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PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:03 pm    Post subject: Re: Bronchiectasis Reply with quote

Wr1927 wrote:
Hey guys,
Long shot, but any of you still on here? I am a keen club cyclist who was riding centuries and such like earlier this year, but diagnosed with Bronchiectasis (ct scan) in the summer and have suffered a huge decline in performance / ability since, with recurring chest infections and endless courses of antibiotics. Just wondering how others have coped longer term? Thanks!

Not quite the same but I have acute bronchopulmonary aspergillius

(basically a fungal growth in my lung with all sorts of nasty side effects including scarred lungs) I've had symptoms for nearly 3 years and been diagnosed for nearly 2. In that time I've raced several IM's, and some swim and bike events.

To simplify it my experience/advice would be
- try and avoid getting ill at all cost. I have had a lung infection every 6 months for nearly 3 years now and it is a nightmare on several levels (much harder to get rid of than for a well person, kills fitness etc.). For this winter that is my no 1. priority and I have decided I will be start being rude to people if necessary, leaving social occasions etc if someone is around with a cold/flu. It is simply not worth it
- My top end has taken a big whack both near maximal exertion and duration at or above threshold. It is simply too uncomfortable to breath hard for very long, which on top of itself being a problem it means this level doesn't get trained much so there is a bit of a spiral there.
- Sub threshold pace and endurance hasn't suffered at all though (I can do the high end stuff enough for this level's development)
- Swimming helps keep my lungs 'firing well' more than just 'another exercise'. Something to do with the breath control and process for swimming.
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