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T-rex of Tri
Joined: 13 Jan 2005
Location: Wellington, NZ

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Below a couple of profiles on different sites:

Hill Running
Need to put some 2009 and 2010 results in here... in truth the last 2 good races I did were in 2008, couple of good halfs on hard courses, since then bad form, illness and bad execution have got in the way.

2008 Races

Ironman New Zealand- Taupo, NI
S3.8k B180k R42.2k
Time - S:1:13:08 B:5.20:14 R:4:04:02
Position - 257/1080
Happiness - 9.5/ 10
Great race, very solid result.

Challenge Wanaka Ironman - Wanaka, SI
S3.8k B180k R42.2k
Time - S:1:11 B:5.30 R:5:06
Position - 57/119
Happiness / 10 - 8
Great race, not great result.

2007 Races

K2 Road Race - Thames, Coromandel
B192k - 2300m vertical
Time - 6:54:13
Position - not 1st
Happiness / 10 - 6
Blew up at 100 miles!

Scorching Duathlon
distance 5/20/2.5
Time - 1:18
Position - 8 / 25(ish)
Happiness / 10 - 6

Levin Half Marathon, Taupo
Time - 1:38:00
Position - 83rd Open Male from 300+
Happiness / 10 - 7/10
Not fast but great to finish in one piece.

Wellington Half Marathon
Time - DNF
Position - Last
Happiness / 10 - 0/10
Through 5k in 7 min miles then hit curb and ripped hand up again Doh

Xterra NZ
Time - DNS
Position - Last
Happiness / 10 - 0/10
No chance of starting with hand.

Odyssey MTB ride - 300k
Time - DNS
Position - Last
Happiness / 10 - 0/10
No chance of starting with hand.

R&R series MTB race
Time - DNF
Position - Last
Happiness / 10 - 0/10
2.5k in and cut hand to smitherenes, 4 days in hospital

Wellington Standard Distance Champs
Very Windy Day - 18/3/07
S1.5k B40k R10k
Time - 2:28
Position - 15 / 60
Happiness / 10 - 8/10

Ironman New Zealand 3/1/07
S3.8k B180k R42.2k
Time - 11:47:42
Position - 395
Happiness / 10 - 7/10

McMillan Memorial Du - 28/1/07
R2.3Mi / B4.6Mi
<30 Mins
2 / 12
9 / 10 - Hello Mr Hurtbox!

Greenmantle Dash Hill Race - 2/1/07
51 / 119
6 / 10 - downhill poor

Edinburgh NYD - 1/1/07
S400m B11mi R3.5mi
S7:40 B36.59 R27.07 - 1:13:51
23rd of 317 finishers (less some teams) S41, B25, R43
7 / 10

Happiness / 10
Personal Bests
These need updated, the ones that I can think of that are wrong are: 5 Mile, beat this in the same trail race 3 years later.

10 Mile, I'm aware I've been through half marathon 10's quicker.

5k - 19.46 - 25/9/05 (Scottish Aquathon Champs)
5Mile - 32.35 - 26/8/05 (Kilmarnock Trail Race (went faster in '06)
10k - 41.12 - 10/5/05 (Troon 10k)
10Mile - 72.21 - 8/5/05 (Deeside duathlon - gone faster in halfs)
1/2 Mara - 90.50 - 6/09 (Christchurch Half)
Mara - 3:41:21 - 2/10/05 (Loch Ness mara)

10 Mile - 22.51 - 07/11 (Old Loans Course)

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The Big Triathlon
Tue Sep 26, 2006 11:08 am T-rex of Tri
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After the Scottish Aquathon champs I gave myself a week of eating to prepare for the second biggest challenge of the year (so I thought) after Ironman and did very little in the way of training, a bit of swimming and running Monday and Tuesday (2k swim about 8 miles running) but then things got in the way of doing anything else in the week.

Friday night - pasta party - You can tell that you're doing a proper race when the amount of food at the pasta party is so much more than anyone can eat, I think it is the race organisers way of saying that you've got a big day ahead of you, eat well.

It was good that there was someone there from my second tri club as the competitors at the race were a lot different to ordinary triathlon / half ironman competiton in Scotland where I might normally know at least a quarter of the field. Slightly odd that Sooz wasn't there competing as I'm usually more worried about her nerves than my race.

