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need to focus - on what, and who with!
Mon Oct 27, 2014 1:39 pm mrsmac
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still reading swim bike mom, and I got a little annoyed with the slightly hollywood feel to this read when how lucky it is that the guy that takes her spinning class is a triathlon coach! and so she employs him. I'm being a little harsh I know, but a) to have a spinning class at 6am that is in the same building as her work and b) that the guy turns out to be a triathlon coach and suggests it to her.
clearly the excuses are starting already, too much use by me of the word can't - but maybe I do need to focus on what I want out of this and also how am I going to get there. why shouldn't I get a coach, although the ones I have found on the internet maybe aren't looking to get this mum doing an olympic/long distance triathlon. maybe I do need to join a club, even if it is a bit of a trek. maybe it is going to be tough managing this on my own.

swimming - purchased my own kick board and pull buoy will make my own swim session more effective, rather than just swimming.

targeting a spin class on tuesday

running - interval training for speed.

ps xmas list is set up - multisports gps with HRM on the list as well as cadence thingy too. well i feel i need the tek to take this forward.!

still a little bit lost in translation but getting there.

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