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time to increase council tax...
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 8:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

JamieMcP wrote:
user134098 wrote:
Gus wrote:
Try living in Scotland.

I now pay 1k more in income tax a year than if I lived in England. And it's only going to get worse.

Gotta love the SNP.

Seriously Numpty Party.

Now considering relocating back to England, taking my tax (and my company) with me.

Rolling Eyes

1 says you'll suck it up

I'm not going to pay quite that much more, but even if I was, or more would I move? probably not. I quite like my quality of life up here. But I do think it sends worrying signs. I'll be interested to see how the SNP changes over the next few years or even fractures up. Most of the never ending referendum promising is for internal party consumption to try and hold it together.

It's a tough one. I, too, absolutely love my quality of life up here and really do not want to move.

But there is a line (where? I don't know) beyond which we definitely will move. We are genuinely considering it - fortunately we have a simple way of doing so relating to the business, so it is realistic for us.

It will be a damn shame, and it would be with great reluctance - but at the end of the why the hell should we be taxed more up here? There really is a point of principle - as well as the personal financial argument.

Also, one factor we're considering is property values - if the SNP do keep hammering anyone who manages to raise themselves out of the swamp, then our house value will fall - so we have to get out before that happens.

My contempt for the SNP knows no bounds.

Incidentally on the independence issue - because of the threat of it, we HQ'd our company in England rather than Scotland, which had been the original plan. We kept our operation up here to a minimum, again for this reason. By banging on about this stupid policy, and the uncertainty it has sown in the business community, they have caused Scotland so much frigging damage for which I hope history damns them for.
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