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Running Gait Analysis

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:40 pm    Post subject: Running Gait Analysis Reply with quote

Beware of running shoe advice: Last year, I suffered a knee injury, as I recovered, my physio suggested that I look for more supportive running shoes as I have flat feet. I went to a shop that provided a running analysis, and they looked at my feet and different pressure points etc. They recommended a very structured shoe, that certainly corrected, to some degree, the over pronation. As my knee injury recovered, I slowly ramped my running volume, and had no issues with injuries. Unfortunately, while training for Luzern Marathon, I suffered a stress fracture in my left leg. I stopped running completely for 10 weeks, and then, following advice of my physio and trainer, I started to ramp my running again.

My Physio, suggested that I have a full running gait analysis to determine if there was any underlying issue that caused the stress fracture. This was pretty expensive, around 200 GBP, and took about 3 hours to complete. 39 sensors were attached to my body, and my run was analysed, in 3d, from multiple different aspects.

What the test showed was that even though my feet over pronate, my knees go the opposite direction, which is a little unusual (according to the expert I have O shaped legs). By running with shoes that correct over pronation, they are forcing my knees even wider, and are putting more torsional force on my shins.

The other issue that was identified was that I heal strike. The recommended shoes have a high heal drop which increase the amount of heal striking.

The full running gait analysis indicates that if I have pain in feet and ankles I should wear a structured shoe that corrects the over pronation, however, if I have knee, hip or shin problems, I should use a neutral shoe, with a low heal drop.

I switched to a neutral shoe, and instantly can feel lower stress on my shins.

Anyone who has injury issues, I really recommend a proper running gait analysis. It also identified some other issues, such as poor core strength, resulting in my hip dropping, poor abductor strength, as well as numerous small recommendations that could improve my run efficiency.

Finally a word of warning, a run analysis on a treadmill in a specialist running shop may identify problems, but a holistic view could be really important
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

i could have told you most of that and saved you a lot of money....

some of the guidance is open to challenge still, though...
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