load a day (although did a tools down moment and the rest can wait!)

diving home from work I have passed a chap on his bike every day more or less for the last 10 years. He is I guess in his late 60's with a wonderful "airline pilot moustache" and goes like the clappers. I noted he was wearing a base layer yesterday. note to self to dig out my layers looks like the temperature has definitely changed!

must also order high viz vesty thing for running.

swimming tonight, i am not yet back in the routine where you get through many daily tasks almost blindfolded. don't forget goggles and I am going to get a cap. new shorter hair cut drove me potty last time. going through catch up exercises in my head.

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