Anyway, we decided fairly early after the briefing that we had a big day ahead of us and should head to bed. I was staying at the Youth Hostel and so was in a big dorm and the light was left on early doors. It was as well that I was shattered from doing lots of work for my dissertation in the week and was out like a light around 2100.

Woke up at 0500 and attempted to get out without disturbing too many people. Got down to the kitchen and there were 3 people in there, we were clearly all doing the same thing, started chatting to them but got a row for talking before 6 in the morning from the night porter Frustrated , we had breakfast in silence.

Along to the race venue and set up transition, this took ages as it was dark and I didn't have a clue what I'd need for the day, I figured pack too much rather than too little and had all sorts in my transition box. Very much acting clueless to anyone that was asking me questions as I became less and less certain about the race.

At this point finishing the race wasn't very important to me, I was just going to see how I went.

Swim - so eventually we're off, start was delayed by 15 minutes (0715) as it was a little cloudy and to ensure we had light. Swim was totally uneventful it was in a sea loch so slightly salty but not too bad and it was flat calm. A few of us managed to pack well in the swim to form a second bunch, some of the good swimming triathletes were leading the swim (where sometimes in tri you might see swimmers who aren't triathletes up front). The buoys were pretty good and sighting wasn't a problem.

Getting out the swim was a bit of a problem though as I just couldn't get my footing, one time when I did I had some to$$er do a dolpin dive next to me, I think I then told him that "he wasn't that good" as I fell over again and had to pick myself up. Eventually out the water in 37 minutes for 1900m - par for the course this year.

At this point the race mattered no more than it had before, not that bothered about finishing if things got tough.

T1 - long day ahead of me and so took it easy through transition, put on some rolled up arm warmers in case it was cold up top on the bike and only had a tri top on. Turned out I didn't need them. Cycled with socks on which I don't normally do but I wasn't 100% sure of my MTB shoes for long distance so why take chances. A slow T1 at 4 minutes but no bother really.

Bike - Starts on the road and I take it out casually and then the first of the days hills hits us as we go up the Lundavra road. I had driven this road before a couple of years ago during an ultra race where I was backing up a friend, it brought back memories as I was very hungover that day but I couldn't remember there being this big kicker in the road (I couldn't remember much from that day though to be honest). The road just snorted up to start with. I went past 4 or 5 people up there and when we got to the top there was a noise like something was rubbing on the bike, it was my speedo wire was rubbing the tyre as I hadn't set it up too well. So 2 or 3 of the people I passed up the way came back passed me.

My bike is seriously heavy so I was shifting up the hill to go passed people but onto a slightly flatter section and I was trying to get my breathing under control, it wasn't really happening. Once we hit the first ascent of Cow Hill I jumped off and walked it up, I figured 2 or 3 mph while conserving energy walking would have been better than 4 or 5mph and killing myself.

After the first ascent a technical part of about 1k to 1.5k it wasn't fun the first time as you didn't know where you were going or just how technical it was going to turn out. A lot of breaks used there and lost some places.

The technical part lead into another long drag along the top of Glen Nevis and this is the first time that you see your tormentor, the real mountain looking down on you:

It's the one at the back and it looms large over you throughout.

At the end of the drag it was down a short tricky technical bit which all but one or two of the field jumped off to go down, half way down this technical bit the only girl in the field went passed me as she was still on her bike as I was taking it easy. She got to the bottom of this and then fell into a ditch (servers you right Twisted Evil ) but she would learn her lesson and was happy to jump back on.

Then to the first lap's road section about 3 or 4 miles along Glen Nevis with some short sharp climbs along the way. My Cinelli Spinachi tribars were a god send along this part and I was sticking in 18-22mph for the road section as it was slightly downwind, I'd hate to think my average speed if I didn't have them.

It was 4 laps of this loop, the second lap I was developing a headache and not feeling very good (legs were like lead) and I was starting to question why I was there, a common experience when I've been racing too much (oh yeah and this thing was still looking at me):

At the end of lap 2 the race was starting to mean less to me and I thought I could pull out with some dignity. But I got to transition and decided that I might as well continue as I wasn't injured just sore all over and scared of the nasty mountain.

The race was meaning much much less to me now, pulling out was an option.

