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last week - training attempts continue!
Mon Sep 08, 2014 12:51 pm mrsmac
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last weekend was good, managed a good cycle ride 18 miles, still worried about the event in 3 weeks, its a long way for me! also managed the run too. not together though.
then got completely stressed out on monday, missed out on swimming as i felt crap before, so i didn't go, and felt crap after because i didn't go!

onwards to tuesday. straight from holiday club to daughters friends house for tea. forgot about pre arranged running with neighbour. quick text to apologise and returned home knackered and stressed again.

wednesday back to school. small cheer!!! routine routine routine! still felt exhausted and stressed.

made running club on thursday which was fantastic and really great. great bunch and friendly etc etc etc. in reality i was pushing it going swimming after as i got really bad cramp in leg and went home early a bit disappointed. but it was warm that day and i had loaded a tonne of logs into the wood shed so probably overdid it a bit.

swimming sunday as lessons start for my daughter so me and hubby go and do some lane swimming. it was busy but a good test it might be like that at the tri.

which brings us to monday today and trying to fit in something in between tea, bedtime a dance class drop off for daughter!! happy days.

got some iron tablets at the weekend, as feeling quite run down and lacking in energy. hope they help!

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