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Thursday Ramble
Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:40 am Roscoemck
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Went to the pool last night, confession time, didn't do any freestyle practice. I felt like I just wanted to swim and relax without having to concentrate on what I was doing. May sound daft, I just needed a break.

Current thoughts are that I'll have to breaststroke if I get into this sprint in May as my freestyle will be nowhere near good enough. Anyway.......... did 1000m breaststroke, 2.52/100 and 37 SWOLF. Not very impressive figures I know, however, it's my first time under 3 minutes per 100m and my first SWOLF under 40.

Went out for a run at 0430 this morning, 4 miles steady pace. Felt good, nice and relaxed. Right hamstring/calf a bit tight, have been that way since cramping on Monday.

Will hot the gym for some weights and core after work.


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