Lap 3 was even harder and I was walking even more of the uphills on the bike and trying to conserve energy. I even had a moment of swearing at the path, I was getting dizzy and nauseous and got up to a fork in the path and breaked dead on the road and couldn't work out where I was going. The left fork was taped over and I couldn't see the right fork, it just didn't make sense to me, oh dear I was in a bad way. Got through but feeling terrible, I know I'll stop at transition, apologise for being rubbish and underprepared and skulk off.

Race meant nothing to me then.

Got to transition, people cheering, acht might as well go on and see where I get, finishing the bike would be an achievement.

Lap 4 (final lap) - Got half way up the hill and there was a turn off to take us back to Fort William or continue on the course. What to do, I spent 5 minutes there wondering if just to pull out, the actual time moving on my bike computer was about 15 minutes different from my stopwatch for bike split when I finished. I really was ready for leaving but then 2 people passed me... wait a minute, maybe I'm not last. So I persevered, kept going up the hill, might as well get through the bike then I'm definitely pulling out.

I got to the last aid station and got told (now you've just got the Ben to go), hmm, I can't be doing that so I told them that I'd be pulling out as I was in a bad way and it wouldn't be safe.

My mind was made up, then something changed, I don't know what but on the road section back to transition the race suddenly became the most important thing to me, finishing it was going to be very important. It was odd.

At this point the race started to matter to me.

Into T2 after 5:25 on the bike (Ironman bike split at 5.29 shows this 56 miles was tough).

Off the bike at transition (I think I even graced them with a proper bike dismount), grabbed a banana and a gel and filled my camelbak once more (I was through about 4 or 5 litres of water at this point and needed more) and off running.

Run - I'm so used to the run being horribly tough after cooking on the bike chasing folk down, but this wasn't like that, the people around me weren't uber runners who weren't that quick on the bike, these were people I could compete with, passed a couple of people early doors and was trying to jog as far up the Ben as possible till I had to walk / stomp. As the mountain started to kick up I started to struggle with dizziness again, but I was not going to be defeated, I may be the last person home but by jings I'm getting home.

At this point I was going to finish the race, wild horses would not stop me.

I got to the Burn at half way in height and got yet more water and wetted my buff as I was pretty hot at this point. Then proceeded in carrying on up the very steep section. Through here I could hardly breath and was stumbling badly side to side and losing maybe 5 or 6 places including the only female competitor who was drifting up the mountain in comparison to me (fair play to her).

Eventually got to the summit plateau, which was the steepest plateau I've ever been at, as it still kicked up a lot, cloud came over and it got cold, on with arm warmers and I didn't feel so bad. There were lots of walkers there who probably thought that I was mad, but their attire made me wonder what would happen to them if there was a storm up there, at least I had enough to make sure that I'd be OK.

From about 400m out the marshalls on top of the hill saw that I was coming and started cheering, well done to them, cheering all the competitors to the top, so I burst into a shuffle / jog.

Turned to come down and there were loads of people behind me, we were in this together and said hello to quite a few.

I made a tactical mistake on the way down by taking the tourist track through some S bends to avoid some of the really steep gradient, now as much as I jogged / shuffled this the distance was far greater than the runners route and although I didn't want to go down the runners route due to the steepness, even going down there slowly wouldn't have lost me as much time. I think I lost at least 5 places going down there. Mad

Back to the half way point and I'd promised myself a Boost bar at this point as the feed stops always had them, got this and they gave me 2 options, a grassy bank or the route I took on the way up, given that I was avoiding serious gradients I took the route I used on the way up, but hindsight suggests that the grassy bank may have given me another edge that I didn't take. But once we got back to the path that was me I was on fire and running. I would finish this race. The boost bar was kicking in and I was running.

Down the hill in a jog / shuffle and I was passing tonnes of tourists who were good at getting out of the way and I was happy to take increasing numbers of chances as my head was shifting into overdrive. Then I saw a racer ahead, had to catch him as I was well clear of him at the top of the hill and ready to take him on now. The two of us were chasing down Glen Nevis, I knew this guy he had beat me in the Corrieyairack a couple of years ago and I hadn't seen him for a while but I knew he was a good racer.

