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Roth 2018
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nurnberg is where most people stay, due to a lack of more local accommodation, or just being slow off the mark Wink That said, I stayed at the hotel I thought I'd booked when I did my recce. I double checked when I was there that they had me down for race weeknd, and no they hadn't Rolling Eyes Luckily they still had space 6 weeks before the event - so keep checking back if you haven't paid up-front.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just realised i posted on Roth 2017 post
But i got two slots on the reserve list for me and my son to race each other!

Looking forward to doing this race! Been on my to do list for years! but never managed to get a place.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 2:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

2 weeks to go!

Firstly their website is a ~#*$ mess! Everything just scatter gunned all over the place, no nice 1 download pdf with everything in it! Honestly, I like to know roughly what I'm doing before I go, so this is not helping my pre-race nerves Rolling Eyes

So, those who've participated before. I have a plan, but is it good? Very Happy

Saturday / Samstag

My plan on Saturday is to go down to Roth, (we have a hire car) do the race briefing. Then travel to T1 to rack my bike.

I read that you have to leave your helmet ON the bike unclipped Confused overnight and you ARE NOT allowed to cover the bike over. I want to lock the helmet to the bike overnight.

Also hand in my T2 bag. Presumably in Roth event village?

Sunday / Sonntag

This is the source of MOST of my grief. I'm taking 1 spectator.

Plan is to drive to Swim Start area. Park. Start race. Is that even feasible with the amount of competitors? My race start is actually quite late at 0755. So possibly have time on our side.

Alternative is to Drive to Roth, leave the car there, get the Athlete shuttle bus for myself. And perhaps a Taxi for my spectator to the Swim Start area, since I don't think they will be allowed on the athlete transport. Confused

My spectator will watch the start and T1.

THEN walk the approx. 2K to Solar Hill and wait (and if appropriate watch other parts of the bike course) till I come through on Lap1.

Then they will go back to the car and drive back to Roth (or Buchenbach and use the Park'n'Ride they seem to be operating if better) and then spectate T2 and parts of the run course before going to the finish.

We have no idea if local roads will be closed, diversions, or just utterly ruined with sheer numbers! And my spectator hasn't ever driven LHD in a LHD country. And is VERY nervous about it!

Is there a public transport option? Are there local taxis that might be better for a nervous driver. I'm happy to leave spectator at the finish, take a taxi/shuttle bus back to the swim start, collect the car and drive back to Roth to get them and the bike.

There's a train line that seems to go between Hilpolstein and Roth. But Google is suggesting its closed permanently?!?!? Is that true?


Over to the most handsome of TriTalkers. What did you do last year? Or the year before? Is my plan nonsense?
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