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pre transplant
Thu Nov 17, 2016 3:25 pm tri3hrs
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How did it all begin?
Well started to feel ill in mid January 2016 going off food and feeling tired. By the end of February the smell of cooked food caused me to throw up. So back to the doctors early on a Friday morning and a blood test by half two that afternoon I was on my way to the local hospital.
After several weeks of regular daily blood tests, a liver biopsy, CT scan, MRI scan and my condition worsening to the point I couldn’t walk 20 Meters ( a real shock when I was walking seven miles a day in work right up to the end of January ). The decision came to seek a second opinion from the specialists at Queen Elizabeth hospital Birmingham. They then took over control of my medications and started reviewing all my results. A week later I was in an ambulance on my way to Birmingham.
Once I arrived at Birmingham at 9:30 pm after a small detour to the wrong hospital I was met by a nurse and told just relax get myself some sleep and a consultant would be along to see me some time during the night. She duly arrived at 1:30am and what a breath of fresh air and professionalism opening comment “right let me tell you what has been happening “ such a change from being asked by every doctor I had seen. She then proceeded to tell me exactly what had been happening right from day one. Put a cannula in me took more blood and told me to get some more rest and I would be seen tomorrow Saturday yes a doctors round on a Saturday. Well little did they and I know that they would indeed see me early on Saturday as I was showering my cannula came out and the next thing I know is I am coming round on the shower floor completely naked with a nurse standing over me. I had pulled the emergency cord. After passing out several more times and being attended to by a full crash team I was safely in bed receiving fluids.
The testing continued for the next few weeks along with various drugs and vitamins to support me and help me improve. Then I slowly realised that the tests were taking a different track heart checks etc. as a transplant had been discussed in the early days at Birmingham I realised that they were now getting serious about a transplant and the option of a transplant was actively becoming a reality.
So early May I was put on the transplant list and the waiting began. Actually on the day I got married in hospital. I was not well enough to go home some 100 miles away so had to stay in hospital being carefully monitored until a donor was found. With the help of the hospital staff I continued to do all I could to improve my fitness mostly by short walks. Sometimes overdoing it and returning to bed to immediately fall asleep for the next hour or two. But I could see the improvement day after day 10 meters at a time.
Despite all the testing both before and after my transplant the cause of my liver failure has not been identified something that happens only two or three times a year.
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New chapter after liver transplant
starting with Chirk April 2017
Have you registered to be an organ donor ?


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