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Workouts per week
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Tin Pot

Joined: 08 Jul 2013
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jgav wrote:
Tin Pot wrote:
Mungo wrote:
Unless Iíve missed it I donít know what the training week/month looks like leading up to that race pace brick, or the week after.

I think youíre doing a much higher volume 12hrs/wk?

When Inwas doing that, Iíd finish a 3 week training stint with a long ride or long brick, but I didnt doing at race pace, just aerobic zones, nose breathing stuff, then the next week was my recovery week before ramping up again. I think that worked for me, and fits most peopleís approach for high volume training.

If you include stretching which I am trying to do more of about 13...ish.
It is a hard session and I certainly tone it down a few days beforehand swim core stretch the days afterwards.
It is done religiously after a rest day and is the main focus of the surrounding fortnight.

Yep, half. Iím probably not scared enough yet.

That's my big race for 2018 Smile

Luckily, or perhaps due to my master plan, Iím working out of Tunbridge Wells for the next six months so Iíll plan on a dry run of the bike course, maybe the run too. Wink Wink
Iron Ď17 16h11, '16 14h30
Half Iron '17 7h39, 6h28 '16 5h53
Olympic '16 3h18 '15 3h33, '13 3h36
Sprint '16 1h17, '14 1h40, '13 2h01
Half Mara '16 2h04, '14 2h07
10 Mile TT '16 00:26:30
Trail 10K '16 54:01 '13 54:46
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Joined: 19 Nov 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tin Pot wrote:
t1mmy wrote:
It depends what your goals are?

Last year I did 3 sessions a week - 1 swim, 1 run and 1 bike. This was done around a balance with work and family.

In that time I did a race of some kind every month including a half IM, London Marathon, a 50 mile ultra and IM Wales. Was I as fast as I could have been?... No! I had fun doing it though, was injury free all year and at no point did I come come close to not finishing a race.

Once you have a certain level of base fitness itís all mental and nutrition after that.

That sounds amazing.

I think Hammerer is another one for the low volume approach.

I suspect I need high vol/Low intensity as it worked two years ago, but thatís not an option any more so Ďwe are where we areí etc.

Boy it was depressing looking at last yearís training. So many hopes and dreams, so much free time.

As a coach its not something Id advise but I've gotten around without really training. Its largely mental at all levels. Just be prepared that it'll be a long day. You need to make the most of your time though, but be sensible as just because you are doing 5 hours a week doesn't mean you can smash yourself for 5 hours a week. Keep the runs easy and the turbos hard. Commute as much as possible as the building of fitness from just regular commutes is more than you'd imagine. Swim. I have swum 40k in about 2 years and was still holding 45 second 50's yesterday with 15 SPL so its not much of an issue for me but could be for someone else and that does involve time in the water. I was just knackered after 800m Wink
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