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Transplant time
Thu Nov 17, 2016 3:26 pm tri3hrs
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Eleven days after being placed on the list I got the call it was the first night I had spent with my new wife in relative’s accommodation on the hospital grounds. Well I slept for an hour which was quite good for me at the time. So that was it early hours of the morning I was walking back to the hospital two coats and two jumpers on. I was accompanied by two nurses who had brought a wheel chair for me which I refused to get in until I was so close to the ward that the nurses would get into trouble for not following the rules. Also there was a bit of self-preservation as I got very cold very quickly and took a very long time to get warm again so walking up hill to the hospital help keep me warm.
The operation was an amazing success and two days later I was back on a ward. Thanks to an amazing donor and his brave family confirming his decision to donate at a very difficult time. Nine days after the operation I was discharged and spend the first few days at Fisher House (relatives accommodation for service personnel and their families ), We made the journey home four hours of total agony due to traffic congestion and back pain from my transplant surgery.
The following few weeks were spent recovering and starting to build up my fitness again as well as running round trying to get medications. The fitness started with a simple walk around the block and walks around shopping centres during bad weather. Progressing onto mountain bike rides down the local canal. This all interspersed with regular visits back to Birmingham for check-ups usually every two weeks.
Then suddenly I started to get severe pains in my stomach just as Birmingham contacted me to tell me they had found a CMV infection in my bloods and wanted me to start tablets immediately. A fruitless afternoon followed trying every chemist in my local area and the local hospital. I resigned myself to waiting till Monday morning to contact Birmingham to get the tablets sent to me or going down to collect them. My body had other ideas as by Sunday night I was in absolute agony so my wife took me off to the nearest A + E attached to a hospital with a liver unit. There followed four days of frustration trying to get the correct medication and fluids due to me having severe diarrhoea. Again I was transferred back to Birmingham where I received three weeks of intense treatment.
IMUK 06 13:21
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IMUK 09 15:51 tough old day next year
New chapter after liver transplant
starting with Chirk April 2017
Have you registered to be an organ donor ?


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