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this week
Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:02 pm mrsmac
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good swim again last night, progress continues. you will see me in the pool long, streamlined, efficient etc etc!! worked on head placement last night. arms now seem to know what to do without too much thought and apparently i was getting nice rotation too. breathing much improved now managing 3 strokes between breaths as well. all seems to be sinking in and i am feeling more like a proper swimmer!

sadly didn't make the jogging club meeting/training childcare issues again! it was sunny too doh!

and in other stuff
left hubby to order school clothes and the wrong colour trousers have come which need sorting. also name tags in all other of miss macs new clothes, which due to growth spurt is everything!!
we are all looking forward to back to school and a routine. i am fed up of the drive to holiday club (we live next to the school) .

this week is summarised by lost training opportunities mixed with great swimming progress.

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