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Life after Ironman
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Joined: 04 May 2008
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

gingerbongo wrote:
Suffering with the same, though after London mara and not an IM. Cue a long ramble/waffle ...

Big training block at the end of last summer for an ambitious November half. Got bad D&V the weekend before which wrecked me for a few days and subsequently missed my target.

Trained like a demon all winter, huge mileage and a huge commitment with a very ambitious target. Picked up a knee niggle a few weeks before London. Cross trained for the last couple of weeks but was confident there was enough in the tank and it shouldn't have had a detrimental effect on my training load, and the knee seemed to be better.

Ran London and the knee didn't want to play past half way. Crawled it in as it was my first ever London so wanted to try to make the most of the experience still. So again, a big build, tough target and another failure.

Had a very hilly 100km a few weeks after London, so took it easy and saw the physio. Started that feeling good, but the knee wasn't playing again a couple of hours in. Probably shouldn't have, but popped a few painkillers and that sorted me out for the rest of the day. Really enjoyed a super event, stress free as was only a 'challeneg' and not a race.

Took 4 weeks off running completely - the longest gap i've had in the 5 or so years since i started tri/running . Tried to decompress the brain and body and recover. That was the mid June and i'm still struggling with mojo big time. I get a couple of runs under my belt, think things are starting to come together and then get a major case of CBA again.

I seem to be struggling to get out to run on my own, which i've never had a problem with before. Preferring to just chill and eat and drink at home instead. Then every few weeks i put a nice big run in with friends to keep the fitness and ego topped up. The knee seems to be behaving, touch wood, just permanently aches now and also swaps between the two. I think i probably cause a bit of long term damage with the high mileage at the start of the year so i'll monitor and play it by ear.

I've got the Welsh 3000s tomorrow that i have been super excited about for months, though i'm not in great shape. I have no concerns about getting around, but it won't be as comfortable as it could be. I think i have had this and the knee problems in the back of mind all the time and perhaps my brain has been playing a little protectionist game and not letting me get carried away and risking missing this trip.

I don't know if the lack of mojo is just from a really tough autumn and winter and the body and mind needs a rest or if the (perceived) failure at my two target events are having a deeper impact. I think i'm also worried that if i start ramping up the training my body will give out again and that'll cruch me a little bit. So maybe my sub conscious is doing that protection job again? Who knows.

I'm trying to plan what to do next year at the moment, with the hope that once i settle on my 'A' race - one of a few 100 milers that i fancy - i can start to focus. I love the process of building a plan as much as implementing it. So i'm hopng that'll help. I also prefer training through the winter as there are less distractions. But we'll see i guess.

I'm trying to not think about it too much, and convincing myself that the body and mind are craving this rest so just let them have it ... for now. Then build up and go from there.

Apologies for the big brain dump, but hoping it may help me clarify my thoughts a little!

Sounds like the Welsh 3000's were good GB.

Although I'd rather have not missed most of this season under my circumstances (illness & injury) I'm really not missing the heavy IM training and actually not feeling as tired every day now which is pleasant. I've started some light training and a very small bit of running, but any races this year will be complete, albeit quite frustrating when you'd hope to be a bit further forward.

But, I've also learned how relax a bit more and am almost enjoying some parts of it.

I can't see myself do another IM for a year or two at least, although there are a few races I'd still like to do and want to have what I think is a decent day at Bolton (after 2 bad ones and a DNS).

I'd keep doing your enjoyable races for the time being, I did some of the fell classics last year as a change and they were brilliant, I actually just turned up with the aim of finishing in one piece and wasn't bothered where I actually finished or the time.

Also, if you get chance I'd just go out on your bike for an easy ride now and then, and if you know anyone who is doing IM Wales I'd consider going to watch and cheer them on if you can, although I know it is a bit of a trek, I went to Bolton and it is quite inspiring watching people whose aim is to finish within the cut-off and the feeling of achievement they get.

Whereas we tend to be quite target focussed, both us turned ourselves inside out earlier this year looking for a sub 3 at London, you suffered with injury and I didn't even start. But I'd ran myself into the ground physically and mentally, and TBH, if I hadn't got ill I could have probably done half the mileage I'd done and finished in 3:10 or less, but if you don't try you never know, I've not given up on sub-3 but I'll need to train a bit cleverer than this year.

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Joined: 04 May 2008
Posts: 1060
Location: Middlesbrough

PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tin Pot wrote:
Baby Tin Pot arrived this morning at 09:59 Smile

So I skipped bike training Wink

Congratulations Smile

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