I think the tourists knew that we were racing as they were quite respectful on passing each other. Out passed the Glen Nevis Inn and the last marshalls we'd see and onto the road for the final 2 miles home, I had a lead and I wasn't letting him come passed me, if I was last before then I'd be last but one to finish. I was running up the short inclines even though it was killing me and into Fort William, it was the same finish as the West Highland Way and I was feeling just about as emotional as when Sooz finished her race. To be honest I think her race probably helped as her determined nature to finish let me see how these things should be done.

Up to the line and there were cheers, how nice... and then my parents are standing at the line, I mentioned to them I was racing at Fort William and jokingly said that if they were passing through they might see me but there they were, on the finish line they had timed it really luckily to see me at the end but that was a nice gesture (they really were passing through).

All in finished 29 of the 40 starters (or something like that) in 10 hours 29 and change, not bad for a short half distance race! Immensely pleased to finish the first running of the race, it really has lifted my spirits even if I'm a little disappointed with how my bike went and how bad I felt on the run (dizzy is not good).

Some of the Tritalkers helped me through, a famous blog post from Paul L whose title was "What would TRoT do?" sprung straight to mind as I was thinking about pulling out, I turned it round a bit to "What would PaulL think that TRoT would do?" and answered it with Paul would think that I'd suck it up and keep going through adversity, this helped a lot. Thanks to Toyota Crown, if it wasn't for Tony's enthusiasm for the race I wouldn't have done it, I know that he'll come to this one in the future, as should people who really want to challenge themselves (although the time limits are quite strict with some seriously fit people (WHW coompleters and multiple Ironmen) getting timed out.

One of Sooz's work colleagues also helped, apparently he thought me entering was a bit of a challenge to him, of which I was having none of it. When I had stopped and was thinking of not going on I genuinely believed him to be further up the road, it turns out he wasn't but I wasn't going to let him say that he beat me without me giving it my best shot so I kept going, if he was going to have glory then he might as well get to beat me when doing it, not see me DNF when he does it.

So, all in, very very pleased to have finished it, possibly the greatest race I've ever taken part in, a cross between and adventure race and a triathlon, I know I'll never get bored with this sport as you can always change tack a bit and do slightly different things, if I get bored with tri I'll do some hill running or adventure racing or... well who knows, but they're all related and all really good to do.

The Big Triathlon - well worth having a go, it can cheer you up for ages.
'Mon the Biff

Tue Sep 26, 2006 11:59 pm Toyota_Crown
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TREX, you may have a nickname like kitchen roll, but have finally got round to reading your report, and mucho respect for sticking it out. Top report, made me very envious of your day. I liked the way you were mentally quitting umpteen times, but that competitive edge that anyone myust have to do a race like this kept sneakingout and tempting you to , yunno, just go on, as Mrs.Doyle would say on Father Ted. Smile

If you broke all your limbs tomorrow and couldn't race again, you'd still have a warm glow thinking that you'd done this. I know when i've been blowing up and nauseous on the bike, its no fun at all, and you just aren't yourself. Maybe your a bigger mug than me for keeping going knowing what was ahead of you. Question

Your report doesn't deserve to be hidden away on just your blog.......
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Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:55 am Cobbie
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Phew! Made me tired just reading it. Sounds like a great way to round off a seriously solid summer of racing Andy, well done.

Must have missed your Orkney report firsttime round as only just caught upwith it. Nice one. Smile
Almost back to being an athlete in 2016 Shocked

Wed Sep 27, 2006 11:21 am tabtri
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Sounds like quite a race, TRoT, just in general and for you in particular on the day - well done for getting it done.

Keep forgetting you've got IMNZ to look forward to still - any more big races planned over the winter?
My excessive healthy enthusiasm has returned - now I need outlets for my competitive spirit Smile

Wed Sep 27, 2006 4:13 pm Paul L
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What would TRoT do? - Asked and answered! Cool Seriously well done Andy, that is what guts and determination are all about. Looks like I'll have no excuses for quitting a race now. Rolling Eyes I think it is only fair that I ride my bike outside one day in the winter in your honour (OK, maybe two days Wink). Recover Strong, Paul. Very Happy
Wed Sep 27, 2006 4:50 pm doug
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Great race ! I may have been seriously tempted if I hadn't already had other plans, maybe next year. Well done !
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